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Due in Nov 2012 Chat Thread #13

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#26 MalibuZoo

Posted 30 October 2012 - 08:39 PM

Wow, 1 day left in October. It's a pretty daunting yet exciting thought that any day we will be hearing of the new additions to our families.

I'm envious of those who are so organised. Baby still doesn't have a bedroom, tho does have a bassinet on wheels. Capsule not yet installed and no hospital bags packed. Must find some motivation. Here's hoping the start of the announcements will push me along.

Lozzy - sorry that's baby has turned back breech for you. I hope you find peace with having a c section.

Christmas - I am not on Facebook. Probably the only person!! Somedays I wish I was so I could join those special groups.

Emnut - glad to hear little Henry is stable. What a little fighter you have there. Hope you are having some good days too.

Well can't remember what else neede mentioning, I'm sure there was more.

Hopefully not much more waddling, whining, being stuck in funny positions in bed, achey bodies.
C'mon bubbas, we can't wait to meet you all !!

#27 chic mummy

Posted 31 October 2012 - 12:53 AM

lozzylots - im sorry to hear that. i hope your c-section does go well. please let us know when you are due to have it, sorry it didnt go as you would have liked for it to.

malibuzoo - if theres a bassinet then the baby has something to sleep in thats the first thing i got ready. im only organised because i am on maternity leave with nothing to do at home but sleep and get things ready. Im sure all the announcements will give us all that extra little motivation we need.

as for myself - all good here at the moment. Nothing has changed i can still feel bubs and im still getting my sharp braxton hicks and period pains throughout the day although it does disappear. i have been having some more prelabour symptoms (and not the pretty ones e.g. involves going to the toilet) but the tightenings and pains are all still there.

Is it possible to have baby engaged and dropped and still feel his legs high up?? can this just mean he may be a tall baby. No one believe me when i say hes dropped which is a mood killer for me because i was so excited and now im not anymore.  sad.gif

#28 tanglez

Posted 31 October 2012 - 03:44 PM

Hi everyone!

I have an appointment today to see what is happening get monitored etc! My preference is to let bubs come when he is ready as long as the plcenta is still ok and he is not in distress so fingers crossed!

TJ that is fabulous that your BP is down, wooo hoooo, you are obviously taking great care of yourself! Wow, a one hour labour, now I could handle something like that lol. Mind you my DP is perpetually late so perhaps slightly longer will make surehe gets there in time!

Misslizzie try not to listen to others too much, though I understand how disheartening their comments can be! On any given day I have people say both how much I've dropped and how high I still am, meh to them! Friends who have recently had babies have all been different in how low their bellies ended up. One remained high until labour and then STILL experienced heartburn for a few days after bubs was born bc it took a while for everything to shrink. Don't worry, bubs is coming, no doubt about that original.gif

Malibuzoo - worst case scenario, your partner can do the capsule while you are in the hospital and as for not having a bedroom, I promise bubs wont hold that against you! Maybe you will get a mad nesting urge anyhow! On my due date I had a spazzy free for all and vacuumed/mopped/dusted the entire house and danced around to Pink lmao! No baby yet alas, but my home is tidy!

Lozzylots I don't know what to say. I honestly didn't think they would have enough room to move this late sad.gif I am so sorry to hear that you will have to have a CS. You seem to be trying to look at the positives and that is fantastic. Hoping that everything else with bubs goes smoothly!

ASF - I am feeling a little impatient about meeting bubs but am trying to stay focussed on enjoying these last precious moments when I can bond with inside me, feel him kick and relax. I have been having Star Trek Voyager Marathons and napping on the couch most days, DP and I joke that we need to record the theme music as it will soothe bubs when he comes lol! Feeling great for the most part but haven't liked the hot cpl days we have had! Thank goodness this aint a summer pregnancy!

