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Parent's Group: Born in May 2013

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#1 purple_daisy

Posted 07 June 2013 - 10:10 AM

Hi ladies

I'm not sure if I am allowed to start a chat thread or if a moderator is supposed to do it, but I thought since a number of us have been looking for this group I could at least start one off and a mod can open a new one if necessary.

How is everyone doing?

Big struggles for us at the moment are:

- Tantrumming toddler who isn't used to sharing the limelight
- DD2 refusing to feed overnight unless I take her out to the lounge with all the lights on and I use the 'daytime' pillows.
- The tail end of the baby blues, still causing me to feel pretty flat and emotional cry1.gif
- I continue to feel that we chose the wrong name for DD (we changed our choice the day before birth)

Otherwise DD is growing well and has started to practice smiles in her sleep, showing us the most enormous dimple on one cheek.

#2 South Coast

Posted 07 June 2013 - 10:29 AM

Hi purple_daisy!!

Hope you don't mind me joining!  I didn't chat on the May pregnancy thread but did read it most days..

So, DS was born on 27th April but was due on 31st May - his 6 weeks tomorrow, cannot believe it..
Going ok but of course having a few struggles with DS being premmie..  I'm feeding over one hour a day 8 times a day, up three times a night too but otherwise ok and he is gaining good weight.  I think now at 6 weeks he is about 2800grams so still the size of a newborn.

This is our first baby after three years trying and IVF!!  I've been feeling a bit flat and emotional too - I spent so many years wanting to be pregnant, then lost the last five weeks and never had a chance to really take in that I was pregnant - i regret so SO much that I didnt enjoy it more.  Anyway, with hopfully some more sleep in the next few weeks will start to feel a bit better.

(PS Purple, I remember chatting to you years back on the TTC#1 forum, I might have been fionacats back then... original.gif

#3 yoohooyou

Posted 07 June 2013 - 01:38 PM

Purple I regularly forget what our baby's name is. We have referred to him for so long as "the baby" it takes me a couple of seconds to think of what we actually named him, and while I am really happy with the name, I am taking a bit of time to get used to it as well.

Satay, I was thinking the same thing the other day - I spent so much of my pregnancy thinking this shouldn't be happening (lots of years of infertility) and don't get too excited, it might not work out (lots of previous false starts), that the shock I have a healthy baby that is here is overwhelming and while I know this is my last child in my head, in my heart I'd like to do it again just one more time and really enjoy it knowing that it can happen!

DS is two weeks old and while I still hate breastfeeding with a passion, but we are preserving with the mixed feeding for now. I am still not producing enough milk even with drugs and pumping, so comping and feel like I do nothing but feed at the moment. The only saving grace is the top up that I am giving him seem to be decreasing a little so hopefully something will happening in the next few weeks. All I can think is "just get to six weeks, just six weeks and then we can reassess".

The weather here has been really terrible for the past two weeks so we have been fairly housebound which is not doing much for my overall mood, but I keep telling myself it is temporary and this will all take some adjustment. The funny thing is I seem to be fine during the day but get really flat at around 5pm for some reason and worried about every little thing. It passes by about 7 but seems to roll in every night at the moment.

Also have a little pelvic pain. Its not debilitating but every day think I should ring the OB to check if it is normal, but never get around to it as I am sure he will tell me to come in to be checked out and I really can't be bothered. Between the night feeding, dd and everything else, I am stuffed!

