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Tell me about your elective CS

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#1 Duck-o-lah

Posted 15 December 2012 - 08:37 AM

I have been agonising over the decision to VBAC or go elective CS, and I've finally 100% commited to my choice to go CS. Now that the worry of making the decision is behind me, I need to prepare for the next step of going through major surgery.

I was wondering if those of you who have had an elective CS could tell me a bit more about it so I can have an idea of what to prepare for... the good, the bad and the ugly! Of course I will find out more from my care providers, but I'm interested to hear peoples stories, particularly if you can compare your elective experience to a previous emergency CS.

How did you manage the nerves in the lead up to surgery? Did you use any techniques (relaxation, meditation etc) to stay calm? How long did the whole thing take? How was recovery and bonding and BFing with baby? I have so many questions! biggrin.gif

#2 ~Jot~

Posted 15 December 2012 - 07:07 PM

I had an elective c/s with DD1 and an emergency c/s with DD2.

They were both pretty good. My elective in particular was very calm and relaxed. I was listening to a hypnobirthing CD in the lead up to DD1 being born but ended up having to go with c/s as she was breech. I think the CD really helped keep my calm and relaxed while waiting for my c/s - I even napped on the bed!

I can't quite remember how long it took. My second c/s took a little longer than my first as they have scar tissue to look out for. First time (elective) it took about 5 mins to get her out, second (emergency) it took about 10 mins, and about half an hour to finish up afterwards.

Recovery was fine. I didn't bounce back like some do but it wasn't too bad either. Just make sure you keep up with your pain meds and don't do too much too fast! Bonding and BFing was absolutely no problem at all. DD1 was a little dopey and slow to start BFing, but after 12 hours or so she got right into it.

Any other questions, ask away! original.gif

#3 Charli73

Posted 15 December 2012 - 07:18 PM

DS was emergency CS and DD Was elective CS fifteen months later..

Elective was so much less stressful, very organized like day surgery, I guess I was most nervous about the spinal given it took a few goes for the emergency one to kick in but I just sang my favourite song in my head and it was in and done. Made me wonder why I went through all the trauma first time around..

Recovery for me second time around was brilliant, with recovery shorts I felt great after a week like I hadn't had surgery at all and BF was fine. I was very happy with the whole thing..

#4 adl

Posted 15 December 2012 - 07:24 PM

I was 40plus, no engagement etc so "elective " ...it was very calm, we booked in, the nurse came and put me into gown, stockings etc, we all went downt o theatre, DH got dressed in blue scrubs looked like a Smurf, there was lots of laughter and suppressed excitement, so I sat up for a spinal local....it didn't seem to take long once they started, DH cut the cord, he was wrapped and given to me, I had maybe 10-15 mins...then the MW said I ll leave you a bit longer...then DH took him upstairs I went to recovery  30-35 mins back to room .

My GF was with us who has had 3 VB and was a nurse ..she had never seen a CS and still tells people what a happy calm quite normal birth it was...we all talked and laughed through then happy tears etc ....

I was surprised how quickly I was up, not dancing or twisting but able to go to bathroom ...carefully ..., feeding was no problem,
Do keep up meds, as you feel good but am hour later sad.gif don't be tempted to skip....

And when home, it's easy to forget and start doing more...watch pushing a pram etc...make sure you do rest because you feel quite well and I wasn't in pain, but more tender and of course bending with a twist was out ....

This time was thinking try a VBAC but I don't want to be an emergency which is very different so will see, at least I know what to expect

Really was a positive experience and we took lots of photos.....

#5 IsolaBella

Posted 15 December 2012 - 07:30 PM

I was scheduled for a c/s each time (different reasons) but bubs put me into labour with PG 1 and PG3.

So PG 2 was officially my 'elective' c/s while the other 2 turned into officially 'emerg' c/s (although not really emerg.

DS1 was out within 2 hrs of my waters breaking at home and I had not even noticed any contractions although monitoring showed they were happening. DD I had spent 6hrs at home trying to work out if I was in labour or not, finally got to the hospital (as it was only back pain and a bad case of the runs) was hooked up to show full labour in progress and she was out within 1hr of me arriving at the hospital - at 36wks.

TBH though I found my 1st and 3rd the better c/s. No real waiting around... it all just happened quickly.

