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IVF's Due in January 2014 Thread #2

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#26 TarlaP

Posted 14 August 2013 - 11:48 AM

Hi Ladies,

Still getting used to the new upgrade!!

Allie_D - You are very lucky to find the heart beat everytime, i would definately be freaking out if i couldnt! thats probably why DH wont let me get on! How was your scan yesterday?

Bwok~Bwok - Thats wonderful news about your results :)

cme - At first i wasnt even sure i was feeling bub, it kind of feels like my muscle tenses. When i had an ultrasound yesterday i could see bub move and it felt exactly the same, so now i know that was what im feeling! How was your OB appt? Hope all is well with your DH.

Baby4us - How is everything with you?

gumigirl - Im so jealous, have an amazing time in Turkey! Congrats on finding out your having a Boy :)

AFM - Im starting to feel really good now. Energy levels are up!! I definately have a noticable bumb, though I didnt think it was that big until i saw the photos my DH took of my bump and now i feel like i look huge!! He keeps telling me "what do you expect, theres a baby in there?"
We had our 19 week scan yesterday. Everything was really good with Bub. I had to go for a 20 minute walk because bub wasnt co-operating and we needed it to flip to do the full heart check. But we got there in the end. The sonographer wrote the sex on a piece of paper and sealed it, it was so hard not to open so i have sent it straight over east to my SIL who is organising the cake!!
We went to the pregnancy, babies and childrens expo on the weekend. I wasnt planning on buying anything but the pram and car seat i want had huge discounts so we got them!!! Looks like im basically all set :) and only half way there.

Hope to hear from you all soon :)
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#27 Three Of Hearts

Posted 14 August 2013 - 03:29 PM

cme Hope all went well at your OB appointment!  I'm very sorry to hear about your DHs eye condition, poor guy.  Work sounds very full on, congrats on taking on the new role!!!

gumigirl enjoy Turkey!!  And congrats on a little boy!!

TarlaP great to hear everything went well at your morph scan, sounds like both our bubs were playing up!!  I was going to wait until the baby expo here in October to look at buying a pram etc but one of the ones I'm interested in (who usually do the expos) aren't doing it this year so it wouldn't matter if I bought it now or later!

AFM - Had our morph scan yesterday.  Have our re-morph scan next Tuesday! :rofl:

Bubs was so naughty! Pee'd just as she was about to take bladder measurements, put hands on butt when she went to take hand measurements, put legs over head when she went to take leg measurements! It just went on and on!! At one stage she showed that bubs was actually kicking me right in the bladder!!  She got most measurements but couldn't get a good view of the spine so we have to go back next week.  I had to go back 3 times yesterday and try lots of different things to get bubs to move but it just didn't want to!!!  She told us the sex but she couldn't be sure because bubs kept crossing its legs, so hopefully next week we'll get a clearer shot!

We also had our hospital booking in appointment yesterday after the scan(s).  Talk about overwhelming!  I know I'm basically half way but I'm still just getting used to the fact I'm pregnant, let alone how I want the birth to go or my thoughts on breastfeeding!!  DH and I are now booked in for all these classes, and I have prenatal water aerobics every week.

It's funny I keep thinking we don't need to do anything or look at anything yet because having the baby is ages away, but the registrar said last night that we should have everything ready by 34 weeks incase bubs comes early.  Eeep!! :fear:

Hope you're all well!

#28 cme

Posted 26 August 2013 - 12:37 PM

TarlaP You sound super organised. I’m trying to get DH to organise a car seat, but I’m getting a sense of da ja vou (spell?) from when I gave him one thing to organise for our wedding and he still didn’t do it. I love the way you are revealing the sex.

Allie_D So naughty already ;)

AFM IT’S A BOY! You could see quite easily and he was playing with himself when we got to that part of the scan ;) they do start young. I had many people try and talk me out of finding out the sex, but I’m really glad I did. It feels more real for me now and I can think of him by his name and make plans.

I’ve actually had a big month all around. Last week I won the industry award I was nominated for, which was super exciting. But so stressful in the lead up to. I had to give a speech in front of 2000 people. I’ve had some great feedback and it seems I’m now the poster child for diversity where I work.