#4 Jo-Anna

Posted 07 June 2013 - 08:40 PM

Hi guys,
I was in the May group as well, but my twins came in April so I didn't write much towards the end, but I did read along. I have been hanging out in the twins section, but it's pretty quiet over there.
The twins were 6 weeks last Wednesday. It has been the longest hardest 6 weeks ever (well except for the last 6 weeks of the pregnancy). I don't know how, but I am still breastfeeding exclusively. I have no issues with supply, I just loathe doing it. I also have a slow healing crack on one side which is incredibly painful as it never gets a rest.
I have started them on a routine with a dreamfeed this week. I have found the twins so much harder to keep track of than DS1. I need some kind of rough guide to help me remember what we are up to if you know what I mean. At the moment they are dreamfeeding at 10 then up at 1am and 4am. DS1 is up at 6.30 and I wake the twins at 7. I am hoping they start stretching out longer between feeds soon. This sleep deprivation is killing me.
Scutterbug I get down in the evenings as well, I think it's the dread of 'the witching hour' and trying to get the kids into bed. 6 weeks is a huge turning point. From then on the ease of breastfeeding starts to come to light. By 3 months it is so much easier than bottles. Hang in there!
Satay Chicken those marathon feeding sessions sound exhausting! It's lucky you don't have other kids to watch! I loved having an excuse to park my butt on the couch and watch tv while feeding DS1! I think I ended up watching all 15 seasons of ER on DVD!
Purple daisy my 2 year old is doing my head in as well, refusing to nap and protesting at bed time. He actually went down well tonight for the first time in a week. I think it is only because he was exhausted from swimming lessons today. I got some really good advice from my MHN about dealing with DS, is yours any good? Some of the stuff was so obvious I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it. I am now having a mummy and DS only morning once a week and he is loving it. We go to his playgroup while MIL watches the twins (I leave some EBM). I think it has really helped. I also made up a box of special toys/colouring in books that i get out at feeding time so there isn't (as much of) a battle for my attention.
I hope that your DD's name grows on you. It's still early days, she may 'grow into' it.

#5 MrsLexiK

Posted 07 June 2013 - 09:48 PM

Hi ladies, I was in May group as well but am usually on my phone so hard to reply and post for long chats original.gif

My DS was born in April induced due to PE. I am struggling with the birth still. Have recovered really well from the csection but meantally not there yet.

My milk never came in and we have had feeding issues. From day dot he would spew and vomit basically 24 hours. With thickner, ensuring we keep him upright for at least 30 minutes after feeding, chiro, gaviscon, HA formula, trying almost every test out there. It is manageable. I have an appt with a paed for a follow up with an injury to his face from the birth (which is heeled) and will discuss with her about his vomiting and make sure it is nothing too bad. He is very unsettled and seems to have two colic periods (full of bringing his legs up and squirming) 5-9 pm and 3-6 am. Last night he woke up at 2.30 and don't go to sleep until 7. Though other times nicely behaved, he loves to sleep on you and durning the day if you put him in his cradle he wakes straight away. I am a bit worried because he is 7 weeks and we are lucky to get through 90mls a bottle (and he only takes 5 a day) I know that babies self regulate and not all are like the back of the tin but at 7 weeks he hasn't finished a 120ml bottle for at least 2 weeks. He looks to be putting on weight though which is why I am not at the drs already.

#6 purple_daisy

Posted 08 June 2013 - 09:39 AM

Hi Satay Chicken I do remember you, it is wonderful to hear that you have a little bundle in your arms after such a TTC journey. Well done on all those breastfeeds, DD1 was like that with feeds that could go for an hour if I didn't take her off. I remember getting so frustrated that I practically sat on the lounge all day and couldn't get anything else done, but in hindsight I agree with Jo-Anna, get some tv series on dvd and embrace the chance to put your feet up so often! Once the feeds settle down you'll be on your feet doing housework all the time, I promise original.gif

Hi MrsLexiK and Jo-Anna glad to hear your bubs are doing well despite coming a bit early in April. MrsL I hope your paed can give some peace of mind about the vomiting, that sounds very distressing.

Scutterbug I am so pleased I am not the only one taking time to get used to the name. I regularly call her by her older sister's name and call her the other name option that we had picked out. DH took me out to buy some of those little wooden letters that you stick on the bedroom door so I think seeing the name every time I go in her room might help.

AFM We are persevering with b/fing at night despite DD not attaching well. Last night, same as the last few nights, I've had to give up and express 80ml+ which DH then feeds her. But in the daytime she usually attaches within a few tries. Very frustrating when it is 1:30am and you're tired and cold. I keep telling myself that she just needs a few more weeks to get a bit better at attaching and then hopefully it will get better. Wish us luck!

