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Due in September 2014 Chat Thread #6

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#51 twilightangel

Posted 22 May 2014 - 05:01 PM

Akadia - I haven't started receiving comments yet from strangers but I do get a lot from school mums questioning if I am even pregnant. I seem to be hiding it well this time around. Yay to a pregnant friend moving close by, that is great. It's great to be able to talk to someone who understands exactly how you feel.

Kaylzzz - I do the same thing or drink a really cold glass of water. I hope you and your son are feeling better now. Hope your appointment with the endocrinologist went well.

Princesspeachzz - Sounds like you had a lovely weekend even if you did spend most of it cleaning. I am not sure if it's too early to be nesting but I have been doing a lot of washing lately. Can't say I recall being kicked there but she definitely likes my bladder. Hope your little one finds somewhere else to kick soon, doesn't sound to pleasant.

Yoonseon - Since going to the chiro, no, my headaches have eased a lot but in early pregnancy I was getting some really bad ones that made me feel so sick. I hope they ease for you soon.

KoalaTeeTime - I would love a milkshake too but I would prefer choc mint. How did your midwife appointment go? Sorry you missed out on the cot you wanted :( I hope it comes on sale again soon.

Zebidee - I hope you are feeling ok. At your next appointment I would raise your concerns and ask for a referral.

Perpectual_sound - I am sorry to hear you and your DH had a rough weekend. I am sorry he hurt you by lying too. Men don't get that sometime what they did etc is a small thing but the fact they lied to us makes it a whole lot worse and hurtful. I'm glad you've had the time to work it through. Henry sounds gorgeous, kids are such characters. Yes I really think mum enjoyed seeing her granddaughter today, especially after we knew she was perfectly healthy.

**Anna** - Sorry to hear you are still not feeling 100%. Hope you start feeling better soon.

Feralfan2010 - Thank you for the good luck wishes. I am really sorry to hear you have experienced an awful OB too. It's sad, you would think they would be happy, joyful people. They are helping to deliver babies. I am pleased you have found yourself a better a better Dr. I hope they are more supportive. I have put on my complaint form that I only want to be treated by the other Dr's on staff. I will not see her again. I read your post just before I walked in for my scan, it made me laugh imagining all you girls with pitch forks or something coming to get even with the Dr :) Yes I have everything crossed that the remainder of this pregnancy is smooth sailing.

Fairey - Again I hope everything is perfectly well with your baby tomorrow. I understand how stressful that wait between scans can be. Please update us when you can. I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

#52 Possum88

Posted 23 May 2014 - 01:22 PM

Hi all,

Looks like some of you have had a stressful week. hope things are looking up for you all.
Twilight im so glad to hear your little girl is healthy that's the best news.

I have an OB appointment on Monday. I also have a student midwife who I have talked about before. I'm still yet to meet her or get any sort of support from her. apparently she is coming on Monday but I haven't herd anything from her in 2 weeks. it really gets on my nerves.

I have been getting Braxton Hicks which isn't pleasant but I guess that's just part of the pregnancy package along with a sore back and ribs. oh the joys!

I don't complain much to anyone except on here and the facebook dig but the receptionist at my work said to me yesterday I have put her off having kids because I always look miserable and sick. this really offended me as Im always bright and cheery at work and everyone else is always saying I look good and have that "pregnancy glow" and look really happy. I don't like the receptionist much shes a real ditz and I find her to be really rude with no personality (not your typical receptionist at all). I avoid her because im afraid ill speak my mind and tell her what I really think of her. she also said to me yesterday I looked massive and she couldn't believe how big I had gotten (this girl is completely tactless). I have to tell myself everyday I have to deal with her shes only a temp and will be gone in a month.

on a positive note my cousin had a baby boy yesterday it was also her birthday :) his name is Hunter, im really looking forward to some new baby cuddles after work today!

Hope everyone enjoys there Friday!

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#53 Mum2LilnZac+1

Posted 23 May 2014 - 01:35 PM

Hi there i am due 5th oct but since u girls are so close to me in pregnancy progress i was wondering if i might join in here?

#54 deejie

Posted 23 May 2014 - 01:50 PM

twilightangel-- I am so thrilled to read your update. Scans where we get to see our babies should be times for us to enjoy, not times for us to dread. Whoever thought I'd be so happy to read someone was sick! haha And what a bonus that your Mum got to come along and enjoy the scan as well :)

possum-- that receptionist obviously has no idea of tactfulness... or politeness... or even a scrap of common sense. There's always one in every workplace, isn't there?