We’re slowly starting to tick off the things to do before the baby. I was expecting a few hand me downs from DH’s family but they seem to think we would want to buy everything new. I think I need to be very upfront with them that I have no problems with hand me downs cots etc, although I am completely lost at the moment trying to pick a pram.

Hope all is well with you ladies.

#29 baby4us

Posted 26 August 2013 - 04:45 PM

Hi Ladies!!

So sorry for the long, long delay in getting on here!

Gumigirl - I hope Turkey is amazing!!! Congrats on the news of your little boy. So exciting!!! I bet your in-laws are thrilled.

Tarla - Great that you're energy levels are up. Mine have just started to improve over the last 2 weeks, which is great! I'm feeling good now too!! Your idea for the gender reveal is awesome! You're much stronger than me, I would have opened it!!

Allie - I've been laughing my head of at your little one's display for the scan!! Hilarious!!! Are you sharing the sex with everyone? Hope you got your clearer shot in your second scan!! Yes, the hospital booking appointment makes it all very real!

CME - your post also had me in fits ... typical boy!!! HEHE. Congrats!!! I'm glad you confirmed that you feel happy that you have found out the sex. Our scan is this Thursday and everyone is telling us to wait or it will ruin it. You've just validated that it adds to it, so we will find out (unless DH changes his mind!!).  A huge congrats on your award!!! Hard work always pays off!! You should be very proud!!! Goodluck finding a pram - we took hours to find ours ... it's the only thing we have organised!!

Bwok Bwok - how are you?

AFM - we are doing well. I've been offline as I've been working far too many hours. Anyway, had a little scare, made me slow down, and now I'm working normal hours, and have employed some staff. The scare was nothing major, just enough for me to stop, re-assess, and slow down; which is perfect.

We haven't organised anything other than our pram at this stage, but did go and look at some cots on the weekend. Decisions!

Our scan is this Thursday, and I'm thinking we'll now find out the sex. We have been debating it for a while now. Of course, it doesn't matter either way, I just feel I'd like to be organised.

Just starting to feel some flutters here and there, which is nice, and I've got a very big bump! I've put on 4kgs now - i"m not sure if this is good bad or indifferent as my OB doesn't weigh me. I try to eat well, but sometimes am a bit naughty!

I hope you're all well. It's all starting to get very exciting now!!

#30 Three Of Hearts

Posted 28 August 2013 - 09:28 AM

cme - Congrats on a boy!!  Yay!!  We haven't had too many people say anything about us finding out the sex because we're not telling anyone, so when they ask I just say "Yes we know, but we're not telling" so I get more of a "Oh come on tell me" response than a "Why did you find out" response!!  Congratulations on the award, that sounds super impressive!  Well done!! :clap:  I know what you mean about having to get up in front of people, I won a big award a few years ago and had to get up in front of a few thousand people and my boss was standing beside me whispering stop shaking!!!

baby4us - I'm sorry you had a scare, I hope all is well now and that you're taking it easier.  Good luck for todays scan!  If you want to find out the sex I say go for it!!

AFM- Finally finished off our scan last week.  Bubs still wasn't very cooperative but after I got up and pee'd there was just enough spine showing to get the shot they needed to finish up!  We also got a pretty cool 3D image of bubs face which I love!  I still can't feel too much thanks to an anterior placenta but I can certainly feel bubs wriggling around in there, especially after dinner when I'm sitting on the couch!

Until last week I hadn't bought nor thought about buying anything for bubs but after our scan we went and had a look at prams and bought one, and then yesterday when we went to pick it up they were having a sale so I also bought a car capsule and a bassinet!  Hubby said on the way home "is that everything now?" poor thing, he's in for such a shock :rofl:  I have promised him we'll go and have a look at Ikea next before buying anything else, and if I think the quality is ok we'll get a few things from there as some of the furniture at the baby store is very $$$.

Talk soon!!

Allie xx :babygirl:

#31 baby4us

Posted 28 August 2013 - 12:32 PM

Allie - your poor DH!! He really is in for a huge shock!! Yes, it's all very expensive!