#7 yoohooyou

Posted 08 June 2013 - 10:11 AM

Purple I do that too! Go through his older sister's names and then sometimes the dog's until I get to his! It's all adjustment I think.

MrsL I feel for you. My first baby had reflux and while not that severe, really distressing to watch her squirm and know you can't do anything. My little fella is also variable with the feeds - sometimes he scoffs the whole bottle (suppose to be a top up mind you after a BF!) and sometimes he takes nothing. I am assuming that the second is because he is getting enough from me, but it is hard to know. My mantra is six-to eight wet nappies a day and weigh gain and everything is fine.

Jo-anna, you are a superstar! I can't imagine coping with twin feeding and your DS being so little all at the same time. At least with my older one all I have to do is throw her an ipod and I won't see her for hours!

Planning on enjoying the sun for the first time today and might go for a nice long walk. Had a really disrupted night last night, but surprisingly feeling fairly with it today, although ask me again at 2pm when I am asleep on the couch!

#8 purple_daisy

Posted 08 June 2013 - 06:01 PM

Jo-Anna please share the tips and strategies the MHN gave you for dealing with your toddler - I ended up offloading mine to my mum for the rest of the weekend as I was on the verge of tears at her relentless wailing and frequent screaming tantrums cry1.gif

#9 South Coast

Posted 09 June 2013 - 01:43 PM

Scutterbug - I've had some pain too, almost like sharp ovulation pain, thinking its most likely everything just settling down but seeing OB for 6 week check next Monday..  Hope you get a chance to check out your pain, and I know its so hard to get out.. and I only have the one.

Purple - Definitely a very long time coming, consider myself exceedingly 'lucky' we got first transfer IVF - so pleased to be a mum finally though.  Planted on the couch yes, and I certainly could not imagine doing this with a toddler aswell - I really take my hat of to you girls, must be really full on.

Lexi - Hi!!!  So sorry you are having some issues with settling, I totally sympathise - nothing worse than those long hours in the middle of the night when nothing will get them to sleep.  One day at a time...

So just had a shocker 72 hours - DS has awful baby acne which looks terrible and is also now throwing up after every feed, I feel like he is hardly getting any milk at all.  He does have wet and pooie nappies so he must be getting something.  I feel like all I am doing is feeding him, he just wants to eat constantly and then when he does he chucks up - when he doesn't he screems... I just don't know what else to do.  I had a meltdown earlier today after only getting 4 hours broken sleep last night - did a test formula and I am so tempted to give it a go ...  Is anyone BF but forumla topping up??  I've tried pumping but barely getting 20 mils with 30 minutes on the machine - its just now not worth my time.
DS 6 weeks and still so tiny, just worried he is not getting enough...

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#10 Jo-Anna

Posted 09 June 2013 - 03:57 PM

Satay chicken I am sure you already know but at 6 weeks there is a pretty full on growth spurt. It makes things go all sorts of haywire. It may not be the cause of your problems, but it can last up to 7 days. Formula top ups would mess with the idea of the growth spurt which is to build up your supply. I hope it settles down for you soon.
Purple Daisy here are some ideas she gave me,
When feeding try to include your DD. Find what works for her i.e. 'helping' by fetching things, make her feel like a big girl. Reading a story together once baby is latched on so she feels included or as I said have a special box of toys. I have the colouring in books with the magic markers so he can sit next to me on the couch and I can colour with my spare hand.
The mhn highly encouraged making the older child feel like one of the adults. Giving them specific jobs so they feel like one of us. Helping to feed the pet and sorting the washing with you were some examples. The idea is that they won't try to regress and compete to be the 'baby', they will be one of the grown ups.
Like I said earlier, trying to have some one on one time, perhaps a certain activity she enjoys i.e.. getting a babycino together or going to the library just the two of you.
Trying to think of some others... will get back to you when I can think of them. For what its worth DS has gotten so much better with the babies in the last week or so. I think it was a real adjustment period for all of us.
Urgh today has gone sleep 5 minutes, resettle, repeat. So over it, but I am determined for these babies to learn to sleep in their bassinets. There is no way I can rock and cuddle them both to sleep. At least I managed to sneak out for a mani/pedi with a girlfriend this afternoon and DS1 is having a nap. Gotta look at the positives!

