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3rd Child? #42
For those thinking about TTC'ing #3 or TTC'ing #3

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 25 October 2012 - 12:00 PM

Hi all

New thread time

Previous thread



#2 lovebeingamum76

Posted 25 October 2012 - 12:08 PM

Doh!!!!!! Took me ages to realise the other thread was closed. lol.I tried to post a few times lol.

How is everyone?I am popping on while kids are all asleep ( I do FDC).

I am on CD 18. OPK tests were telling me I O CD 11 or 12. However...... My body seems to be back to normal after the implanon came out 5 months ago and I am getting CM again! That was on CD 16 though so not sure what is going on.I havent bd since CD 14. Another week until I might start testing.I am however trying to wait till AF is over due but that will never happen lol.

Hope your all doing well and good luck to those TTC right now :-)

#3 valhalla007

Posted 25 October 2012 - 02:49 PM

I keep sending duplicate posts for some reason sorry

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#4 valhalla007

Posted 25 October 2012 - 02:55 PM

Hi Ladies,

So glad you feel things are back to normal after the implanon came out lovebeingamum76 hope this is the month for you fx!

Hi othermotherthanks for the geeing, Im really trying!!lol it just seems that 6 months in Im starting to wonder about it all, age is so not on my side but I keep holding out hope.  I keep baulking (I think this is the wrong spelling, sorry) but I really need to get some advice about whether to try some assisted method, but am so in the dark and dont know where to start.  I mean for goodness sakes, I haven't even started trying opk's or temping or charting properly but dont know where to go to seek out info on how to properly systematically approach these things.  I feel like such a green horn!! blush.gif BTW You are so not mad, I had my second at 40 without even planning it! it seems like everyone tells you AGE AGE AGE but seriously, when I was having my 2nd ds most of the mums were in their 40's.  fx for you. bbighug.gif

fraggles, thanks for the well wishes, and dont be scared about the weight, you seem to be really on to it and that's such an important part of losing it which Im sure you will.  Hope all is going well with the ttc discussion with hubby.

PrincessHollie hope all is well and your feeling better. bbighug.gif

cbmummy any more spotlight adventuress??

3saCharm hope your feeling better too

hoping for a heavy downpour of babydust upon us all!!


#5 3'sACharm

Posted 27 October 2012 - 08:11 PM

Hey ladies, it's been a bit quiet in here lately so I thought i'd come and change that lol.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the weekend. I have had a great week, Thursday morning my first ever niece was born...so i've been thrilled about that. She had a close call and nearly didn't make it..but she is a trooper and luckily the dr's caught her just in time and she is safe and healthy now!!

My new nieces birth has also made me very clucky for my 3rd, I feel like i'm ready to TTC now but I have Christmas, New Years, and my 30th coming up and I kinda want to relax over that period and not worry about people wondering why in not drinking and hiding out of sight in the possible chance that I might be sick (MS) in front of them. I know these last couple of months will fly by but I just want this sooner rather then later.

My UTI has ceased and I go for a check up at the dr next week..i'm going to start back my pre-conception multi vitamins too so we'll see how we'll go with that. I'm due for wicked AF in 3 days and after this cycle I only have 3 AF's to go before we start TTC...super excited. For anyone else starting in the new year..are you doing the same as I and waiting for the festive/party season is finished or are you just going straight forward into TTC from January? I really look forward to sharing your journey and hope those of you who are TTC now get your wishes soon.

Bec xxx

#6 ~Peaches~

Posted 28 October 2012 - 01:54 PM

Hi ladies, hope you're all having a good weekend!

