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Due in June 2017 thread #2

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 07 November 2016 - 12:11 PM

Hi all

Here is a new thread for you all as the other one was getting a little long.

Previous thread can be found here

Just a reminder to remember our rules regarding the Facebook group.

Kind regards


#2 Ruby red shoes

Posted 07 November 2016 - 01:12 PM


We have told a few people about being pregnant again. Family and a few friends. Most have been surprised, but happy.

The first question mil asked was "was it planned?" I answered firmly, but politely (all things considered), that "it was a rude question to ask and what difference did it make?" She then asked twice more! I just repeated my original answer. I was tempted to reply differently lol. I just walked away.

My dd has already decided that "our baby" is a girl called Clara (from the ballet the nutcracker). We've been following the development of the baby via an app. Ds has been a bit clingy, but is too young still to really understand.

I suspect it is another girl as I have been feeling pretty awful this time around. Nauseous and sinus headaches (pregnancy seems to flare up my hay fever.)

#3 SurpriseBabe

Posted 07 November 2016 - 02:10 PM

Sorry guys have been totally AWOL from here for the last week or so...I blame baby brain! :baby:

I am still feeling horribly exhausted despite my iron levels being great and taking Folfit, hoping that 2nd trimester will see it ease. Still no morning sickness which after HG with my last I am so so grateful for.

I have been nesting like crazy already! I've done some sewing as well getting a pram, custom made pram liner, baby swing, blankets, clothes, bibs and maternity clothes. I am the MOST impatient person on the planet (and a virgo too boot) and am already finding it hard not to over organise everything. I am desperate to find out gender...I am 99% certain that bub is a boy but I really want that confirmation IYKWIM?

My back is feeling really painful at the moment, pretty sure I need to do something about it ASAP or I will be stuffed!

#4 Jareluma

Posted 07 November 2016 - 08:27 PM

Hi everyone,
I've been a bit quiet, I've had uni assignments to do and have exams coming up.  I had a scare on the weekend with some spotting, so I had a scan today.  I'm 8 weeks 6 days, but bub is measuring 9 weeks 6 days, and hb was a health 173 bpm, sonographer was very happy with that. My stomach hurt a little tonight because of the pressing from the scan.

Today is exactly 12 months since my last miscarriage, so going to the scan after bleeding on the weekend was super scary and we were soo relieved to see that bub is doing well.

I don't really have many symptoms other than tender breast and bloating, my hay fever is shocking and my eczema has flared up, which is from the extra progesterone because my eczema is made worse by hormones.

We haven't told anyone else yet, although everything looks good at the moment, we want to wait until the 12 week scan, which is on the 29th, we may even wait until xmas, when I'll be 16 weeks.

I hope everyone is doing ok, and not suffering to much :)

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#5 clover88

Posted 08 November 2016 - 02:05 PM

Hiya everyone,
Just had my first dating scan yesterday at 6.5weeks and technician said it was too blurry to really see much at all, but took what measurements she could and said to come back in 2 weeks...but at the end she said hey, i think i just saw a flicker,, a heartbeat! so fingers crossed everything continues along smoothly... :-) anyone else been told that they have a tilted uterus and that is why its hard to get a clear scan? Also heard thats what i might be having such backache already!

#6 Terfl

Posted 08 November 2016 - 06:29 PM

Clover, didn't they do an internal scan? Congratulations on seeing the heartbeat!

#7 berrysparkles

Posted 09 November 2016 - 12:25 PM

Hi ladies, i'm hoping I can join this group too?

I'm due 3.6.17 (I think the same day as a couple of you?) with baby number 2.

Time is going very very slowly from finding out at 3 weeks to the 12 week scan - 12 more days to wait.

Look forward to getting to know some of you :)

#8 KJI

Posted 09 November 2016 - 05:03 PM

Welcome Berrysparkles :) we're not far away from each other's dates. I'm due the 6th. I 100% agree with u that time is going slowly.

Woohoo I managed to get another scan! Some of my symptoms have disappeared or lessened so I've been so anxious the past couple of days. I had a GP appointment this arvo and he is letting me get a scan to ease my worries. I rang when I got in the car and they had one for tomorrow late afternoon. That's no time to wait and I'm so happy I can get some reassurance. My sickness is all but eased up. I only feel sick if I've let myself get too hungry. But even then I still haven't actually vomited. My fatigue has gone.. well at least it's only normal tired not bomb out on the couch after work tired. And my boobs haven't felt as sore for the past couple of days. I'm hoping I'm just "lucky" and am getting relief from symptoms early. I'll know by this time tomorrow :)

#9 Appletree8

Posted 09 November 2016 - 06:21 PM

Welcome berrysparkles
Good luck tomorrow KJI! I haven't had symptoms this pregnancy or in my last but I can imagine it would be worrying to have them & then they disappear. Hopefully just means that they're going on their own accord nice & early. Please keep us updated with how you go.