With #2 my elective c/s which went as planned it was my worst experience. Lots of waiting around at the hospital (had to be there by 10am but surgery was not until 2.30pm). Anaethetist was terrible (just luck of the draw) so stuffed up putting in spinal block plus put canula in my arm at the elbow so when bubs was born I could not fold my arm up to cuddle bubs. This was the only c/s where bubs went to recovery with me. TBH I wish that had not happened. DH did not have a chair and was not allowed to stand holding bubs. I could not hold bubs due to my Canula, so we were just listening to bubs scream for 30mins while we were in recovery.

With my other two, bubs was put on my chest for a cuddle while they stitched me up and then bubs went with DH to the nursery for some lovely bonding time cuddling chest to chest while I went to recovery for 30-60mins (60 mins as after my 3rd I had issues maintaining BP and body temp).

#6 Chelara

Posted 15 December 2012 - 07:40 PM

My dd was emergency c section my DS (second born) elective, I was wanting a vbac but he was oblique.

The lead up, I was nervous but excited, not nearly as nervy as I thought I'd be (I've a very anxious personality and I was honestly fine) there was a but of waiting around as my surgery was bumped from first up until 10am. I was soooo thirsty by then.

I found the worst part was having the spinal put in. I did get nauseous and my bp dropped, they gave me something for the nausea. I had the same OB for both and it was quick both times though they needed to use forceps the second time I didn't feel any difference. It took longer stitching me up because I had a drain put in. I was very dopey in recovery so took some time before I could go to the ward.

I found the recovery a lot harder and much more painful. I think I had a perfect recovery first time around and a more standard recovery second time.

One of the worst bits was that I got no rest after my elective. My DS just cried non stop from the first minute- I guess we didn't labour and he wasn't tired. My milk took longer to come in even though I had a much tougher time with my dd (pph, uterine infection). This just made everything worse as DS was screaming hungry the whole time in hospital.

I definitely don't regret having a second Caesar though, as far as things go it went as smooth as could be.

Good luck with your elective.

#7 Mmmcheese

Posted 15 December 2012 - 07:49 PM

I've only had the one baby, and that was elective. At the time I was devestated, but I really do think back now and feel absolutely happy and comfortable with it. The ob recommended it, because baby was measuring large ( and she was!). The day before I got busy cleaning the house! The morning of, I was nervous/excited, but my frame of mind was 'right, this baby has to come out, so lets get this done.' I was actually pretty good at not thinking too much about about the spinal, which was the scariest part for me! We were quite fortunate that it was a public holiday, so it was quiet (dunno if that varies between private and public, we went private.) it means we didn't seem to be waiting too long.
We got shown to our room, i got changed into the surgical gown. The midwife who was going to be in surgery and the midwife in recovery came and introduced themselves. I think the aneathasist (sp!) came too and answered questions. I got wheeled to the waiting area, we waited there for a bit, it was very quiet there. Then we went into surgery. The aneathasist asked me if I had a favourite band and put their music on (and I thought sigur ros would be too obscure!) he mentioned they play cheesy songs once the bubs was born. There was lots of happy banter, the spinal was not great, but not as bad as my over active imagination thought it would be. Did feel nauseous, mentioned and that was fixed quickly. Checked I couldn't feel anything, then began. Again, more happy chatting with the paed and aneathatist, then I could feel the pulling, oddest sensation! The ob did have to use forceps to get her out. Then there she was! They held her up over the curtain, then over to the table to be checked. The cheesy music was played! (so cheesy!) Dh went over with her, cut the cord etc. she was wrapped up and in the humidicrib for a bit (i don't remember that bit, but there are photos). Then she came over to me, still wrapped up, while I was put back together.  Then she was unwrapped and put on the breast and we were wheeled to recovery together, and because it was quiet dh could come too. There for an hour then back to the room. The surgery part didn't seem to take too long, but my memory is hazy.
That first night, she was actually in the nursery and brought In I think once for a feed? I was quite out of it that first night, but I made dh go get her at about 6 in the morning after I'd woken up. I know it's considered good practice to have them in the room, but I really didn't mind. After that, she was just with us. I showered on the first day after they took the catheter out, I felt quite unsteady.  We were in hospital for five days. I can't remember when my milk came in, but it was before we left. My recovery felt slow, I think I kept over doing things once I was home. I can't really remember which drugs I had in hospital, I think tramadol was one of them.  I stayed on the voltarin and panadol for a few weeks, but I'm a sook. I didn't drive before the six weeks, I still felt quite weak in the stomach area. Could have been because of the forceps also? My scar is quite small and quite faded.
Bonding, I felt protective of her right away, but I didn't get that rush of love until 3 months, but I think that is more about my reserved personality than the c-section. Breast feeding was hard, but I thinks that was due to cracked nipples, thrush and mastitis. I don't think it was because of the c-section. Dr said we could try for a vbac next time, but she was 4.4kg for my first and I'm 5 foot and petit, so I'm quite happy to take the ob's advice and if he recommends c-section, I'm comfortable with that.
Long reply! Hope some of it is relevant.Congratulations and I hope yours is a happy experience too.