3'sACharm Aww how lovely you have a new little niece wub.gif Love baby news! Glad all is ok, sounds like they had a bit of a scary time with her, dear me. Glad everything turned out well in the end and she's doing well now.
I can totally understand waiting until after christmas/new years and your 30th, will be fun just realxing and celebrating during that time, then starting TTC after. Lots to look forward to for you! We are planning on TTC around christmas/jan ish, just depending where my cycle is as I guess?! I'd most likely be designated driver on christmas and new years anyway while DH has a few  rolleyes.gif lol, so I'm not too fussed either way. If we haven't started TTC at the time I'll just have a couple of drinks, but hopefully we'll be TTC around that time ish. We'll just see what happens original.gif
Glad you're over your UTI, hope your follow up appt at the dr goes well. I'll start taking vitamins in november I think, which is only a few days away now, eek.
You asked in the last thread about buying cheap opks. This is where I got my current lot, just off ebay. I haven't started using them yet, so I can't tell you if they're great or not hehe, but hopefully they do the job! Here's the link Ebay opk's
When trying for DD1 I used 'Lullaby Conceptions' OPK's which were excellent! I found them fantastic and fell pregnant the first month using them after TTC for 8 months before that. They're a bit more expensive though, but here's the link to those ones - Lullaby Conceptions opk's
Hope that helps  happy.gif

valhalla007 I really hope it happens this cycle for you. So deflating and upsetting trying month after month with no positive result sad.gif Are you thinking about making an appt with an OB/Gyn sometime soon ish just to have a chat and a check up? So hope you get your BFP this cycle so you don't even have to think about it!
I know 'they' say there's a 25% chance of falling pregnant each cycle, and I was certainly questioning things when we were up to cycle 8 when TTC DD1 and I was only 23, and everyone around us seemed to be falling pregnant immediately, you do start to worry if something might be up, but hopefully it's just one of those times when it takes a few months and then all of a sudden it's your turn  happy.gif I can't recomment OPK's enough, my cycle was all over the shop when TTC and I think they truly helped us fall pregnant, twice. We also followed the 'Sperm Meets Egg Plan' and that combined with the opk's must've helped, as we fell pregnant that month after months of no results. We did have a M/C, but then did SMEP again and used opk's and fell pregnant straight away, so I only have good things to say about both of those hehe. Here's a link to the 'Sperm Meets Egg Plan' if you haven't read about it before (sorry, I haven't caught up on allllll the previous threads so I'm not sure if you've tried it previously blush.gif ) SMEP

lovebeingamum76 Great to hear your body seems to be on track, yay! So good when you start getting signs of O and can work out what your cycle is doing grin.gif Hope you get a BFP when you test!

Fraggles Hi and welcome! Sorry to hear about your DH's insensitive comments sad.gif I'd be upset too. I'm sure my DH would prefer me to lose some weight before TTC again, but he wouldn't ever say that to me! I've been back at the gym 3-4 days a week though and eating really well most of the time, so at least it's a start. Hope you can find some time out for yourself to exercise if you want to, it's nice to have that time out just for you hehe, and you do always feel better after, but it's nice to do it for you, not when someone else tells you to. original.gif

Hi to everyone else, and good luck to all those currently TTC!

All is good here, AF arrived on thursday as expected, so will start tracking my cycle this month. Feeling a little nervous as I don't know what to expect lol, hopefully it's regular ish and not 60+ days long wacko.gif Kind of looking forward to testing out these opk's and seeing how they go, hopefully they're easy to read and work ok! I think we're going to just try and time BD closer to ovulation when TTC this time around to see if we get a little boy babyboy.gif But I'm not too worried either way, would be nice to experience having a little boy  happy.gif and I know DH would love a son. But our girls are so adorable haha and so super close, so I'm sure they'd love another sister. Will just see what happens hehe.
Not much else going on here, had a little family get together this morning for my birthday which is on tuesday, so that was lovely. And just a relaxing afternoon in our house now. Girls are asleep so I've put my feet up for a while, ha.
Hope everyone has had a great weekend xx

#7 valhalla007

Posted 30 October 2012 - 06:51 PM

Hi Ladies,

This board is becoming an addiction for me! laughing2.gif

Peaches, Happy Birthday to you for Tuesday  bbighug.gif  and thanks for the smep link, I had a look at it and it seems very useful, I have been in denial about the whole thing and it just hit me its been 6 cycles of ttc, it is deflating, but really inspiring to hear your story with the 8 cycles before dd1.     Hope your tracking this cycle is going well and there are no more 60 day cycles! Let me know how the OPK's go.  I think my family might be opposite to you I have 2 ds and hoping for a dd.  