I'm glad you got a great scan - I'm looking forward to ours tomorrow. Because we didn't do any testing at the 12 week mark, we haven't seen bub since our two scans after the IVF (I think week 7).Your bub's antics have me in fits - so cute!! I love that s/he has a mind of his/her own!!

Of course, i'm super nervous about tomorrow .... just need to know that everything is okay. By the size of my bump, bubs is growing well!!

Hope everyone is well!!

Allie ... .am I slow or is the pink bub next to your name a hint??? x

#32 Three Of Hearts

Posted 28 August 2013 - 01:25 PM

 baby4us, on 28 August 2013 - 12:32 PM, said:

Allie ... .am I slow or is the pink bub next to your name a hint??? x
Maybe :p

#33 Bwok~Bwok

Posted 28 August 2013 - 02:08 PM

Hey girls :D

Gumigirl - congrats on your little boy and hope you have a fantastic time in Turkey.

Tarlap - I get what you mean about the 'muscle tense' - i've been getting that the past couple of weeks and been wondering if it's the baby moving or I need to fart :p

cme - congrats on your little boy and industry award. Great week for you!

B4U - GL with your scan tomorrow. :D

Allie - I didn't even notice that until B4U pointed it out. :D

Hopefully I haven't missed anyone.

AFM: 19 weeks today. I have an OB appointment tomorrow and scan on Friday. Everything is going along well and I've suddenly turned into a Buddha with everyone rubbing my belly. I thought I'd have a problem with people doing that, but I don't. I know it comes from a good place. :D

Physically I'm bloody huge - but I don't mind - as long as i have a healthy baby then it can do what ever it wants to my body.

I'm also a little 'backed up' - which makes things really uncomfortable, so I'll speak to the OB tomorrow as everyone (e.g Pharmacist etc) freak out when I tell them I'm on Asprin and they say 'Speak to your specialist' *sigh*.. I'm also still being 'religous' in the mornings. You will find me praying to god for it to stop (the M/S) :D But I've accepted that no matter what I do, I'll throw up anyway. Just don't like it when you get to the dry retching stage. But at least the afternoon sickness is now hit and miss.

#34 TarlaP

Posted 28 August 2013 - 05:44 PM

Hi Everyone!

Its so great to see everyone is doing really well!! :smile:

Allie_D – Your bub is very funny!! I haven’t had the hospital booking appointment and they haven’t even mentioned anything about it in my OB appts… I was in ikea on the weekend and they have some pretty good stuff! Your poor DH, he definitely is in for a shock!! I love the little hint that B4U noticed Posted Image

Cme – Congrats on a Boy!!! And on your Award! :clap:
Yep that’s me.. I’m very organised with everything! I guess because I’ve known I wanted a baby for so long I had already picked out the things I was going to get, so as soon as they had massive discounts I jumped straight on them!!

Baby4us – glad to hear you’re ok after the scare.. Good luck for your scan tomorrow. I can tell you I’ve put on a lot more than 4kg!! and I eat healthy, exercise and only having naughty treats now and then. I think everyone’s different. I read that Beyoncé put on 25KGs with her pregnancy!! I can’t believe you’ve had soo long between scans, I insisted on having a 12 week scan even though I was told I didn’t need it!

Bwok~Bwok – Hahaha that was my same thoughts…whether it was gas or bub!! Good luck for your scan on Friday.

AFM – So our secret will be out this Sunday, Father’s Day, and I’m bursting with excitement. We fly out early Friday morning and I’m preparing myself for all the belly rubbing!! Bubs kicks are becoming a lot bigger now, DH is so excited when he feels one!
Had an OB appointment this morning, all is well, it was the big 20 week one where you pay the management fee….. so that’s a shock to the bank account!
I’ll check in with you all early next week with our news (and possibly a photo of the cake)

Have a lovely weekend and Father’s Day

#35 baby4us

Posted 29 August 2013 - 08:54 PM

Hi Ladies!!

Just a quick one - had our scan today. Baby is healthy!!!

We are having a boy!!