Mum2LilnZac-- there's a DIG for ladies due in October 2014, but if you're more comfortable in here, stick around! I have to say this is a wonderfully supportive group :)

AFM, I'm not on EB a lot these days but have been in the FB group more. I find it a bit hard to keep track of who is who on EB :) I'm still cruising along nicely. My 2.5 year old has been walking around child care exclaiming "good news!" and when asked what his good news is, he points to his tummy and says "ah ha! baby!" Not sure he quite has the facts straight... but it's a good start.
My five year old informed me this morning he hopes this baby is a girl because he is a boy, DS2 is a boy, Daddy is a boy and even the two goldfish are boys, so it would be nice for me to have some girl company in the house. This is an improvement on last week when I was informed he didn't want a baby sister because he doesn't want any fairies in his house (??!!).

How are all the other older brothers and sisters to be going with the news so far? :)

#55 Akadia

Posted 23 May 2014 - 02:25 PM

Twilight - that is the best news ever! Has actually made my week - you must be so relieved and your mum and dad sound absolutely wonderful and supportive

Fairey - Good luck with your scan tomorrow please let us know how it goes and I'm sure it will be lovely to see your bubs again so soon

Perpectual - sounds like you are still super busy - hope you are getting a chance to rest

Possum - Good luck with your student midwife - if she doesn't come Monday might be worht looking at other options. Hope the Braxton settles down soon. I haven't experienced any of that yet and  hope to avoid it as long as possible. As for the receptionist - its people like that that I would just ignore...

Mum2LilnZac+1 - from my perspective I'm happy for you to join in as long as everyone else is comfortable :)

Deejie - That's so cute about your 2.5 yr old. I'm also in a house full of boys - My DH and 2 pups are both boys and now our little one will be a boy too!!

AFM - having a great week! Renos are progressing really well, baby is kicking nicely and DH and I appear to have resolved our comms issue re: baby - he even wants to come to the baby expo on the weekend YAY!

#56 AsagiHunt

Posted 23 May 2014 - 08:28 PM

Hi Twilightangel,

Sorry for the late reply. I am so so so happy to hear that all turn out well for you on Thursday with the scan. So happy to hear that you mum and dad can make it in the end. So great to hear that you mum can share the special moment with you. So glad to hear that your little girl is doing well! That sure are great news!!! I feel so happy for you!!!

I ended up woke up on thursday with a really bad cold and throat sore like hell and felt so tired n sleepy. So wouldn't be a great company for you even if I can make it! redcliff hospital is unfortunately way too far for me esp when i don't drive. I live south of brisbane at Mount Gravatt East and I am with Mater Mother Hospital. Hubby do drive me around places but i mainly depend on public transport to places such as pick up my little man. Although I do want to let you know that even if I can make it thursday, It would not be a waste of time for me no matter what happens as it's a great thing to be able to help out others and making others feel better about their day and most of all meeting a new friend! =)

i definitely would love to take up your offer of meet up in person for coffee someday. I always love to meet new friends esp a friend close to my due date! =) How nice will that be ;)

Anyway I hope you had a great day 2day and will continue to have a wonderful time into your weekend!!! Look forward to catch up with you in person one day though. =)

take care hun!!!  Let me know if you need any help again in the future!!! =)

#57 AsagiHunt

Posted 23 May 2014 - 08:44 PM

Deejie - your 2.5 years old is so adorable n cute. Don't worry my household is exactly like you too. DP is male n DS is a boy n we also got 2 male dogs (one is a pup and will be 1 in September n one is nearly 4 years old) at the backyard. So i was really hoping for some pink news or pink fairy to fill my company. However, my dream didn't come true. I am having another BOY!! =P My son Hayden said he rather have little brother than sister as he doesn't like girls much. so he is over the moon and very excite but I felt a bit disappoint at first! Still learning to adjust to the news of another BOY! =P

Possum - good luck with your student midwife. I had one following me too and she did show up at my 20 week Morphology scan. Although she said she is extremely busy with study at the moment and working in the hospital. So your student midwife could be also just very busy with everything. contact her again and see how it go. Whenever i contact mine it will take her couple days to reply back to me. So good luck!!!