Bec, congrats on the new neice, and glad to hear the UTI has gone. Only 2 months till christmas, they will fly Im sure and you can get on with this journey.

lovebeingamum, Ijust read your first post and laughed, I have done the same thing myself and wondered where my posts had gone! Hope all is well

AFM After a long 47 day cycle and a two week AF, I bought an ovulation thermometer and have just set up a tracking chart (4 days in)! with fertility friend, which seems similar to the smep program without the every second day bding.  I still haven't bought OPKs but it seems my cycle is so weird and unpredictable now that I am going to have to invest in them, especially after your endorsement of them, and now Im temping I can guage a reasonable time to test for O.  Hearing your smep experience, Peaches,  I am hoping to be able to follow the program too.  Unfortunately my dh is periodically travelling for work, and it often seems to coincide with my fertile days.  Im hoping that once Ive established my exact time of O we will be able to work better around it. Perhaps I should have a word with his boss!  I am wanting to go see an ob/gyn but am hesitant as I am in my 40's and my gp gave me the impression he thought I was too old, even though my hormone test came back with everything in order still.  I felt embarrassed to discuss it further unsure.gif , because I feel like its my age slowing down the ttc process and also feel I might find the ob/gyn not sympathetic to my goal, it seems most advice is to wait a year or so trying naturally and then come back if unsuccessful to seek out more specialist advice.  Im torn about it. This has become such a long post (sorry), fx for all on this ttc journey,

#8 cbmummy

Posted 06 November 2012 - 04:34 PM

Hi gang, where did everyone go? Any pregnancy news for anyone.

I'm just eagerly taking all my supplements waiting for the 3 month recommended period, absolutely obsessed with anything baby!! I think I'm more excited and eager than the first time!!

#9 3'sACharm

Posted 06 November 2012 - 10:33 PM

cbmummy Oh I am so like you right now..i've been stalking everywhere...I just can't wait to have a 3rd baby. Been visiting my sister in law and my new niece and she is so tiny and so perfect, she makes me so much more cluckier than ever. I've been a tad slack on the supplement side of things..our dog has been unwell of late so she is on a whole heap of medicine, so trying to remember to give her her medicine and then taking my tablets, i'm so forgetful most of the time that I forget both (naughty me) plus i'm scared that I might get a UTI again but oh well!

I wish it was a bit more chattier in here...I love to talk lol

Bec xx

#10 thebainbridges

Posted 09 November 2012 - 12:18 PM

Hi everyone!

Im new here original.gif We are TTC #3 with clomid. I dont ovulate at all so without medication we dont fall pregnant original.gif We have done 2 cycles with what is considered no ovulation however I have got AF when its due to im pretty sure something must have happened!

We have 2 beautiful children, a girl and boy. Both are fertility medication assisted. Our youngest is just 8 months old however our fertility specialist informed us if we dont try again ASAP we may not have the chance down the track, we had already decided we wanted our little ones close anyway.

CD3 so far so just the beginning original.gif Looking forward to sharing all the journeys!

#11 3'sACharm

Posted 09 November 2012 - 12:41 PM

Welcome thebainbridges I wish you all the luck in the world for your ttc journey!