Best wishes to everyone

#29 Suz01

Posted 31 October 2012 - 05:57 PM

Hi ladies. Sounds like we are all at that anxious yet partly impatient stage.  Hubby is back from o/s Friday so I feel more positive than this time last wk when I was on my own. I've pushed and pushed myself to get the nursery painted and things on track with getting things ready. Bag is packed except going to have to get a bigger suitcase as with pads nappies clothes for us both is overflowing the current bag. You'd think I learnt my lesson from dd.
Tanglez great to hear you enjoying a bit of TV before bubs! I am also impatient I think 38 wks is long enough! So keen to see my baby. The longer he's in there the more worried I get about something bad happening.
Tj glad you've had some improvement on health. It is so frustrating when you have to repeat things to health professionals. Sometimes you just need things to work.
Misslizzie I've never had BH but I think it would be disconcerting as you'd get a bit excited and then nothing!

For those with other kids, how have they been acting lately? DD has been crazy
Just kicking and slapping my belly not sure if this is a preview of jealously I'm about to face ...its got me worried.
Any babies yet????

Edited by Suz01, 31 October 2012 - 05:59 PM.

#30 tanglez

Posted 01 November 2012 - 09:41 AM

My appt didn't go as swimmingly as I had hoped sad.gif Blood pressure was up for the first time all pregnancy, though thankfully no protein in the urine. They also decided to do a full blood examination because my platelets had dropped significantly in August but it was never followed up (my first taste of the problems with seeing different midwives it would seem!) Before doing anything like a stretch and sweep they want a better idea of my platelet count and monitor my blood pressure. *Sigh* Bubs is doing well though, still engaged, heart rate great, measuring perfect so I guess that is all that matters. I left the appointment feeling sad and uneasy, I know it is nothing serious but I think just the combination of things not running smoothly and being booked in for an induction just left me feeling out of sorts. Trying to stay positive, have had blood tests done this morning, now waiting to hear from Obs as to when they can squeeze me in today. Strict orders to take it easy now so might just have to get another few star trek episodes down lol!

Hope everyone else is doing really well. Sorry for my little whine, just had to get it out in order to move forward so thank you in advance!

#31 lelula

Posted 01 November 2012 - 10:39 AM

Thanks for the supportive words ladies. The OB, sonographer and GP were all surprised she'd turned too, and especially that I didn't feel it as it was definitely in the last week. But I'm feeling positive now about the c-section, I'm getting my head around it. Just want to do whatever is best for my little girl. At this stage it will be next Tuesday, but I'll hear from the hospital by the end of today to confirm it.

Tanglez, I'm sorry to hear you didn't go so well at your appointment. Just think, it's all signs that bubs is nearly here so hang in there and rest up. Enjoy your last TV time for a little while original.gif

TJ, isn't it nice having DH at home? I'm so loving having mine working from home now. Glad your BP is down and everything is good with bubs - 40 weeks, wow!! Good luck for your last few days.

Everyone else - so not long to go!!

ETA: Just had a call from the hospital, Tuesday afternoon is the day. Kinda surreal knowing when it's going to happen. Nervous and excited  original.gif

Edited by lozzylots, 01 November 2012 - 02:40 PM.

#32 chloe69

Posted 01 November 2012 - 08:01 PM

Hi Ladies - I've been MIA for a couple of weeks so it was great today to get caught up on the posts.....it is beginning to get exciting (for those who haven't had bubs early)!
Malibuzoo - you and I are competing for the most unprepared title.....I have no bag packed, no name, no car seat, nursery not set up and bassinet bedding not yet washed!
Oops, bbl to finish....Chloe

#33 MalibuZoo

Posted 01 November 2012 - 09:21 PM

Anyone else watching one born every minute............it's all coming back!!! ohmy.gif

#34 emnut

Posted 02 November 2012 - 11:21 AM

just stalking to see if any baby news yet.

Chloe & MalibuZoo - at least you don't have the baby yet to have done nothing - we have nothing for Henry yet (though put any thoughts of getting anything on hold for now).