#11 babymojo

Posted 09 June 2013 - 03:58 PM

Sataychicken, I am BF and topping up with formula.  I have been so sick the last few days (fever, sore throat, headache) that I think its affecting my milk.  My little one was taking up to 1 1/2 hours to feed and still didn't seem that satisfied.  I finally bit the bullet and topped her up and she is so much happier.  The saving grace is that she only feeds 5/6 times a day and I get big stretches at night (4 hours broken sleep would be hell).  I got my DH to hire one of the Medela Symphony units (hospital grade ones) from our local chemist this arvo (we were using a small advent pump and I was hardly getting anything) so I'm hoping to build up my supply again once this sickness has passed.  If you decide to, please don'd feel bad about topping your DS up.  I put myself through such hell when I started formula feeding my DS.  I'm determined not to let the guilt get to me this time.

Go to run, unexpected visitor at the door!

#12 yoohooyou

Posted 09 June 2013 - 06:43 PM

Sataychicken, I am another topping up with formula - ds is a lazy feeder and can take an hour and a half to feed and then makes a lot of noise about still being hungry so have to then start the rigmarole with the bottle.

I have low supply so according to the lactation consultant the best I might be able to hope for is to bf, express and formula feed to ensure he is getting enough. We started this in hospital as the poor little fella was starving hungry.

It is actually doing my head in as I have no idea at all if he is getting enough. Half the time I offer the bottle and he won't take it and the other time he scoffs the lot so it is obviously really variable as to what is available from me.

I feel really guilty about it all, as I was determined to breast feed before he arrived and know the benefits are well worth the hassle, but I am nearly at the end of my tether with it all and considering solely formula feeding but know that if I do, I will feel so guilty - its a no win situation.  unsure.gif

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#13 Jo-Anna

Posted 09 June 2013 - 07:35 PM

Oh scutterbug, please don't feel guilty about using formula. You have to do what works for you and your baby.
I have considered it so many times, but I have so much milk it would take me ages to wean and I am worried of getting mastitis.
It does get easier after 6-8 weeks but until then it is such hard work. Hang in there  original.gif

#14 purple_daisy

Posted 10 June 2013 - 11:23 AM

Scutterbug please reject the guilt feeling over formula use!!!! You are giving BFing a red hot go, and if you do switch to solely formula you should congratulate yourself on the weeks of BF that your LO had. Plus my mum always told me that some children just can't be breastfed. I am a twin - my twin happily attached and breastfed from day one for a whole year but I refused the breast from the first or second week. My mum tried everything but in the end she accepted that it was not her 'fault' and there could be no guilt attached as she had tried (and obviously as one baby was feeding it wasn't like she didn't know what she had to do) and I thrived on formula.

Jo-Anna thanks for sharing those tips. I am working out how to apply some of them as DD1 has only just turned two a couple of weeks ago, but hopefully some things might help.  I'm hoping that now I can move around more I will be able to spend time playing with her rather than being a couch potato.

AFM Now that my scar is feeling a bit better I'm really enjoying helping out with housework and walking around the house again. Who knew I'd ever enjoy folding washing hehe. It just feels nice to share some of the load with DH.
I've also dropped 14 of the 16kg that I gained during pregnancy despite eating well and doing minimal activity, so I'm guessing most of it was fluids/extra blood etc. So I'm feeling very chuffed about that, but still won't wear my pre-pregnancy clothes due to a) my Pamela Anderson sized boobs and b) my sore and very wonky scar. I'm actually going to see the GP this week about it as there is a huge puffy section all the way along the top of the scar (it looks like they shoved a sausage up inside the skin just above the incision). I've been googling to see if this is normal, and whether it will go away as it makes me look VERY odd down there. Anyone else had this?