Will write more over the weekend. On iPad and struggling


#36 TarlaP

Posted 03 September 2013 - 01:06 PM

Just dropping in to say were having a Boy :)Posted Image

The photo is too big to upload Posted Image

#37 Bwok~Bwok

Posted 04 September 2013 - 12:18 PM

Congrats to B4U and Tarla on your little men. :D

AFM: Scan went well, but the little one was being a butthead. It was upside down, with it's back faced to us and right up against my spine, so it made it difficult. The brain, kidneys and bladder all looked fine. I have to go back at 23 weeks for another scan just to double check the heart. HB sounded good, the flow looked good, but because of the position - they couldn't get a good look at the chambers. Also they couldn't check the face for a Cleft Lip.

When I eventually moved the little one, it decided to play peek-a-boo with my placenta and then when they did get a good look at the face, it put it's hands up. lol

I just want them to check for the Cleft Lip because of the problems I've had.

Other than that, everything is going well, but I have to admit - wouldn't change it for the world - it's a tad uncomfortable being pg.

#38 baby4us

Posted 05 September 2013 - 04:52 PM

Hi Ladies!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week!!

Bwok-Bwok: I'm glad your scan went well!! I had such a cute image of your little one playing hide and seek - it's amazing watching them do their thing. I'm with you, and wouldn't change it for the world, but the pg thing isn't as glamorous as the magazines have it look!! I am still astounded at the miracle inside me, and am just so happy that after 6 years our dreams are going to come true. Re your previous post ... try drinking pear juice to help the back up - not too much though!! It works wonders for me.

Tarla - WOOHOO!! A baby boy!!! I was thinking about you and the big reveal. I still can't believe you waited that long, but must have been so exciting cutting that cake! Not to mention such a special way of finding out.

Allie, Gumigirl & CME - how are you?

AFM - saw the OB today - he is very happy with everything. Paid the big 'Pregnancy Management Fee', which most definitely ate into the savings account! Can't believe we are half way through. I had endless energy for a few weeks, but seem to be tired again!! I can't stop thinking about our little boy, and feel so blessed.

#39 TarlaP

Posted 05 September 2013 - 05:46 PM

I have managed to make the photo smaller :smile:

Bwok~Bwok - Good to hear your scan went well, except for bubs playing up, but you get to see your little one again so fingers crossed they behave!!! Yeh im definately not feeling glamorous at the moment!! I have had to buy a body pillow because i was having a terrible time sleeping.

Baby4us - Congrats on your boy aswell!! I know what you mean about the management fee! Thankfully medicare reimbursed us about 25%.
It was such an exciting weekend, but all i could think about was cutting that cake!!!

How is everyone else going??

AFM - nothing really new besides now knowing we are having a boy... DH and i already have a few names picked out :smile:  Im getting so many kicks now and some are quite big! Next OB appointment isnt for another 3 weeks so just plodding along until then. Will have to pee in a cup and have blood taken for diabetes test etc... That should be fun!

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#40 Bwok~Bwok

Posted 06 September 2013 - 09:13 AM

Tarla LOVE that cake - its awesome.

Oh forgot to mention as well, during the scan it is showing my Fibroid to be bigger than the baby, so that would explain why I've popped so much. I've known about the Fibroid for quite a few years, but it's definitely growing since I've been pg. They also found another smaller one, which I didn't know about, but they are all positioned at the top of my uterus and isn't affecting the baby's growth.

Edited by Bwok~Bwok, 06 September 2013 - 09:13 AM.

#41 Three Of Hearts

Posted 06 September 2013 - 09:57 AM

Bwok - I've still got to fight the urge to slap anyone that comes near me with a hand out.  I know they mean well but it makes me jump! LOL!  I've also heard that a little pear juice is really good for keeping everything moving.  Sounds like we both had naughty baby's at our scans!!  Glad to hear everything is looking good though.  Do you have to do anything about the fibroid or will that just stay out of the way?

Tarla - Wow that cake looks amazing!!  Congratulations on a boy!!
I still haven't paid the pregnancy management fee!  They told me it was due at the 20 week appt, but then after I left I realised she didn't ask for it.  Then I had another appt yesterday and it didn't get brought up again!  When I go in a week and a half for my 24 week appt I'll point out I haven't paid it!!

baby4us- Congratulations on a little boy!!  How exciting!!  Glad to hear everything is going well!