Hope that things are starting to happen for people.

I have 5 days until what was my due date & Henry has gone back to stage 1 yet again - he had 4 or 5 really good days & then it was like the effort was all too hard & we are right back where we started.  He still hasn't cracked 800g & can't tolerate feeds whatsoever & his vent settings are back to being too high for kangaroo care (although having said that I still can't see him because of the crappy flu anyway).  His stomach is also very swollen & distended again which is causing some of his breathing issues. Soo frustrating dealing with him.  

Good news for DS1 though that eventually we have managed to find a cricket team for him & he has his first ever real game of cricket tonight.

ETA - Lozzylots - sorry that you are looking at a c-section now - I guess at least you have some time to come to terms with it beforehand.  Tanglez - hope all came back ok with your bloods - my platelets had dropped massively before Henry was born due to HELLP syndrome & it was a major concern at the time.

Edited by emnut, 02 November 2012 - 11:22 AM.

#35 Suz01

Posted 02 November 2012 - 01:19 PM

I watched the one born every minute. Shouldn't have as it bought memories back!! Emnut!, 800gms is tiny it must be so frustrating this happened. I keep stalking this thread for more baby news.

#36 chic mummy

Posted 02 November 2012 - 04:13 PM

T.J - Good to hear your last appointment went well. Hopefully your 40 week appointment that you have today goes great as well. fingers crossed baby comes soon. I'd love to see some newborn baby pictures   wub.gif  just to make me that little extra clucky.

Tanglez - i have been watching the sex and city box set so i think my baby boy will be very well in tune to the theme of sex and the city. and the last few days have been a tad too warm for me. I have stocked the freezer with calippos as my ice block remedy for the hot days. sorry that things havent been going great although stay positive your little one is almost here. take it easy and watch those extra star trek episodes  tongue.gif

suz01- Is your DH back yet? would be exciting to have him back now seeing as you dont have long to go. Hopefully your DD will change once she meets the new baby and goes into sisterly protective mode. I dont have other kids so i dont know how the bad the jealousy can be but ive heard.

Lozzylots - i cant help but be a little excited for you knowing that you will have your baby on tuesday. Yay rest up and relax and keep us posted. its good that now your more positive about the c-section. hopefully all those nerves you have just turn more and more into excitement.

MalibuZoo - One born every minute scared me a little last week with the lady who kept screaming the house down. but last weeks water birth was lovely. ive avoided it this week. ( wwhistle.gif  the screaming lady didnt scare me at all from watching it again... )

Emnut - sorry to hear about henry. I'm sure he will get better and begin making big improvements. its good to hear that your other DS has found a cricket team i'm sure he will be excited about that. Hopefully your flu goes away real quick so you can go back in to see henry.

So as i wait for baby news from all you other ladies i will blab about myself for a second.

i had my midwife appointment today and baby is fully engaged and he ain't going no where which is good. He previously slowed down his and caught up to the amount of weeks he had (he was always measuring 4-5 cm ahead)  and now he's growing again so looks like i will probably have a cute chubby baby to look forward to. She said she is very happy with his heart rate and everything is looking good.

I have been having so many pre labour symptoms which haven't been overly fun although at least as they increase i know the labour will eventually kick in. My midwife thinks because of all the pre labour symptoms and babies growth i probably have another 2 weeks. She said that your stomach can only expand so much before bubs gets it eviction notice which by the looks of his growth is a fortnight or so. Which is very exciting but at the same time annoying because if he doesn't come in the next 2 weeks i won't be too happy. i really want to meet him, but i like feeling him move around in my belly too. I guess i can't have it all.

I have been feeling really exhausted lately and i've had the sniffles and itchy eyes so ive been resting pretty much the whole day and i haven't been doing much house work which i feel very guilty for, every time i start ironing or cleaning I need to sit down because of my back or my hips. At least babies room is all ready to go. DH helped me the other day and we cleaned the whole place inside out so now its only the kitchen that needs a tidy but i still feel guilty about sleeping all day. Anyone else having this guilt?