#15 countrychic29

Posted 10 June 2013 - 11:54 AM

Hi ladies, have been a bit mia trying to get settled at home, I have been reading along though, especially during early morning feeds ... Bub is doing well spending a lot of time awake during day and feeding mostly 3 hourly of a night which is manageable a big turn around from when we were in hospital when she was unsettled from 11pm til about 4am - very trying.
Still BF but starting to worry that milk has settled too much too quickly but we have loads of wet & dirty nappies plus she is very alert ... Have mchn coming tomorrow so will check with her then
Will come back to do personals later original.gif

#16 Gixxie

Posted 10 June 2013 - 03:06 PM

purple - i don't have any swelling above my c-section.. it is still a dark purple/black color along the scar itself, but no swelling.  But the agony from walking  or standing up for 10 mins or longer is still there.  hoping this eases off over time!.

bub has had a heap of pimples come out over his face and top of his chest in the past two days. not sure what this is from...  think i'll go see the community health centre where there are midwives to ask their opionon tomorrow!.   could possibly be his formula, and taking time to react..  not sure.. other then that he is happy and healthy! And oh my has he grown! He is really filling out his clothes, and almost out of 000's now! ohmy.gif

#17 Bluemakede

Posted 11 June 2013 - 08:48 PM

Hi everyone, I'm going to stick with this group rather than the born in june group.

We arrived home yesterday, they were wanting me to stay till tuesday (considered day 3 discharge), but I had an absolutely shocking night, had 2 hours sleep 12-2am before I went into labour then was awake till 3am yesterday morning, and the baby was waking after less than half an hour. I got just under 4 hours sleep all up, the longest was 1 1/2 hours thanks to a wonderful midwife who managed to settle her for me just after breakfast. I was going nuts, and felt so bad for the lady in the next bed cause my baby was crying so often and her little one was sleeping, I ended up pacing the halls with her half the night and by 6am I was the one in tears. I was up again till after 2am this morning with her, then mum and my other half took over and let me sleep which was again broken, but enough for me to feel human again, was glad to not have been in hospital for the 2nd night after that.

Am having a lot of trouble with getting her to breast feed, she has a super active tongue and is too impatient to open her mouth wide enough and for long enough. My poor nipples are so sore and tiredness plus her fussing makes it even worse, she doesn't even take the bottle well. We're doing a mixture, I express with a syringe, she has 1 or 2 mls via syringe, then she goes on the breast, and then if needed we are topping up with 10-20mls of formula. I'm hoping my milk will come in soon. I will say her first mouthful of colostrum was hilarious, the midwife and my sister helped me to attach her properly, then she managed to suck, the look of shock on her face was absolutely hilarious, though after that she refused to suck again for about 4-5 hours.

Am off to the GP tomorrow, have to get an early check up, as I don't have the midwives coming to the house, and I need some good pain killers, everything has decided today to become sore and more swollen, was fine on just paracetamol until then.

Will do personals soon.

#18 South Coast

Posted 12 June 2013 - 11:14 AM

Bluemakede - What an ordeal, the sleep depravation soon after having the baby is an absolute killer - so much going on already with getting over the birth and everything.  So pleased you have some support right now and hope you can get some good rest in the coming days.  Also, try take a multivitamin, I stopped after having BabyJ and have just started up again and am feeling quite a bit better - I'm just taking a MegaB too..

Gixxie - Pimples here too!  And then they dry out and become all crusty - looks pretty terrible.  I did askt the GP yesterday and he said it was normal.  Hope your little ones face clears up soon.

CountryChic - I'm on here at night too, trying to stay awake during those marathon feeds.  At least reading here can make the time go a bit faster.

Purple - Thats awesome you have some down so fast!  And getting to do some normal things around the house is great hey, never thought I would say that.  Hope DD1 is settling down a bit over the last few days.