AFM- Well had a bit of a scare on Wednesday/Wednesday night. Felt off all day and started getting crampy in the evening. Woke at 2am with horrible cramps and this involuntary urge to push down. It was horrible!! Called my OBs office yesterday morning, who told me to call the midwives at the hospital. Midwives then called my OB who met me at her office. Bubs is totally fine, and cervix is very long and closed. But I'm sick! She said she thinks I've picked up (another) bug and thats what was causing all the cramping, not bubs trying to make a very early entrance! So I've been resting up and drinking hydralite on her orders. Terrible stuff!!

In good news I can feel bubs all the time now and have even felt a few kicks on the outside! Exciting times!! I keep saying to hubby that we've got plenty of time to organise everything but geez time really is starting to fly!

Edited by Allie_D, 06 September 2013 - 10:46 AM.

#42 cme

Posted 23 September 2013 - 05:28 PM

Hi ladies, it has been quite here lately…hope you’re all well.

Baby4us funny you say your energy levels are up, I got a big jump 2 months ago but now it is starting to wane. On the up side I’ve had a lot of support in slipping back to more normal working hours, combined with the warm weather and I’m feeling pretty good. Hopefully you can cut back soon too. Hope you enjoyed the scan, I look forward to hearing the details!

Allie_D You got a 3D image! I am jealous. My fridge is covered with the ultrasound picks from various stages. Oh your poor DH he is in for a shock. We’ve done a trip to Ikea, but it looks like we can get away with hand me downs for most. The quality of a lot of the stuff in Ikea is pretty good when you consider the length of time you will need this.

Bwok I have mixed emotions about the belly rubbing, but when I don’t like the person to begin with eg. MIL, I find it really awkward. I’ve had a bit of trouble being ‘backed up too’. I’ve found best treatment is prevention so I’ve been careful to keep lots of fibre in my diet, lots of kiwi fruit for me. That would be hard if you’ve still got MS.

TarlaP How did outing the secret go? That management fee will hurt, I’m not sure when they make us pay ours, but I have put it aside already so hopefully it won’t hurt as much.

AFM All progressing well, after a pick up in my energy levels after 12 weeks they have started tapering off again in the last month. I’m so big now that people stand up for me on the train, although one expected me to climb over him to get to the middle seat, I did politely point out that I wouldn’t fit over the top of him.

My IL’s have started being nicer to DH and I lately, although MIL hasn’t changed. Lately she won’t even sit at the table when DH and I are there. This may sound a little ungrateful of me but last time I saw her she told me she wanted to buy us a cot as she did for her other children. I was planning on using my SIL’s, but with MIL’s declaration that won’t be possible as SIL won’t give us their old one now as she would get in trouble with MIL. I just don’t see the point of getting a new one. DH has a real aversion to accepting large presents from his family as they always want something in return. It looks instead like we’ll go with the old one from my side of the family. It’s 75 years old and has had 3 generations in it including myself and my mother. It has a bit of wear and tear and needs a gurney and a coat of paint. But then again I like the idea of a bit of tradition.

Hope to hear from you all soon.

#43 Bwok~Bwok

Posted 25 September 2013 - 03:59 PM


Glad everything  is going well and I love the idea of a cot with the 'history' attached to it.

NFP, Allie and myself are in the Due in Jan group on FB - you girls should join us there. :) If not I'm still happy to pop in here.

Edited by Bwok~Bwok, 25 September 2013 - 04:00 PM.

#44 baby4us

Posted 26 September 2013 - 05:03 PM

Hi CME & Bwok,

Thanks for letting us know Bwok Bwok ... thought it was quiet in here. Not a member of the FB group - how do we join?

CME, my energy has started to wane this week too!! The energy hit didn't last long! I'm so glad you're working more normal hours now. From next week, I'm slowing down too. It's just getting too much now.

I loved having our scan ... our little boy was very good - he even gave us a wave (or so we think!). It was just the best.

How about yours?

I'm glad your MIL is being nicer ... so she should!! I like the idea of tradition with the cot. I think it's beautiful. It will also be a fun project getting it all ready for your baby.

Hope you've been having a great week


Just to clarify Bwok Bwok ... I have a fb account, just don't know how to find the group.