#8 Moukmouk

Posted 15 December 2012 - 08:15 PM

I had an emergency CS for DD after a 10 hour labour, fully dilated etc. Recovery was a lot better than expected, but I was pretty exhausted, and BF was difficult to start with. I decided I didn't want to risk another emergency CS, and DS wound up transverse anyway. So I had a planned CS. It was amazing. DD went to my mum's the night before, and we had a nice dinner out. The nerves weren't too bad, and I slept well. I got to the hospital at 6.30 am, went to the ward and got unpacked. I spoke to the midwife who would look after me when I got back, and we discussed my plans for BFeeding (i had to pump for 4 days with DD, so I had brought my pump attachments.) I went down to theatre at 7.30, the anaesthetist was lovely, spinal went in with no problems. DS was delivered at 8 am in a lovely calm environment. He was cleaned up and put straight on my chest. He stayed with me into recovery, and we had our first BF. He was a hungry little man, and crawled up to feed straight away! Needless to say, BF wasn't a problem. He was a very calm baby and slept well (trust me, after DD I was very grateful). The recovery was painful, but not too bad. I had 5 nights in hospital, was stir crazy after 3. I was driving after 2 weeks. So I guess what I want to say is that although I would have loved to have had a VB, I found my lovely calm elective CS much easier to cope with than my difficult labour and emergency CS. Good luck!

#9 Duck-o-lah

Posted 15 December 2012 - 08:42 PM

Thankyou very much for your replies, any information is good information!

I guess most of my curiosity surrounds what happens directly after the CS. With DS I had a GA and remember nothing about the 24 hours afterwards, so thanks for telling me about that.

IsolaBella, that's a really good point regarding taking baby to recovery, I wouldn't have thought of that. Gives me something to think about.

Charli73, what are these recovery shorts you speak of? Were they something the hospital issued you with? I'll have to ask about those.

Mmmcheese, sigur ross, that would've been nice original.gif What was the cheeesy music? biggrin.gif

I'll do my best to take it slow with recovery and keep up the meds, I don't do endone, but I remember oxycontin being a very pleasant friend to have original.gif

I think I'm most nervous about the wait before the surgery, might look into the hypnobirthing CD? Any other tips to stave off the crazies while you wait?

Thanks again for the feedback, I'm very excited now that I've made my decision and I really want to psych myself up for the experience original.gif

#10 ~Peaches~

Posted 15 December 2012 - 09:28 PM

That's great you're excited about your decision now that you've made it 100% biggrin.gif

I had an 'elective' CS with both my girls, as DD1 was breech, then DD2 was born 15 months later, and I just felt 'safer' having a CS rather than try for a VBAC as I could feel how sensitive my scar was throughout my pregnancy.
Just wanted to say that the second time around I had DD in recovery with me, and I absolutely loved it! We didn't get to have that the first time as they were too busy and understaffed, but second time around DD and DH were with me the entire time. We had beautiful skin to skin and she had her first breastfeed up there, then she caught a ride back down to my room snuggled up in my arms on the bed. It was really special getting to have that time with her that I missed out on with DD1 original.gif