#10 4springlets

Posted 09 November 2016 - 07:05 PM

Hi ladies,
Had my first scan today. Bubs measured to the day 6wks, 5 days.
Heart rate- 138... going by the old wives tale - 140 above is a girl, that would make bubs a boy!
Went to Syd US 4 women and they had my daughters previous 12wk scan on file with a heart rate of 168, which would be consistent with this theory.
Can anyone vouch for this? Was the theory right or wrong for you with previous pregnancies?
I can not wait for those harmony test results!!!

#11 4springlets

Posted 09 November 2016 - 07:08 PM

KJI- I wouldn't worry!!! Sounds like you're so close to 2nd trimester and some of those uncomfortable symptoms are easing up! Enjoy your scan tomorrow! Xx

#12 KJI

Posted 09 November 2016 - 07:27 PM

Thanks Appletree and 4springlets. I'll update you all tomorrow. It does reassure me to know I'm 10 weeks now. I know stats are on my side now but it doesn't stop me being a worry wort.

I'm glad your scan went well as well 4springlets. Don't quote me on this but I'm pretty sure in the early weeks of baby's heart starting it's slower than it will be at its later more average resting state. I've heard of the 140bpm theory before but I'm not sure when you are meant to take the measurement from. I'd love to know if it shows to be true for u this time. When are u getting the harmony test?

#13 Terfl

Posted 09 November 2016 - 07:34 PM

Welcome Berrysparkles! Totally agree, it's been the slowest time ever!

KJI, great you've got another scan! That will put your mind at ease and let me tell you - the 10 wks scan was so amazing last week. It actually looks like baby and not like a blob anymore.
If it's of any help, I'm feeling a lot better the last few days too. I can't really describe it as I didn't have too many symptoms to start with but I'm overall less exhausted and just feel a bit brighter and I'm feeling a bit better about food in general. My boobs are less sore as well. But I'm still pretty bloated.

I'm 11 weeks tomorrow and had a call today regarding my NIPT test results (Harmony) and all is great. They didn't say much more than that but said they were very happy with the results. So yay to that. Now I only have to hang in there for the 12 wks scan, which I'm trying to schedule for next Friday.

4Springlets, I agree with KJI, the heartbeat is a lot lower in the early weeks. Mine was 115 at 6 weeks and well above 160 at 8. My OB said after 7 weeks it's usually above 150.

#14 4springlets

Posted 09 November 2016 - 08:05 PM

KJI & Terfl- yes I've heard/read that too! And it makes sense...I'm just soooo impatient! And I love hearing other stories- thanks for sharing your HB's Terfl & congratulations on positive harmony results!
Lots of exciting scans and milestones coming up! Good luck everyone 💕

#15 EJ79

Posted 09 November 2016 - 08:46 PM

Good luck with your scan tomorrow KJI. Sounds like you're lucky and starting to get relief early from symptoms which is great but yes I agree, also worrying. But you're nearly in your 2nd trimester so sounds like you're right on track!

Good news on your NIPT results Terfl. I got mine too today and all is good. Phew! They also had the gender results but we don't want them! So weird that she knows what I'm having but we don't! Haha!

#16 KJI

Posted 10 November 2016 - 05:30 AM

Terfl and EJ congrats on your harmony results. That's fantastic news. Our OB ticked the box to look for the Dex chromosomes too and we just won't be told what we're having. It's strange that someone will know and we don't. Did it take long? Or is it as simple as a single blood test?

I'm excited to see a baby today not a blob. Hopefully I can take a picture like last time and we can use that to tell our families in another week and a bit.

After freaking out yesterday I've woken up nauseaus so maybe I spoke too soon about it easing.

#17 MummyMustard

Posted 10 November 2016 - 06:45 AM

Hello again, everyone.

I had my first scan yesterday. It was so amazing. I saw the baby's heart beating. I asked if it was twins and she said no, I don't know how thorough she was and I just can't shake the feeling I'm having girl twins.

I threw up my 1L of water I'd worked so hard to drink. About 5 minutes before the time I was meant to have a full bladder. I skulled like half a litre afterwards and ot seemed to be enough.

Twin girls are in books I'm reading, I saw 2 sets of girl twins last night - one even said hi and waved to me, I've had dreams. I feel like I am going crazy. One minute I tell myself it's just wishful thinking, the next I think I'm right.

The ultrasound tech said I was measuring 4 days behind. My son arrived on his due date (based on my LMP) and my youngest was measuring a week behind on ultrasound and I ended up having her at 38w4d. I really hope I get a June baby this time.

I bought a few things from Kmart already. I think I already look pregnant even though I'm 7w5d. I got some maternity underwear. They are awesome. Highly recommend.