Possum ignore that receptionist at your work. People like that is not worths of your time or energy or even waste your attentions. Like you said she is temp position so don't get bother by her too much. some people are just nasty and got no brain to what to say or think before they talk. Don't let her get to you! She might say all those just to put you down as you alwasy appear so happy and cheerful and some people hate that. they will do anything to pull you down and make you feel even worst then they are to make themselve feel better than you. So don't worry about her n don't even listen to what she said. Not worths it!!!

Seriously we should suggest everyone to the FB DIG so easier to catch up to whats happening. it is so much easier to catch up on FB than here sometimes and like Possum i spend more time on FB dig now than EB!!! Iove both EB DIG n FB DIG anyway cause everyone in the group are all so supportive and woderful! make it feel like HOME!!! =)

#58 KoalaTeeTime

Posted 23 May 2014 - 09:17 PM

Twilight I'm coming in late but wanted to say I'm so happy to read your update :-) :-) :-)

Asagi I know what you mean, FB is a lot easier for me to check and stay involved in than EB. I also like seeing proper names and faces to go with the posts, makes it easier for me to remember what's going on.

AFM- lying here on the couch with DH watching my belly bounce around. It went lopsided for a while too, maybe it was a little baby bum pushing out my bump?

#59 twilightangel

Posted 24 May 2014 - 03:14 PM

Possum88 - Thank you. I am so relieved and happy. Today I just can't seem to wipe the smile off my face. I hope your appt goes well Monday and that your student midwife turns up. It's a bit rude that she has not made any contact. I have also been getting braxton hicks. I remember with DD2 I got them so bad towards the end that they would take my breath away. The two boys after weren't so bad. Your receptionist sounds charming. I'm pleased to hear you won't have to listen to her rude comments in a few weeks time. Enjoy the baby cuddles and I love his name :) could be bias though as Keilan's middle name is Hunter.

Mum2LilnZac+1 - Welcome and congrats of your little one. Do you know baby's gender?

Deejie - Thank you so much. I somehow think we must have all been willing this Dr to be sick on the day :D Once I knew she was not doing the scan, I did instantly relax and loved seeing baby. I must say though that I think I have another thumb sucker on the way. In the 12w, 17w elective, 19w and yesterdays scan she always had her hands near her face and occasionally put a thumb in her mouth. Aww your little one sounds so cute. How lovely that your son wants you to have a daughter so your not the only girl in the family.

My kids are handling the news well. The older 2 obviously understand more having welcomed a sibling a few times already. They have also been very helpful whilst I have been on restricted duties. Little Keilan will pat my tummy and say baby and then goes and gets his baby doll (boy did hubby not like the fact his son has a baby). The other two so DD2 and DS2 don't really discuss it much, paid little attention to the screen when they were allowed into the ultrasound etc.

Akadia - I am very relieved. It was so wonderful hearing her say baby was ok. I actually asked again just as we walked out in case I imagined her saying it lol. I am so pleased you and your DH have sorted everything out, that's great news. So jealous that your going to the baby expo. I'm going to the Brisbane one but that is not until next month. Have fun :)

AsagiHunt - I am so sorry to hear you woke feeling unwell. I wanted to go to the Mater but they wouldn't accept me as I am not in their catchment and apparently not high enough risk for them. Aww thank you for saying you feel like it wouldn't have wasted your time, that is lovely. Yes I think it would be wonderful to meet up to and to have a friend who is going through the joys of pregnancy with me and then the sleepless nights and beautiful first moments etc after. Hope you have a lovely weekend too and start to feel better real soon.

KoalaTeeTime - Thank you :) Aww how cute that you can see baby moving. I remember what that was like with my first. Such a surreal sight. Sadly with the rest I have had an anterior placenta so don't see those movements as much.

AFM - DH started a new job this week and they have already sent him away. He left this morning and comes home Monday. I am already going crazy. DS2 has chucked 3 tantrums just this morning. I am hoping they settle down and get used to Daddy being away again.

DD1 and DS2 felt sprout kick this morning.

Well had better go get these guys ready to go pick up DD2 from her friends birthday party and then I have to go to a tupperware party.

Have a lovely night / weekend :)

#60 Zebidee

Posted 24 May 2014 - 11:06 PM

Twilight, that's great news about the scan! And hooray that the doctor was off sick.