#37 suzy-c

Posted 02 November 2012 - 09:58 PM

Hey all.
I regularly stalk for Henry news, so I'm sorry his poor tummy is acting up again. When my DS1 was born, there was a premmie in the NICU with him, who was 900g. I had never seen anyone so tiny. She had a lot of trouble, although it was nearly 20yrs ago. On the plus side, it is rather impressive that your little dude is still hanging in there at less than 800g for all this time. You must be very proud of your little fighter, although I can't imagine the stress you must feel.

We're being induced tomorrow afternoon, as the hospital doesn't like my blood pressure and they're worried about pre-eclampsia. They say, given our history (Mainly that we lost one at 20wks in 2009) they want this over sooner, rather than later. It's strange, as it's not particularly "sooner". I'm being induced only a few days before my due date, which is the 7th.

I won't be able to update until we're out of the hosp, as I don't have a phone that can do the internet. Will give news as soon as we can! Good luck to everyone else, and a safe journey for all your bubs into this world.

Much love,

#38 Ms_Jae

Posted 03 November 2012 - 06:05 AM

Hey ladies..

As some of you may already know.. I had my bub on 31st October via emergency c section.. He is a beautiful little boy. I just adore him..

He weighed 7'5. 3430 grams.. and was born at 37 +1 weeks..

I am doing ok, just really tired, and sore.. Will update more a bit later biggrin.gif

#39 Suz01

Posted 03 November 2012 - 06:15 AM

Oh wow!!! Congrats he is such a good size and so cute! Thanks for sharing the pic stormgirl!! I hope all is well now following the Caesar.

Good luck today Suzy. It must be so exciting!!  And nerve wrecking all at the same time. I'm ready to met bubs just not ready for labour!

ASF- my last day of work yesterday, childcare rings at 11.30 with DD temp of 38. So I'll have to go back in next week!We happily picked up DH from the airport at 5.30 pm yesterday, I made it. No baby plus had finished painting the nursery. I feel OK now if labour kicks off!


#40 MalibuZoo

Posted 03 November 2012 - 07:07 AM

Congratulations Stormgirl. Enjoy those newborn cuddles. Luke is just gorgeous.

SuzyC - all the best for a smooth induction tonight. If you havent had any offers I can pm you my mobile if you would like me to post your birth announcement on here. Unless of course you would like to yourself....the offer is there.

Emnut - how did ds1 cricket game go. Bet he was super excited. So sad to hear of Henry's setback. He is still in my thoughts and prayers.

Lizzie- yes,  I too am feeling guilty about housework that is getting on top of me. And that I'm struggling to keep up with dd and ds. I had a big nesting urge about a week ago and then was utterly exhausted for days. Now the house looks like a tornado has torn through again. Little bits each day I tell myself. I want everything in its place as mil is likely to be staying while I'm in hospital and Ill need to be able to explain where everything is over the ph. Good news baby is head down and engaged. I've been told I'm having a chubby baby too. Hopefully not more than 10pds were her words. ohmy.gif

Suz01- how is your dd today?  Do you have to go back into work to make up for yesterday? That sounds a bit mean. So happy you hung in there till your dh made it home. I've pm'd you

Afm- nothing new to report, just waiting impatiently. Next ob appt on Monday. Will be stalking for baby news!!