Scutterbug - We are so lucky in this country to have access to such high quality formula..  Although I will try and hang in there with the BF if it all becomes too much will give the formula a shot for sure.  Its just taking that first step which has me nervous but otherwise I am very open too it..  And thank you Babymojo - so good to read you are having good success with the topups and your little one is more settled.  Hope you are feeling better too...

JoAnna - We are going for a weigh in tomorrow so really hoping to see a good weight gain, especcially after the last 10 or so days of marathon feeding - I get the feeling he might be up 200 0r 300 grams!!

So, DS got his vacs yesterday, he was ok at first - I was terrible.  Got home and cried my eyes out for some odd reason.  Last night from 9.00pm onwards he got a bit of a fever, up at 38 degrees which had me worried, he is more settled today and not nearly as hot which is a releif although he is wanting to sleep more.  Im just going to leave him today and wake when he wants to wake.

Feeling a little emotional still - I just really feel like I have let him down in some way after him being born so early.  I know its just the way it is and probably for the best.  I just hope he catches up and him being so small does not cause problems later on.  It doesn't help that the play group woman and the health centre suggested I go into another group with babies born more recently - made me feel like he is already behind and we've barely started.

Also, lastly - I have my 6 week Ob appointment on Monday - is it reasonable that I chat to him about the birth?  I really want to know why the premature labour etc but not sure if its something that is really discussed..

Have a good day all...

#19 purple_daisy

Posted 12 June 2013 - 11:31 AM

Satay I think the OB is the perfect person to discuss your prem labour with - he is the expert after all and might be able to help alleviate the guilt/negative emotions you are having.  I know every baby is different but there was a little girl in my mother's group who was born 5 weeks early for no apparent reason - labour just started early - and while she was tiny to start with and had a few feeding issues she is now taller than my DD (who was born at 38+5!!!) and is a bit of a bully, pushing the boys around because she is just so big, active and strong haha. So take heart, a small stature to start with is soon overcome hhugs.gif

Gixxie can't believe how quick your DS is growing, what a champion. DD is still swimming around in 0000s but just a bit long for the 00000s. Given my slow recovery I'm quite pleased she is taking a bit of time, I would have struggled if she was one of these 6kg babies you see on the news.

Blue I really hope you and your LO can get some R&R now you are home - hospital is such a tough place in the first few days when you're sharing a room. I've been there and totally understand your pain! Try taking the phone off the hook, muting your mobile, and lying down for some shut eye (even if you don't sleep) each time your bub does. I did that in the first two weeks last time and it made a world of difference. After that I got busy with housework and a bub who slept less and less, so make the most of these early "sleepy" days.

Hi Countrychic waves.gif

AFM DD has hit that third week where she is becoming more alert and no longer just feeding and sleeping.  She also has her days and nights very confused so is up every 2-3 hours overnight but wants to sleep 5 hours in a go during the day. I remember this from last time but don't remember what I did to fix it hehehe. I was big on routine last time so am keen to try and get one happening over the next month or so, once the day/night issue is sorted.
Our toddler continues to be challenging but at least now I'm up and active she has cut back on crying "muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummyyyyyyyyyyyy" whenever DH comes near.  I've been using some of Jo-anna's tips to get her involved in housework and she seems to really enjoy that.

#20 deborah8

Posted 12 June 2013 - 11:43 AM

Hi everyone, I was a lurker through my pregnancy. My son (first child) was born on 3 may. Long story involving induction due to obstetric cholestasis, emergency caesarian, postpartum haemorrhage, then a second haemorrhage and hysterectomy two weeks after the birth. Luckily I am able to breastfeed him, but we've used formula topups and some complete formula feeds from the beginning. My partner is home pretty much full time atm, luckily.

Purple, I had the same feeling as you with the scar. It's probably a skin infection. Don't panic, but get it checked out. I have been treating mine with cotton buds dipped in teatree oil, then putting gauze on it inside the granny undies. A different antiseptic might work better for you. I found that a lot of the pain disappeared as the infection healed.

#21 Beancat

Posted 12 June 2013 - 03:59 PM

Hi Everyone

I was in the May DIG too and would love to join this group.  I have not posted hardly at all since the birth of Zoe as things have been crazy with all three.