Baby is currently kicking me so hard my belly is bouncing around! At 24 weeks I wouldn't have thought she'd be big or strong enough to make such a racket in there lol! Pretty funny.

#61 Fairey

Posted 25 May 2014 - 08:27 AM

In the words of the sonographer - everything looks perfect with the baby's heart.
Yip yip yippee!!

Twilight - I'm soooo glad to read your good news too!!! Good scans all around! Happy Days :)

#62 yoonseon

Posted 25 May 2014 - 02:29 PM

Hey guys, haven't been here for a while.

Twilight, I'm glad to hear things are OK! Hopefully you won't have anymore dramas.

I don't have much to say... just that I hope DH can feel bub moving soon! He's tried but says he can't feel anything yet. :-(

Hope you're all doing well! Welcome to the newbies! :-)

#63 twilightangel

Posted 25 May 2014 - 03:57 PM

Zebidee - Thank you. Yes I find it strange and amazing that something so tiny can kick so strongly etc.

Fairey - Yay !!! That's amazing news. You must be so relieved. Hopefully we can both now relax and enjoy the joys of pregnancy.

Yoonseon - Thank you and I hope so too :) I hope your DH can feel little one soon.

#64 Zebidee

Posted 26 May 2014 - 09:14 AM

Yay! Great news Fairey!

#65 Perpetual Sound

Posted 26 May 2014 - 11:19 AM

Hi all - great to read that everyone's babies are turning out to be happy and healthy despite causing a bit of a panick.

I'm sorry but I'm going to do a bit of a vent/poor me post here....
I'm really sick... everytime I get over something, something else comes and kicks me back down. Yesterday I started having some really strong and painful braxton hicks contractions... by lunch time I was in bed for the rest of the day with a bad headache, major fatigue, backpain, and joint pain. I've had BH all through the night and this morning where I have had to stop and breathe through them. The last time I had similar joint/back pain like this, was when I had Ross River Virus.

Henry was supposed to go to daycare today and I really needed today to be in bed and sleep. The daycare lady called last night to say that daycare was cancelled today.... so no break.

I was supposed to go to the hospital for a MW appointment today but I just cannot drive the 1hr over there. When I spoke to the MW this morning, all she could suggest was having a panadol and a warm bath :(

My brain really keeps doing stupid things too - my cousin lost her baby at 22 weeks and so now I'm at that point its weighing heavily on my mind.
When ever I drive at the moment, I slip into visualisations of me having an accident and losing the baby... its even worse if I'm driving with Henry in the car.

I'm so sick of being sick. My house is disgusting and has been for weeks - usually I dont give a sh*t, but DP is having to do everything and I just feel so useless.

My anxiety is sky high and I'm really starting to feel that I'm going to end up in hospital here... I'm so low... I just want my mum but she cant be here until July.

#66 KoalaTeeTime

Posted 26 May 2014 - 11:54 AM

Oh no, perpectual- don't let those bad thoughts creep into your head :-(

Being sick for extended periods of time is so soul-destroying....I hope you get some energy and healthy feeling back soon so you can focus on the positives again. I don't blame anybody for being down when they're ill...
Just remember you're NOT useless! You're growing a baby and it's only temporary, so cut yourself some slack for not being as energetic or able as usual. Only a couple more months left now! xxx

When can you next see your midwife?

I wanted to pop in today to say about the Pregnancy & Baby Expo I went to yesterday. We almost bought a Medela swing from one of the retailer stalls...but it was $225 so I said to DH "let's go outside for some air and think on it a bit". While we were out there, he Googled the price of the same machine we just saw and it was $227....through that same retailers website! Meanwhile their signs inside were saying 'special expo price, 1/2 off' or something like that. Then Baby's R Us had it for just as cheap, too! Their offer included an extra bottle and teat but they said the value of those was $30 but we saw the 150mL bottle+calma for like $15 so it seems like a rort to me.

Glad we didn't buy it there now!

We did buy a couple of MCNs though. 2 from one brand ('hybrid' ones) and a 3-pack from another brand (pocket ones). I know I willl still need like 20 more to get a full set, but it's a start at least. I was so overwhelmed by all the choices and options available for MCNs but after speaking to the stallholders it's a bit clearer to me now. Well, the options have all been explained, but that doesn't make it too much easier for me to decide what is 'best'. But I guess we won't know what is best for baby anyway until they are actually wearing and using them.