#41 lelula

Posted 03 November 2012 - 01:47 PM

Stormgirl, that is one gorgeous little boy!! Congrats so so much and thanks for the update xx

#42 chloe69

Posted 03 November 2012 - 02:28 PM

Stormgirl - Congratulations on your gorgeous new bub! How exciting!
SuzyC - Goodluck with everything. I look forward to hearing of your new addition next time you post.
Emnut - 800gms is so tiny. Poor little Henry, his battles must be making you feel so helpless.....you are so strong to keep hanging in there like you are....thinking of you and hoping that things improve.....
Tangles - did you end up doing the healthy eating/ detox that you were going to do in the last few weeks before your due date? I never gave up the chocolate......
AFM - had a growth scan yesterday. I am at 38 weeks and on track. I will be induced on my due date if the bub hasn't come (age related precaution)....I'm thinking I might ask to let it go a few days over...we'll see....the baby looked huge on the scan....it was a bit of a shock seeing it so late in the pregnancy in 3D....I want this baby here happy and healthy....but I'm feeling so much more comfortable now that the head is down that I'm okay with avoiding labour for as long as possible! Goal for today is to pack hospital bag.....
Oh...in the practical side.....has everyone gotten their tax return in? I haven't so I need to get that done before the baby arrives!!!
Anyone still deciding on names?!!??

#43 emnut

Posted 03 November 2012 - 02:29 PM

congratulations Stormgirl - gorgeous baby boy

Suzy-c - hope all goes wonderfully today & can't wait to hear all about your new addition

Suz - hope your DD is better today

DS1 did an awesome job in his first cricket match.  He scored the maximum runs they can (once they hit either 4 overs or 20 runs they retire, but also they don't actually go out as such) in 10 balls & took a wicket when bowling - for a child who was significantly smaller than everyone else & the youngest he did a great job.  Hoping that tomorrow I'll be able to go see Henry - this tail end seems to be taking forever to clear up & missing him like crazy.  They have just been giving him a rest from everything before another effort to get him off the vent so not much has changed for him other than knowing his drs are not happy with where he is at.  To think that if he had even as much as a normal rollercoaster journey he would most likely either be home or due to be home sometime this week - the tears are flowing whenever I think about it.

#44 chloe69

Posted 03 November 2012 - 02:30 PM

Aaawwwwwgh....I just took another look at Stormgirl's new bub.....he is so adorable..... wub.gif

#45 Suz01

Posted 05 November 2012 - 06:37 AM

Hi ladies. I'm stalking for more baby news!! Nothing from me, DD was OK but then last night was sick in bed and then later fell out of bed (she's in her cot converted to a toddler bed) so I was hoping his was a once off incident not going to be able to juggle two kids midnight antics when DS arrives. I guess its just hit me that I'll be in charge of two children. I'm leaving DD in childcare 3 days a week so I can do our book work but I can see these will be me sleep catch up days

#46 tanglez

Posted 05 November 2012 - 02:06 PM

At 41 weeks I wish I could give you some baby news Suz01! It sounds like you are going to have you hand full but have faith in yourself, we are all so much stronger than we know!

Suzy-c Been thinking of you and hoping you are feeling well and enjoying your little bundle of joy! Can't wait to hear how you are going!

Emnut - hugs to you sad.gif I wont say try to think of the positives or any of that jazz because quite frankly, your situation is simply not fair and I believe that strength does not always mean putting on a happy face, it means leaning in to your feelings whatever they may be. Still have everything crossed for you and Henry and sending prayers.

Chloe - I got healthier but didn't do the detox lol, breastfeeding may force me to change drastically so will wait until then! That must have been amazing seeing bubs in 3d at this late stage WOW! Name is decided, everything is set up, now just waiting and dancing and doing strange yoga poses!! Best of luck with the remainder of your pregnancy!

Malibuzoo - Hope your appt goes well today! Enjoy your waiting time as much as possible, I wonder if this is what they meant by the term pregnant pause!

Stormgirl - wowowowowow! How super gorgeous! So so happy for you!

TJ - not much I can do about bloods apart from continue with iron supplements, but it will completely resolve itself once bubs is here! Hmmm, I am wondering if you will be the next to bring us a baby announcement since we haven't heard from you for a few days wink.gif Hope you are doing really well, can't wait for your news!