#12 ~Peaches~

Posted 09 November 2012 - 09:33 PM

Hi ladies!

valhalla007 Oh I'm so glad you found the SMEP link helpful, I didn't want to seem like I was pushing things on you blush.gif I just found it so helpful when TTC, as well as OPK's, so I totally recommend them! How is this cycle going for you so far do you think? Great idea joining fertility friend, it can certainly be so helpful and I know a lot of friends use that. I tried it when TTC with DD1, but I kept forgetting to take my temp and it was driving me crazy laughing2.gif I hope so much you find it helpful and it helps you get your BFP!
Really hope your cycle is more predicable for you from now on too, and hopefully DH isn't away at the important time happy.gif Don't feel embarassed either about making an appt to see an ob/gyn, I'm sure I've heard people say if you've been TTC over 6 months and are over 35 you're encouraged to make an appt, rather than leaving it for too long original.gif Certainly possible to have a baby now, my mum fell pregnant at 42, which was a big surprise for her lol, but it's definitely possible biggrin.gif I really hope you get your BFP before you even need to think about making an appt. Looking forward to seeing how this month goes for you!
Oh and thank you for the birthday wishes, that was so lovely of you hheart.gif

cbmummy Haha I'm glad there are other baby obsessed mummies wanting to chat happy.gif I keep dawdling in the baby section in the shops and daydreaming, I can kind of get away with it as DD2 is 17 months, but I'm actually clucking over the 0000 size things ha! Loving all things baby at the moment too, I think I'm just as excited, if not more, than the first time around too hehe wub.gif

3'sACharm I bet it's making you clucky being around your precious little niece, awww. I have SO many friends with newborns at the moment, and due to have bubs in the next 3 months, so I'll be clucking my head off. Loving all the baby snuggles! Although one friends 6 week old DD is a non-stop screamer, and reminds me so much of my DD2, and that scares me a bit I have to admit huh.gif So hoping we don't have another newborn like that lol.
Hope your dog is going ok?  unsure.gif And really hope when you start your vitamins again you definitely don't get another UTI! Good luck with them, hopefully there's no side effects at all.

thebainbridges waves.gif Hi and welcome! I really hope your TTC journey is a short one. That is so lovely all 3 of your kiddies will be close! So awesome happy.gif
We have 15 months between our DD's, and I LOVE them being so close, but DD2 was just suuuuuch hard work, she's only just started to settle down now really at 17 months, so we weren't brave enough to go again yet blush.gif Can finally see light at the end of the tunnel now, so we're looking forward to having another baby soon again now hehe. So I really admire you having 3 all close together, they will grow up the best of friends wub.gif My DD's absolutely ADORE each other, and I feel a bit worried this next one might get a bit left out, but hopefully not. Kind of looking forward to it not be quite so hectic this time around though hehehe. Really hope the clomid works for you and you have a BFP coming this cycle.

Big hi to everyone else, hope you're all going well.

All is good here, just plodding along and trying to keep an eye out to what my cycle might be doing lol. Have started using my opk's, just testing once in the afternoon, and so far they've been completely negative, as in not even a hint of a second line at all huh.gif Bit different to the other brand I've used, they always had a faint line all month till it got really dark when I was ovulating..so hopefully these ones work well too and I can clearly see when I'm ovulating lol. Trying not to obsess too much ha, CD 16 today and no sign of O in sight, so we'll see how long this cycle ends up being unsure.gif First cycle off the pill, so trying not to expect tooooo much lol.
Anyway, not much else to report hehe, but hope everyone is going well, and lots of luck to those TTC at the moment xx

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#13 cbmummy

Posted 10 November 2012 - 01:46 PM

Welcome to the Bainbridges! You are very brave but I understand you'd want them close rather than not at all! My youngest is coming up 2 and a half and I'm only just thinking about going again. I think if I was a bit younger I'd probably leave it a bit longer but here I am hopefully going to start TCC in Feb. My youngest will be just over 3 when it arrives (IF!!!)

Peaches good luck with the OPK's never really used them but people seem to get a bit confused with them, 'is that line? where's the line? the line is gone, nope there it is again'  biggrin.gif

3's a charm - are you actually trying yet? or still on the will I won't I stage??