I will just add, if there's anything you want in particular to happen with your second birth, don't be afraid to ask or speak up. The first time I specifically asked for the baby to be lifted up so we could discover the sex for ourselves without anyone telling us first, I wanted dissolvable sutures so I asked specifically for them, and anything else I would like to happen. I figure the worst that can happen is they can say is no, and it can't hurt to ask if there are certain things you'd love to have in your birth experience.
The second time around I just assumed bub would be lifted up for us to see (we hadn't found out the sex), but instead she was taken straight out (she was quite stuck and required forceps to help get her out) and over to the table for a wipe down and check over, and no one had even told us what we had sad.gif I just heard two nurses behind me somewhere say something about 'she' so I just assumed we'd had a girl huh.gif It wasn't until after the birth, one of the midwives commented that that particular Ob doesn't automatically lift bub up for the parents to see. So next time I will be specific about everything I would like to happen again if possible, just so they are at least aware of our wishes and can do what they can original.gif We did get some amazing photos both times, and I found it to be a really realxed and great birth experience both times.

With DD2 I was actually really calm, it kind of felt like an out of body experience, and the only time I got a little bit worried was when they were putting in the spinal, but it was totally fine. The whole operation went smoothly and just as planned, and I was really happy with it, and will most likely have a c-sect again next time too. I did find recovery much harder the second time, but I put that down to being busy with a 15 month old too, who wasn't walking yet, so I had to carry her everywhere, not great for my scar to try and heal! But the actual op went really well, and I'd happily do it all again.

Good luck, I hope your birth experience is relaxed and wonderful too x


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#11 Lightning_bug

Posted 15 December 2012 - 09:59 PM

For my elective the worst was the waiting around and being bumped by emergencies.  It's just the way it is unfortunately.  

I couldn't stave off the crazies, There were tears, tantrums and a couple of naughty words... but the staff were lovely.

Because I was prepared for this surgery and had a spinal block instead of an epidural, I got to stay awake and see my daughter born.  When I'd had an emergency c-section for DS I had to be put under and as a result didn't get to see him for four hours after coming to in recovery.

So they kept me in recovery for an hour and the night before I had expressed a couple of syringes just in case I'd had to go under so when I returned to the ward bubs had already had her first feed from dad.

Still, I put her straight on my bare chest and let her do the breast crawl.  It was the BEST!!!  She was like a tiny mountaineer.

Recovery was also a lot better.  Probably because there had been so much less stress and panic then with my son.

#12 Azadel

Posted 15 December 2012 - 10:18 PM

Mine was very calm. I imagined I'd be petrified but after requesting a c section, being refused, and a failed induction, I was so eager for him to be out. That said when they wheeled me into theatre I thought I wish I could run out the door...but I was 42 weeks pregnant where did I think I'd go and what on earth did I think would happen when I got there biggrin.gif

The CSE hurt like buggery, I held DH's hands and said swears (I'm not sure if that's normal, I believe many hospitals won't allow a partner to be present for the epidural, DH was allowed as he is an RN and has seen spirals before - you might want to check).

But once it kicked in, lovely. The surgery part if you can believe was kinda pleasant like being in a warm bath. Maybe they put a little something extra in my epidural. The anaesthetist chatted to us about holidays we planned to take DS on. Only bad part was they took him to be weighed straight away I could hear him crying but hadn't seen him. Really tough I wanted to hold him.

I went to recovery alone as they were understaffed but everyone was very nice congratulating me on having a baby. I later learned DH, who went ahead to our room with DS, said the forty minutes they spent alone together was one of the best experiences of his life.

Breastfeeding was slow to establish its true, maybe as I had been nil by mouth for 16 hours by the time I went to theatre (unscheduled elective = long wait). DS had to have a little formula. But we got there in the end - still feeding now at 15 months.

And I echo what a pp said about pain meds. I felt fine after for about an hour but then it wore off. Ask for something right away. And have a bucket handy...

Generally I'm really happy with my experience. We aren't having anymore kids but if I did, I'd choose another elective cs in a heartbeat.