I had a troublefree birth but then got post partum PE and was in hospital for 2 weeks after the birth.  Am back on anti-depressants as a preventive measure for pnd.

Things have settled down as much as they are going to for a while.  Both DS and DD regressed somewhat in the their behaviour and are only coming out of it now - tantrums, baby talk, refusing to talk etc

I stopped bfeeding at 3 weeks, which is about 2 more weeks than I planned to do so I am happy with that.  Zoe is on about 6 feeds a day of between 90-150ml depending on her mood and seems to be growing fine.  She has tongue tie and we are getting it snipped on Friday, following immunisations on thursday - cant believe she is already 6 weeks and we  are up to our first lot of needles.  

You wont want to hear this but she is sleeping from about 10.30pm to 6.30/7am now.  We havnt followed a routine this time as it would just fail with trying to fit in with the requirements of the other two kids so we decided to just go with the "eat, play, sleep" mantra and make sure she doenst oversleep during the day and gets enough food.  Sometimes this means cluster feeding from 7-10pm, but we dont mind.

Will try and post more often now.  My house is a bomb.....cannot keep up wit DD1!

#22 yoohooyou

Posted 12 June 2013 - 04:58 PM

Beancat my house is also a bomb, and I don't even have the excuse of toddlers and post partum sickness! I am getting more relaxed about it which is a stretch for me as I am usually quite the control freak and wouldn't be able to relax until the housework was done. Now I think stuff it, it will all be there when I get up anyway!

Satay I would definitely speak to your OB re: the early labour. It may be one of those things where there is no reason, but at least hearing that from the OB might make you feel better. My bestie has a two year old born at 28 weeks. Apart from the fact she is a bit smaller than average, she is perfectly healthy and happy and developing well. The fact she is small may be genetic anyway as both her parents are fairly compact. Don't worry, generally even with the most premmie babies they  catch up but it might just take a bit longer.

Bluemakede, congratulations on arriving home. I had the opposite experience, I would have moved into hospital if they had of let me! I did have a private room, access to a "night settling room"  and the midwives basically left me alone until I asked for assistance so it was kind of like a mini-holiday.

Rang my OB yesterday as I still get fairly good period pains most days and he said that some settling pains are normal, severe pain is not. Hard to tell if I have settling pains or severe pains as I have a really high pain threshold I have discovered. I will probably go in the next couple of days just to be sure I don't have an infection or anything, better to be safe than sorry and all that.

DS had his two week check and with the maternal health nurse and has packed on more than 400g this week alone, which means that I may be able to cut down the comp feeding a little and see if he maintains a good gaining weight. Still going with the bf which I am semi-proud of as I would like to give it away about seven times a day but think that if I can just get the hang of it may be easier in the long run. Time will tell.

Anyone else dread the night a bit or is it just me and the wet weather, freezing cold 12am and 3am feeds and the 7 o'clock school run wake up?  tongue.gif

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#23 purple_daisy

Posted 13 June 2013 - 06:00 PM

Hi Deborah welcome to the group.  Sorry to hear of the rather traumatic time you've had - I think that is  the worst post-birth experience I've ever heard.  Have you had plenty of support? Did you have to stay in hospital for a long time after the hysterectomy?

Beancat it is great to see you again, I had been wondering where you got to after the PE. Although I'm totally jealous of the sleep you are getting overnight  wink.gif

Scutterbug I also dread the nights a bit as DD has major feeding issues and we usually are up for hours at a time trying to get her to feed, then I have to sit there expressing, then bottle feeding then getting the pump cleaned ready to go again in a few hours. Re the cold, can you keep a fleecy cardigan/zip up jumper on the bed and pull that on to help you stay warm when you are feeding? I have to do that otherwise I freeze too.