#67 yoonseon

Posted 26 May 2014 - 12:15 PM

Perpetual: I'm sorry to hear you're not well. Is there anything you can do for yourself to distract your brain from thinking about losing bubs? TBH, though, I'm always paranoid about something happening...

Just a question... what to braxton hicks feel like? Are they very painful?

KoalaTeeTime: we went to the expo on Sat.! So crowded, I think DH was overwhelmed for most of it! That's a bit of a joke about the swing! We did a bit of shopping, also, and tried out some prams which was good. One thing I did get, though, was a maternity/pregnancy pillow! Was such a good purchase! I've had such a sore back lately, but this thing has helped so much! I'd definitely recommend one!

#68 KoalaTeeTime

Posted 26 May 2014 - 12:24 PM

Which pram are you leaning towards, yoonseon? They had a pretty good representation of most of the major brands there which was good to see.

I especially liked all the safety type stalls. We stopped and picked up brochures from most of them, and I was really glad to stop for a bit and talk to the ladies in the water safety stand. It will be the perfect time to start learning to swim in summer for our bubs- the people there said 4 months is a good time to start learning so that puts us in the middle of January when it's just when we want to be in the water ourselves :-)

#69 yoonseon

Posted 26 May 2014 - 12:28 PM

We're not really leaning toward one just yet. DH was a bit bummed that particular brands weren't on display; I think he wanted to try them all out. He's really fussy and is treating buying a pram like buying a car! How about you? Did you try any out? Was it helpful?

We didn't see the safety ones. :-( Must have missed them. :-( It was so crowded, I'm pretty sure we didn't get to see everything!

#70 twilightangel

Posted 26 May 2014 - 12:28 PM

Perpectual_sound - I am so sorry you are feeling so sick. It's so hard to feel in control and on top of things when you are constantly feeling unwell. Are you staying hydrated enough. Just wondering if that might be the cause of the braxton hicks being your not well. I am so sorry to hear about your cousins loss. Try not to let those thoughts cloud your mind, i am sure your little one is going to be fine. I will admit I have had the visualisations like you, especially if I have to drive at nights when I have all the kids in the car. We just have to remind ourselves that we will do our best to keep our kids safe. Please don't worry about your house. I am sure it is not half as bad as you think. You need to be taking care of yourself at the moment. Is there someone who could maybe give you a hand by just throwing a load of washing on and doing the dishes etc?

KoalaTeeTime - Thanks so much for the heads up about the baby expo. I go most years but am only really there for a look and to purchase MCN's. Interesting about the breast pump though as I am considering if buying one this time around instead of hiring one like I did with Keilan.

I agree that MCN's can be confusing. We used Baby Beehinds on DD2 and absolutely loved them, great fit for her, very absorbant and stopped her from getting severe UTI's like she was getting in disposables. I also used these on DS2.

When Keilan came along I decided to buy some more nappies and at the expo came across Bum Cheeks nappies. I brought 20 of these and wish I didn't. They are a OSFM nappy but I struggled to get them to fit right on Keilan who was a long and skinny baby until he was 18 months old. Prior to that they leaked heaps etc because I just couldn't get the leg holes tight enough without it being too tight around the belly. I just sold half that stash as now he's older he doesn't need changing as often.

My Baby Beehinds sadly won't last another baby, the leg elastics are getting loose etc but I am very impressed with them as they have done 3 kids over 6 years so well worth there money. I am thinking of trying IssyBear nappies with this baby as I have heard a lot of great reviews about them and I did really like them when I looked at them at the last expo.

Good luck :)

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#71 KoalaTeeTime

Posted 26 May 2014 - 01:00 PM

Ah great tips, twilight!
I will check out the Baby Beehinds. The hybrids we got are supposed to be OSFM I think, but the pocket ones are newborn size. We got Blueberry brand and GoVia, I think?

The lady at the stall with the pumps (not the actual medela stall, they were too busy/not helpful) said unless you were using it for more than a month then it makes more sense (financially) to buy one...but that just sounded like a way to convince us to buy from her.

yoonseon we've already laybuyed a Bugaboo Bee so could skip past the pram stalls this time, but it was still nice having a stickybeak at what else is out there.