My friend is looking up crochet patterns to make a blanket. I only have a few friends I will tell, I don't know when. My husband doesn't know when he will tell his family.

I'm trying to declutter my house right now. I'm nesting early. I want to start buying nappies and wipes when I see them on sale.

I started taking iron tablets as my iron always seems to be low. I eat a lot of red meat but I don't absorb it. They seem to be helping. I don't think I'd ever been so tired before.

Hope everyone is good. :D

#18 Terfl

Posted 10 November 2016 - 07:43 AM

KJI, it was just a scan and normal blood test. Didn't take long. Or did you mean the results? Took test Friday and got results yesterday over the phone. They said it would be 7 to 10 days so it was nice to get the call early, without having worried at all.
I agree it will be a bit strange that OB knows the gender, i was thinking if he might slip and say 'he/she' instead of 'it' but then again, he would have to deal with it all the time.
When are you doing the harmony test? You can do it from week 10 and you get another scan with that.

#19 MummyMustard

Posted 10 November 2016 - 07:52 AM

The midwife let slip the gender to me when I was in labour. "You're 4cm. Oh, you're having a girl". I was in a lot of pain so I just said "I dunno it's a surprise" and later on my husband and I talked about it.

One of my friends said she had it in bog letters all over her file not to tell her the gender. That could be the way to go. Though a lot of things seem to be digital nowadays.

I don't know why they need a record of it anyway. The only thing I can think of is if someone changes their mind and doesn't want a surprise anymore. Is there another more obvious reason?

I'm getting pregnancy brain something chronic. I feel stupid a lot.

#20 Rae3

Posted 10 November 2016 - 08:13 AM

Hi ladies, been pretty quiet as feeling terrible, so nauseous! My MIL is staying at the moment and we won't tell her until Christmas so I have to pretend not to feel terrible all the time. Plus I have been feeling emotional and working hard to be nice!
Am envious of everyone having scans! I don't even have an appointment with my ob until 10 weeks.
We still haven't told anyone. Which is really hard! DH doesnt want to say anything until 12 weeks which will be pretty much Christmas, so will be a fun Christmas surprise but soooo hard keeping it quiet!!

#21 clover88

Posted 10 November 2016 - 08:24 AM

Hey ladies,
Sorry have been a bit quiet last 2 days, have had first real bout of nausea.  Sounds like there have been some great results so far! congrats
Rae - my DH doesnt want to say anything to anyone either until 12 weeks.. but i told him that of course Im telling my mother.. so then he ended up telling his mother.. but apart from that its all on the down low.. Getting through all the xmas parties coming up is going to be a struggle!

#22 MummyMustard

Posted 10 November 2016 - 09:23 AM

Last pregnancy my husband told his mother and she blabbed. Don't think he'll do that again lol.

Are you guys big on ham or any of the other traditional Christmas foods that are now no-nos?

I feel too sick to care about any of it right now.

#23 EJ79

Posted 10 November 2016 - 09:37 AM

That's my worry - that she will let slip the gender at one of our appointments. But she knows we want it to be a surprise so I guess if it happens it will be an accident and nothing we can do about it!

MummyMustard I was thinking about Christmas ham the other day! Haha!! I'm from Ireland and we normally have hot ham on Christmas day (with turkey..yum!) but obviously here its cold ham so Ill have to miss out :( Unless I cook one like they do back home!
And congrats on your scan yesterday...so lovely to see the heart beating! <3

Good on you Rae for hiding your nausea from MIL..that must be so hard!

KJI, I'm the same as Terfl. Had bloods taken last Friday and got results yesterday. Still waiting for other results but they said they could take 2 weeks - we chose to do additional tests (not just the "harmony" ones).
Good luck with your scan today!!!

#24 clover88

Posted 10 November 2016 - 11:33 AM

oh no i love christmaM ham! - Can we have cooked ham?

#25 MummyMustard

Posted 10 November 2016 - 11:52 AM

Thank you. It was beautiful.

Hot ham? Wow I didn't know that. I love learning about other cultures and their traditions.

I believe cooked ham is fine. I think it's a listeria risk if it's cold? Something like that.

I actually had food poisoning a while ago before I knew I was pregnant. It was horrible. My friend and I ate at a Mexican place and were both horribly sick the next day. When I did my food handling certificate I learned that people often mistake the poisoning from the last thing you ate, but symptoms can actually take longer to appear. Anyway I was quite worried, I had suspicions I was pregnant. So I can't be too careful.

What worries me though is even if you do all the right things, it's not a guarantee. When I walk around the supermarket and see refridgerated goods dumped in the regular shelves after people change their mind it makes me wonder if the staff put the things back or throw them away. Am I being paranoid??

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