#13 kazzamama

Posted 15 December 2012 - 10:26 PM

Everything was better with the elective!
DD1 was an emergency after a failed induction (overdue), pre-eclampsia and DD in distress. Public system. Given the circumstances, I am happy with the care I received.
DD2 was a totally by the book 'elective' (but I didn't really have a choice) with a private ob. It was so lovely and relaxed in the theatre - there was music on and we were all chatting to each other.
Having the epidural was so much easier when I wasn't having contractions in the middle of it! I didn't go into the c/s already tired from labour, and we could plan childcare etc so felt very organised. We bought a season of our favourite tv show and watched that on my laptop to pass the time while waiting. We had given my ILs their instructions so they could plan their childcare, and didn't feel panicked (with DD1, MIL came down to the hospital to wait - not to come into the birthing room, she just wanted to be nearby).
Since I was expecting the recovery (had to be apart from DD and DH), I could mentally plan for it and I had a much easier time of the whole thing.
The recovery was a bit tougher because I had DD1 to chase after (she was 20 months) but also easier because I hadn't had the extra complications so no blood pressure meds/appointments etc. I had my parents visiting to help with DD1 so really it was just fantastic!
The finish-up of the c/s took about 1/2 hour I think, then maybe 45 mins in recovery. By the time I got back to my room, DD was in the nursery (she had had some minor issues) so I didn't miss any cuddle time. Nothing major, and DH was there with her so I am ok with having to miss that.
I guess having had the first c/s made me expect the worst again in terms of recovery, so it was a lovely surprise that it was much easier. I don't remember the pain being much different, but I was on a lot more meds the first time around.
Hope you enjoy your experience and don't feel too panicky! I found just knowing what was going to happen made me much calmer than when it all happened suddenly.

#14 Duck-o-lah

Posted 16 December 2012 - 06:31 AM

Once again, thankyou for your replies I'm truly appreciative. I can't explain what it feels like to be excited about birth rather than terrified, actually makes me kinda teary original.gif

#15 Charli73

Posted 16 December 2012 - 07:24 AM

Duck o lah the shorts I had were SRC recovery shorts. They look like bike shorts which come up to under your boobs. They held everything in and made me feel heaps more supported once I got home. OB and physio suggested them they were $180 I think but my health fund gave me almost all if it back once my OB wrote a letter to them saying it was a necessary pressure garment post surgery.. Worth every cent.


#16 IsolaBella

Posted 16 December 2012 - 02:41 PM

QUOTE (Azadel @ 15/12/2012, 11:18 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I went to recovery alone as they were understaffed but everyone was very nice congratulating me on having a baby. I later learned DH, who went ahead to our room with DS, said the forty minutes they spent alone together was one of the best experiences of his life.

My DH is the same. He is sad that he missed that with DS2. Remember we have had 9 months to bond with bubs moving in us etc, our DH does not get to experience that. Then when we are in the scene it mostly becomes about mums and bubs, not dad and bubs.

As for BF..... My sister had a traumatic GA cs birth. She went into aiCU herself, bubs toNICU at another hospital. Apart from being shown a photo of bubs she got to see him for 2nins as they wheeled him off to the ambulance for the transfer 8 hrs after birth. She could not tough him. First saw  him 6 days later. First feed attempted 8 days post birth. They had a 9 m BF relationship.

#17 Duck-o-lah

Posted 16 December 2012 - 02:56 PM

Thanks charli73, will look into it.

I'll talk with the hospital and DH about where bub goes after the CS...
...DH, who went ahead to our room with DS, said the forty minutes they spent alone together was one of the best experiences of his life.
This gives me major warm and fuzzies original.gif

IsolaBella, that must have been a very tough experience for your sister, glad the BFing worked out OK though. I had a rubbish time BFing DS, but that was more to do with events after the CS than the CS itself. I have a lactation consultant I have already met with so hopefully she can guide me in the right direction.

#18 Duck-o-lah

Posted 16 December 2012 - 02:57 PM


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#19 Mmmcheese

Posted 16 December 2012 - 03:05 PM

Duck o lah, the only song I can remember from the cheesy mix was 'isn't she lovely', now I get stupidly teary everytime I hear that song!
Wish I had of known about the shorts. I had a belly band thing from the physio, but it was really awkward, shorts would have been better.

#20 tres-chic

Posted 16 December 2012 - 03:21 PM

Both my CSs were very positive and the recoveries good (better than my natural birth because it was brutal).

I was first cab of the rank both times so in very early in the morning so DS2 and DD born at 8.30am. Both times I was in the recovery ward for only an hour or so. The first time I had some referred pain in my shoulder-blade area but the second time nothing like that.