Fraggles - haven't heard from you in a bit, hope its all ok x

Valhalla - Dont feel embarrassed to talk about stuff. You gotta get it out and feel comfortable with your person. I wouldn't hesitate in going to a specialist who'll probably be better equipped to answer your questions and give you up to date advice.

AFM just plodding along, a close friend just had a little bubba last week - just so gorgeous and another is about to pop. It's been wonderful to see and re-affirm my enthusiasm to do this all again. I have to say a lot of friends are having issues and monitoring and preeclampsia, bedrest,bloods and what not. Makes me realise that we are all getting older and it's not as straight forward. Reality check. ffear.gif

#14 3'sACharm

Posted 10 November 2012 - 09:08 PM

cbmummy We are but not actively trying until January.

#15 valhalla007

Posted 12 November 2012 - 05:54 PM

trying to edit them now....how embarrassment!

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#16 valhalla007

Posted 12 November 2012 - 05:54 PM


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#17 valhalla007

Posted 12 November 2012 - 05:56 PM

i think I sent my post duplicate timesss x 10 sorry

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#18 valhalla007

Posted 12 November 2012 - 05:56 PM

Hi Everyone,

Peaches, best of luck with this first cycle, you never know your luck, my fx for your bfp! How are you finding the OPK's? What brand are you using and are they easy to read or interpret?  Any sign of O yet? I really know how those long cycles can drag, hang in there.  This year is my first year off BCP and my cycle has been largely usual length with a few horrendously long ones every now and then, hopefully not this one!  
With this cycle, so far, not sure.  I thought I was out as ff couldn't predict an O date, and the suggested  ff O date was while dh was away.  Then suddenly my temp dropped and it is possible i did O, would you believe it the same day dh returned home, and though ff hasnt called it an official O yet because it was only 2 days ago (and you need the 3 higher temps after the dip). So hoping desperately that I have.  But not even sure if I can O this cycle due to being on a 10 day course of progesterone.  So in general feeling hopeful but not expecting anything to much.  In the meantime I am trying not to become too obsessed with the charting thing but of course its sooooo interesting! lol

I have to say a lot of friends are having issues and monitoring and preeclampsia, bedrest,bloods and what not. Makes me realise that we are all getting older and it's not as straight forward. Reality check.

I had the same realisation at work the other day as one of my work colleagues is pregnant she is only in her early 30's but she has had to really keep an eye on her health due to preeclampsia and diabetes.  I had my 5 year old late with no issues, (touch wood)but don't know if I will be so lucky this time (if) around. Im trying to work on my health, but struggle with stress and anxiety which are not good. Both my last pg's I suffered serious hyperemersis and was hospitalised, so I really stress about the reality of another 9 months of that and starting my 5 year old at school and working.
Dont feel embarrassed to talk  about stuff. You gotta get it out and feel comfortable with your person. I wouldn't hesitate in going to a specialist who'll probably be better equipped to answer your questions and give you up to date advice.
I so know but easier said than done, I gotta get less precious, and actually I am, Im trying to see it as my right to investigate all this and after all I will be paying for it!

Welcome Bainbridges, it sounds like this decision is a scary one with the bubba's so close in age but let me tell you I have the opposite extremes and despite, having had the luxury of being able to really concentrate on each one, I have found the going back to square one feeling really hard to deal with, at times, sometimes I have a "ground hog day reaction !!" Just for a minute, but my age gap is huge! Sometimes I wish could have done all my children in one set of baby times.  (Sorry if that sounds a bit ungrateful) I am sure it isnt easy but the advantages will quickly outweigh the disadvantages once #3 has arrived for you.  They will all be teenagers together!

Hi Fraggles and Bec hope all is going well for you.