#45 Bwok~Bwok

Posted 26 September 2013 - 05:48 PM

About to send you a PM B4U

#46 TarlaP

Posted 01 October 2013 - 01:53 PM

Hi Ladies,

Yes i also noticed it had been quiet on here lately!

Bwok~Bwok - can you please send me the link too??


#47 cme

Posted 02 October 2013 - 05:25 PM

Can you send me the FB link too?

This is going to be a bit of a vent, sorry if it is a bit long. DH and I have had a really rough week. The baby and pregnancy is all fine. But DH had the specalist appointment for his eyes and had found out that he has a condition that would gradually send him blind. The good news is there is an operation to stop it from getting worse. The bad news is that it is new and therefore not covered by medicare or private health insurance. After the hit to our savings from IVF I had been trying hard to keep some rainy day money for maternity leave. The additional $6k for the operations is really going to hurt. I'm trying to be thankful that there is an operation available and that he can have immediate treatment. But I'm stressed that our safety net has gone already and I'm resentful that we have spent $20k in the last 12months on medical bills when we live in a country with supposidly free healthcare and we have top plus insurance.

When DH was at the appointment he had a phone call from his cousin to tell him his uncle had died, which was sad but not unexpected (it was FIL's brother). However it set MIL off on one of her crazy episodes. DH was trying to arrange to get his father to the hospital as he wanted to see him before they took him away. MIL decided to call DH's cousin, whose father had just died and told her off for contacting my DH and called her a witch and the devil. This kind of behaviour has continued for the last week. DH snapped at her when she put on a performance before the paryer session. MIL then called BIL complaining about my DH, we then had BIL telling off DH as he doesn't understand how DH 'can be so ungratful to his mother' as he should always side with her. Even against FIL or when she is so obviously in the wrong it seems. For the record MIL has done some pretty horrid things to us in the past. BIL refused to go to the funeral as per his mothers wishes.  BIL is no longer speaking to DH. MIL is not on speaking terms with DH and I because we did go to the funeral (silver linning there).  FIL is devistated as for 10 years he has trying to have them get along and we had tried to support him in this and FFS it was a funeral. I can't understand why they couldn't put aside petty grudges for a day to be civil and support FIL.

At least they won't yell at the pregnant lady. Normally I'd be getting abusive calls by now for leading DH astray. It has all been very stressful and I'm generally pretty good with stress and confrontation but it is devistating to watch how much this is upsetting my DH and his FIL

#48 baby4us

Posted 06 October 2013 - 07:06 PM

Hi Ladies,

Bwok Bwok - thanks for the link. I can't get it to work and can't PM you :(

CME - firstly, I'm glad baby and you are well. I'm so sorry to hear about DH. You're right, it's fab that there is an operation to help him. I know it's hard but try not to be resentful. Your baby will be here soon and DH has the chance to watch him grow. Our health care system sucks in some respects that's for sure but our ability to use the various technologies avail makes us lucky. Just trying to put a positive spin on it for you. Don't get me wrong, I too have had a few resentful thoughts about costs etc but just try to focus on the positive. It helps me when I'm down.

As for the family .... I'm glad you're pregnant so mil doesn't yell at you. Mil seems extraordinarily insecure and selfish.

I wish I had some answers or advice. Hopefully she will see the light soon and grow up. Poor DH and fil too!!

Unfortunately, mil seems a very difficult character. I just hope she doesn't keep putting pressure on you, your DH and little guy.

Thinking of you xx

#49 Bwok~Bwok

Posted 08 October 2013 - 08:52 AM

Hey girls, apparently I need your email address to add you to the group - so can you all please send me a PM and I'll add you that way.

I'm hoping if you guy's sent me a PM, I might get it.

Edited by Bwok~Bwok, 08 October 2013 - 08:53 AM.

#50 cme

Posted 08 October 2013 - 08:24 PM

B4u thanks, I am trying to stay positive, it was just a really hard week. Insecure and selfish isn't the half of it when it comes to mil. It's so stereotypical to complain about ones mil but I really have no respect for the women. It has taken years to undo the damage she has done to dh. I also have more appreciation for my own mother. We're back on speaking terms for fil's sake and she is back to petty insults rather than outright hostility, which I nod smile and change the subject.

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