For DS2 I had a spinal and an epidural and they took 24 hours to wear off. For DD a spinal alone so feeling in legs etc. came back sooner. That was all very weird because DS1's birth was natural but in a curious way only.

I was nervous before all my birth experiences but felt in better hands with the second two for various reasons.

My second CS for DD's birth was marred by hearing as I left the recovery ward that she was in the special care unit but DH was with her and she was in great hands (actually the girl who used to nanny for us but left to be midwife was in there and that was very special for us).

Both times I was elated back in the ward, to have come through without the trauma of DS1's birth.

Good luck.

#21 Lokum

Posted 17 December 2012 - 07:19 AM

First was emerg c/s.
The recovery was really good, but I was a bit shocked and sad at how things turned out, and I was off my trolley on pethadine for the birth, and then really zonked on pain killers for 12-24 hours. I was separated from baby for most of that, and had a few regrets in that regard.

Second was scheduled (due to GD), and I had already talked to the paed about if/when/why the baby would go to SCN. I'd talked to the OB and anaeasthetist about pain relief so I could keep my wits, and the midwives about how recovery/return to the ward would work. I had booked a blow wave for the afternoon before so I would like nice in the photos!!!

I went into labour 2 days before the scheduled c/s, and tried for a VBAC. Didn't progress and ended up with another emerg c/s after 9-10 hours of active labour. It was still great. All my prep in talking to the paed, OB and anaeasthetist meant I had a c/s birth plan. Since it wasn't an emergency emergency, I could re-cap all that. I was more ready for the size of the canula that goes in your hand, so it somehow didn't hurt as much.

I wasn't off my trolley on peth this time, so I did get a bit freaked out when the cutting and pulling started - I was suddenly more aware that there was a room full of people staring at the inside of my body, and "hold this" could well have been my guts they were referring to!! However, I just took deep breaths and focussed on the chit chat in the room. As with last time, the angle and the shivers I had from the spinal meant I wasn't keen to hold baby for too long while I was on the table - afraid I would drop him.

My recovery time was faster (45 mins compared to 2.5 hours to get my temperature stable). DH took baby to the nursery to wait for me, but I was prepared for that. I met them in my room and had baby to the breast at 65 minutes post-delivery, and he took to it like a champ. DH enjoyed his special time with the babies both times.

Both my boys were born in the middle of the night, after some labouring. Although the anaesthetist and I had a really detailed drug plan so I could control the pain but not get too zonked,  I was still really, really tired after #2. Midwives kept my baby until the morning, bringing him in 3 hourly for feeds both times. I was up and washing my own hair in the shower within 10-12 hours both times, dressed, lipstick on (for morale), catheter out and ready to receive visitors.

My actual recovery was the same both times. Driving at 10-12 days, out and about, feeling fine.

If there was ever to be a next time, I would go straight for the scheduled because:

a) I think we've established I'm crap at pushing them out, fail rate 2/2
b) I really want to have the blow-wave, leg wax, pedicure and look and feel nice in photos!!
c) I want to have the birth without the tiredness of the labour which precedes the c/s
d) I want a morning one, so I'm not dozing all night with an hours-old baby. I want to sit up all day, fresh with nice hair, and talk to my baby.

(With my track record though, Ill go into labour 24 hours before and miss the blow wave again!)

Good luck with your baby OP.

#22 DandS

Posted 17 December 2012 - 07:36 AM

I have had two elective C/S (after one emergency C/S). I found them (all actually) to be a really positive experience. I was of course nervous leading into the surgery, but it all went well, I saw them straight away, and then they came to recovery with me. I breastfed in recovery each time, and was back in my room an hour or so later. All 3 of mine (including the emergency) were around 9am in the morning, so thankfully there wasnt much waiting around (well, Id laboured for 2 days after a failed induction with the first one, so there was an awful lot of waiting around that time really!). I was up and out of bed within 24 hours (possibly less, I dont really remember), and able to look after the baby by myself most of the time during that first 24 hours. I was back at home within 2-3 days each time.

Good luck original.gif

#23 prisky

Posted 04 January 2013 - 02:36 PM

DD1 was delivered vaginally with forceps intervention. My recovery was terrible. I laboured for 9 hours and was in hospital recovering for 7 days. I needed lots of help with the baby in the first two weeks as I couldn't walk properly due to a 2nd degree tear and haematoma.