AFM I saw the GP about my puffy scar. Fortunately she said it is nothing to be concerned about but I was really disappointed to hear that there is a chance it may stay all misshapen and swollen like there is a sausage shoved under the skin where the hairline is cry1.gif  The GP said that I am young(ish) and as my muscle separation closes it might pull the swelling upwards into a more normal shape but there are no guarantees.  Oh well, I never had the figure for bikinis and clingy dresses anyway.
We have also got a referral to a residential midwife clinic (similar to Tresillian) to try and get some help with DD's night time feeding issues as I really really don't want to be sitting up expressing for the next 6 months.

I'll be thinking of everyone at 11ish, 3ish, 6ish  biggrin.gif

#24 SFML

Posted 14 June 2013 - 09:23 AM

Hello everyone
I'm sitting here expressing and playing around on EB and found our parents group - still funny to me that I am now a parent!  We're doing well over here, haven't really breastfed for about 2 weeks now (tried occasionally) due to mastitis, some bad injuries compliments of snappy miss the terrible latcher - if she is too hungry she tantrums about and so i need one person to hold her down and me to attach her or she attaches then rips herself off rather quickly which hurts!  So she is currently on about 70% formula and 30% milk - my milk dropped a lot post mastitis.  She is going great though, she's gaining weight well and has grown 5 cm at 3 weeks and is 4 weeks tmrw.  I express what I can and am on motillium and trying to get my milk supply back up as figure anything is better than nothing and back to MHN to see a LC on Monday to have another whirl at the latching and see how we go.  Completely agree BF would be easier in the long run but we'll see how we go.  Only concern I really have with the formula is it gives her bad gas - super offensive bad gas like an old man who eats nothing but beans and eggs!  We've just switched from NAN HA to S26 a couple of nights ago and it seems to be getting better so fingers crossed it works.  We're off to visit the US family in 2 weeks so I am hoping to solve the gas prior to the plane ride as that will make it very unpleasant for many sitting on a plane for 15 hrs and 5 hrs with a baby who smells like she has a very dirty full nappy but it's just gas....  Hence not giving up on the hope of BF yet as 30hrs of transit will be easier (and less stinky) if she will BF and no challenges of sterilising bottles.
She is usually awake for a couple of times of approx 3 hours during the day and evening and then will have a sleep stretch of a night of about 4-5 hours late night and then back to 3hr sleeps so I'm getting lots of sleep as can have 7-8 only broken once for an hour for feed and change etc.   love that she now interacts some, will look at me and grasp hands and play a little.  
Good luck everyone struggling with the nights and the feeds and caring for additional little people.  I'm now off to grab breakfast and wash everything that has been peed and spat up on overnight...

#25 yoohooyou

Posted 14 June 2013 - 10:35 AM

I would never have thought before he arrived that feeding would be one of the hardest parts of this gig! Glad to see that I am not alone but hoping it all settles down for all of us really soon.

Tried to exclusively feed master S yesterday but no dice, he cried for most of the day  no matter how much boob he was getting and when he wasn't crying, really unsettled. DH came home, took one look at the both of us and went to get a bottle despite my protests of "he can't be hungry, I just fed him". He obviously was, guzzled 120mls of the formula and then went straight to sleep for four hours.

I felt so bad, but am starting to wonder if it is a quality issue with my milk as he seems to be taking it, but still hungry at the end of an hour long feed. I am moving more towards FF as I realise that the current situation is not sustainable over the longer term. Two hours of feeding makes me virtually house bound, I am struggling to get into any routine and am still sitting in my pjs having breakfast at 10.30!

SMFL I admire your US trip. Before S was born I was talking about a holiday in September to Asia. Now that he's here, I can't imagine sitting on a plane with him for five minutes, let alone 15! Good on you.

I have also noticed the gas on Nan HA, stinky stinky little man who is able to clear a room no problem! Not sure if it is just the adjustment to formula in general or that particular one, I was going to stick with it until I saw our pead at six weeks and ask his opinion.

The weather is totally terrible and while I have the pram set and ready to go at the front door, can't get a break in the rain to go out for a nice long walk. Instead I am obsessively cleaning up the last couple of days. The house needs it but I need a bit of sun and exercise!  

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