What I really liked was getting two opinions on the benefits of hiring a capsule rather than buying one. The hire place lady said it's complicated to install them and important to get a professional to do it for you, and the Roads and Maritime Service guy said the first fitting should be by a professional but after that if you read the instructions carefully and practice enough then you can do it yourself. DH wanted to install the seat himself which I am 100% against.

#72 heatherdv

Posted 26 May 2014 - 04:38 PM

Hi Perpetual, sounds like you are having a rough time.  Hope you feel better soon!  Maybe some fun distraction is the key, as your mind is still adjusting to all the free time.  Books & dvds are my saviour some days!

#73 yoonseon

Posted 26 May 2014 - 04:46 PM

View PostKoalaTeeTime, on 26 May 2014 - 01:00 PM, said:

yoonseon we've already laybuyed a Bugaboo Bee so could skip past the pram stalls this time, but it was still nice having a stickybeak at what else is out there.

What I really liked was getting two opinions on the benefits of hiring a capsule rather than buying one. The hire place lady said it's complicated to install them and important to get a professional to do it for you, and the Roads and Maritime Service guy said the first fitting should be by a professional but after that if you read the instructions carefully and practice enough then you can do it yourself. DH wanted to install the seat himself which I am 100% against.

Hehe, Bugaboo was the main brand we wanted to have a go of. We were hoping they'd be there. :-( DH is also liking the Bee, so I'm thinking we'll go to The Baby Warehouse or something and check them out. Do you mind if I ask what it is about the Bee you particularly liked?

We're having car drama at the moment (currently don't have our car, we're using a rental), so we can't get safety checks yet. It's becoming very, very stressful. Damn NRMA...

#74 Akadia

Posted 26 May 2014 - 05:26 PM

AsagiHunt - congratulations on  your little boy how exciting!! I should join the FB DIG group. I was in the TTC group for a while..

KoalaTeeTime - So cute with the belly bouncing - haven't had that yet but DH felt the baby kick on the weekend for the first time - it was while we were watching Xmen at the movies - must have been all those loud sound effects!!

Twilight & Others re: Expo - I actually was pretty disappointed with the Sydney one. Maybe I've done too much research so most of the stalls didn't appeal to me. The stuff I wanted to see (i.e. ErgoBaby 360 carrier, Swings, Support Singlet, learning and development toys) they didn't have or didn't have enough of. They didn't even have some of what I would think would be the main vendors (i.e. Boori, Mountain Buggy, Baby Bjorn, etc) and the way it was organised it was all over the place. DH suggested it would have been better if it were organised in categories (i.e. Prenatal, Newborn, etc) which I have to agree, cause we spent alot of time looking for stuff all over the place. I did however get a great pregnancy pillow which also converts to a feeding and a toddler pillow which is good cause it means I don't have to put it away after I have the baby.

Re: Prams: We've bought the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan. I like it cause it is reversable, has a bassinet, is sturdy and has lots of room to grow. I did heaps of research before I bought it and can't wait to bring it home!

Re: Carseats: heard that you can get the Fire Brigade to fit the car seat which I'll definitely be doing. My dad fitted my sisters and it shifted when we were driving which was really scary - so no - even though I trust DH - we will be getting it fitted properly.

#75 yoonseon

Posted 26 May 2014 - 08:36 PM

View PostAkadia, on 26 May 2014 - 05:26 PM, said:

Twilight & Others re: Expo - I actually was pretty disappointed with the Sydney one. Maybe I've done too much research so most of the stalls didn't appeal to me. The stuff I wanted to see (i.e. ErgoBaby 360 carrier, Swings, Support Singlet, learning and development toys) they didn't have or didn't have enough of. They didn't even have some of what I would think would be the main vendors (i.e. Boori, Mountain Buggy, Baby Bjorn, etc) and the way it was organised it was all over the place. DH suggested it would have been better if it were organised in categories (i.e. Prenatal, Newborn, etc) which I have to agree, cause we spent alot of time looking for stuff all over the place. I did however get a great pregnancy pillow which also converts to a feeding and a toddler pillow which is good cause it means I don't have to put it away after I have the baby.

Oh, it sounds like we bought the same pillow! I'm loving it so far!

And I feel similarly. I was surprised that stalls were organised a bit haphazardly and were placed around a bit randomly. Definitely would have been easier had they been in a certain order. The main brand we wanted to see was Bugaboo, but oh well, I'm just glad we have something to compare others to now.

I must say, was interesting being around so many other pregnant people!!

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