Today marks one week since I delivered DD2 via an elective C-section. She was breech. I actually turned up at the hospital having contractions 10 minutes apart. DD2 was ready to come out. I was so glad that I was having the c-section and the contraction pain would soon go away.

The preparation before the surgery was easy and the whole procedure was over in 30 minutes. I think it took the doctors 10 minutes to get baby out. the 12 hours following the surgery were the hardest as I reacted to the anesthetic drugs and had very low blood pressure.

24 hours later I was up and walking around. I was surprised that the cut wasn't very sore at all and I was able to walk with easy.

4 days later I was discharged and went home. I had no issues bonding with the baby. Breastfeeding was exactly the same as with my 1st birth, no issues. It was great not feeling exhausted, I actually felt great the following day.

If I ever have a 3rd baby I would most likely have another C-section, it beats the hours and hours of natural labour.

#24 Justaduck

Posted 04 January 2013 - 02:53 PM

I had an elective c-sec with DD. Honestly, it was easy! I was expecting a horrible recovery but I was up and moving before the MG Mums who had natural births were. I know that isn't always the case but it was a nice surprise when expecting horrible pain and what not.
I took a pic of the sun rising on DDs birth day original.gif
I was particularly nervous but not about the surgery. DD was high risk for down syndrome, we opted for no amnio, so it was more about it being D-day for finding out what we were faced with. Ob said to me that you have lower risks being elective than you do with an emergency as they can take as much time as they need, where as in an emergency they are racing the clock to get bub out before something worse happens.
I had to be at hospital at 7am, they did paperwork. About 7:30 anaethetist came to chat to me, followed by Ob. They had on c-sec to do before mine. Around 8ish I got the stockings and the pumpy things put on my legs. Taken down to theatre around 8:45. Probably down in the waiting bay for 45mins. I went in on my own, got the spinal put in, the DP came it. I would guess it was within 10-15mins that DD was born. I had a look, she got taken off to get her cord cut (to the final length) by DP then over to me for cuddles after going the apgar. We had cuddles until she needed to get checked again, then she peed through the blankets on DP so she needed to be cleaned up and wrapped. We then cuddled right through til on the ward. I fed her in recovery (but had to fight the nurse a bit....DD was looking for milk but they told me to wait til I had a midwife show me what to do).
DD did have attachment issues and jaundice, both of which may or may not be related to c-sec, or being 8 days early. Bonded immediately with her, and so did DP.

We went in Thurs morning and sent home Sunday night. They said I could stay longer to get bfing sorted, but we were using same techniques (trying to feed, pumping and bottle feeding ebm, trying nipple shield) as I would at home and I would rather be at home. Feeding got sorted within a week and we are still going strong at 10 months original.gif

Best of luck with it all

#25 bananahammock

Posted 28 January 2013 - 04:40 AM

I had an elective one 4 months ago, and it went great. I have always bounced back from surgery, very lucky in that way, the only sad thing is that I wasn't able to walk around with my baby the same day, but still able to do everything else. A little annoying needing help to lift her from her cot to my bed to then pick her up, but in the long run it didnt matter. I was up having a shower a few hours after.

The worst thing would have to be the constipation after. Both painful and annoying, I havent had a natural birth, so I dont know if it is the same thing then, but that was definately annoying. Got some stuff to take from the hospital, but it was disgraceful! So yeah, that was the worst thing for me. Ofc it is sore and breastfeeding can be a little bit of a struggle with the wound and the soreness of the belly, but it is manageble, at least for me it was.

One thing I did wrong, is that I came home, and felt very well, so I stopped taking my painkillers way to early, which was a mistake...I didnt pick up the last prescription, so I didnt have anything as a back up either:P So my advice is, just take them regardless if you feel fine:) I also felt so good and energetic after a few days so I was out and about enjoying the little bubs, but I sometimes forgot what i had been through, so when evening came I was flat out on the bed.. learning that I might have to conserve my energy a little better next time:)

I was lucky to have my husband take leave off work for a few weeks, and that was a good help! Now, I have not had a natural birth, both of my girls were elective c/s, but I have nothing really negative to say about c/s ")

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