#47 justonemore‚ô•

Posted 05 November 2012 - 03:24 PM

No baby news here either... Feeling over it and emotional. Official due date is Wednesday but DS1 came right on due day and DS2 was 6 days early so was kind of hoping she would be too.
I found out at my last appointment she's posterior (something I've been dreading to hear all pregnancy). I had a posterior labour with DS2 and although he eventually turned it was extremely hard and traumatic  sad.gif anyway here's hoping it'll be nice and easy this time  original.gif

Hoping everyone is keeping well and look forward to the baby announcements rolling in!

#48 justonemore‚ô•

Posted 05 November 2012 - 10:21 PM

Oh T.J. that is so scary! Do not feel guilty, these things are out of your control. Your poor DS would have gotten a fright but more so because you fell over sad.gif one of my feet was asleep the other day and I fell backwards so quickly and it really shook DS1 up. I really hope you're feeling better soon and that bubs makes an appearance soon. I'm really not liking this overdue business although I'm not officially overdue... Just worried she'll be big as my DS's were  unsure.gif

Posterior is when babies back is facing my back so they call it back labour. It's absolutely horrible and extra work trying to get baby to turn the right way during labour.

#49 MalibuZoo

Posted 06 November 2012 - 07:14 AM

Morning, another warm day here today. Not looking forward to the heat.

TJ- how scary for you and your ds. Hope your not feeling too sore this morning. Don't feel guilty, it was out of your control. I've been having a few dizzy spells also. Esp if I have the shower too hot. I should know better about that though. Love your belly shot too.

Justonemore- I've heard a posterior baby will cause back pain in labour. I've never had one but obs told me yesterday baby was laying head down but transverse. I wonder if that is like posterior  huh.gif

Tanglez- u still in one piece??

Suz01- you will amaze yourself how well you will cope with two. Sure it's a bit daunting at first but from my experience my two play so well together and entertain each other so it's much easier to get jobs done etc
I'm a sahm ( who does dh book work also) dd goes to daycare 2 days and will be starting ds 1 day next year.

Emnut- well done ds1 he must have been s proud of himself. Strength to Henry

Chloe- packed your bags yet. Still haven't here yet. Might get around to it today. I've bought bits and pieces just need to get it all together. Aren't the 3d us amazing. It's so cool looking at them after baby is born and seeing that they look so much like they do in the real ( hope that makes sense). We have completed our tax return   biggrin.gif . But yet to agree on a name  sad.gif

Suzc- hope all is going well and you are enjoying your new addition.

Afm- well ob appt yesterday went ok. Feels like you wait for ages to see her then get shipped in and out in 5mins. My ob has a very high csection rate which worries me somewhat and from the beginning has also seemed to be looking for something to book me for one. It went from low lying placenta ( which is fine now) to breech baby now to how big a baby are you willing to deliver naturally. She tells me baby will be big but so were my other two so I feel like I could give it a good shot. She is talking about big babies and the damage that they can cause etc. after good talk with dh about it I've decided to give it a shot naturally but if baby looks like it is getting stuck, doing damage etc then will go down the csection route. I just feel like she wants to schedule me in around her life.  mad.gif  baby still not engaged yet either, so have plenty of waiting left. Oh and have woken with the start of a head cold today. Yuck

Edited by MalibuZoo, 06 November 2012 - 07:14 AM.

#50 lelula

Posted 06 November 2012 - 09:18 AM

Hi ladies. I've read all your latest posts but totally not in the right headspace for personals, sorry!!. I'm heading into the hospital in about an hour... I meet my little girl today and I'm so so so scared and nervous and excited. Didn't sleep a wink last night so running on adrenalin now I think! I just wanted to pop in quickly to check how everyone is and to wish you all the very best over the next week or so. I'll post as soon as I can with news and try to keep updated. Thank you all for your support over recent months. Take care and good luck biggrin.gif

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