Baby dust and BFPs

#19 ~Peaches~

Posted 12 November 2012 - 09:44 PM

Evening girls,

valhalla007 Ohhh all the luck in the world for this cycle! Really hoping O time was when DH got home. Must be so hard trying to plan the 'right time' around things when he's away for work, AND when your cycle decides to mix it up a bit, argh. Hoping FF can help a bit, it sure can be easy to get obsessed over all things TTC hehe, hopefully you managed to catch that egg this cycle and you have a lovely BFP coming your way happy.gif
I'm not real sure about these OPK's yet, I might have to get back to you laughing2.gif I LOVED the brand I used last time we were TTC (Lullaby conceptions), but I just thought I'd give these cheap ones a go for now (just from ebay). So far it's been complete negatives, as in not even a hint of a second line at all. BUT then on friday afternoon the one I did was a dud and had no control line or anything, so I just thought ah well, probably not close to O time so it doesn't matter at all and didn't bother re-testing lol. Then saturday afternoon when I did one, I had a second line that was about 1/2 as dark as the control line (so still 'negative') but it was by far the darkest thing I'd seen so far on these ones. Then last night for hours I had a painful dull ache just on my right side, that felt very similar to ovulation pain huh.gif And now they're completely negative looking again. So I don't know if I just missed my surge and I may have O'd last night, OR if I'm still waiting to get my positive and that was just a random pain last night laughing2.gif Guess only time will tell haha. Haven't had any changes in CM yet (sorry, tmi!), but yeah, haven't had much else to go on so I guess we'll just wait and see. So I will update about what I think of this brand once I know how this cycle has gone lol. We're not actually TTC till December/Jan, so it's not important at this stage, was just hoping to monitor it a bit and see if I can work out what's going on at all original.gif Day 19 of my cycle today, so I guess it could have been O, but I'm not holding my breath, could be in for a lot longer cycle yet blush.gif
I think you're amazing you had such a big gap between your boys, I so know what you mean about having to go back to the 'baby' stage of life, that's a main reason we thought we might as well just go again now (DD1 is 2 years, 9 months, and DD2 is 17 months), so they're still quite young, might as well go again while we're in the middle of it all lol. It would be a shock to the system going back to baby stage once they'd grown up so much and were so independant original.gif Definitely pros and cons to any age gap, I personally couldn't do 15 months again laughing2.gif but we're looking at about 2.5 years this time (depending how long it takes of course), and I think that will be nice. Guess life just turns out how it's meant to huh, and we're lucky to have our children wub.gif

cbmummy Bahaha, so true about the OPK's! I love them, but they can make you a bit obsessive and mental haha. Just preparing you for the'is it a line' on pregnancy tests next rolleyes.gif haha.
Certainly can be a reality check when those around you are having difficult pregnancies unsure.gif I absolutely loved being pregnant, and apart from M/S for 20 weeks, and being diagnosed with GD with DD1 (not DD2 though huh.gif ) it was pretty smooth sailing and I really enjoyed it, can't wait to do it all again! Fingers crossed we all have smooth, trouble free pregnancies!

3'sACharm Hope you get a surprise little BFP before Jan grin.gif It's quite nice when you don't have to put in a lot of effort to get your BFP happy.gif Very exciting to it being 'officail' soon though, jan isn't far away at all now!

Hi to everyone else, hope you're all going well. Looking forward to some testing time coming up soon, can't wait till we're all officially TTC original.gif

Hope you're all having a good week so far xx

#20 valhalla007

Posted 13 November 2012 - 10:42 PM

hi Ladies,

Peaches How beautiful that your littlies are so close in age, I am sure that the next little one will fit right in, 2.5 years sounds like a great gap especially with the first two so close. i wouldn't worry about them being left out, (I think I read that in one of your earlier posts) I am eldest of 5 and the youngest and myself are actually the closest! You sound amazing to me doing a 15 month gap. WOW.

Well dh did arrive home on sat and ff friend has recorded me as Oing on cd25 which is exactly when he got home,   hhugs.gif   At the time dh first got back, I actually didn't think I was going to O this cycle as it seemed very late,  but after the weekend, ff recorded the O, so Im hoping that it is accurate.  Im being really careful with my temps I  do it as soon as I wake up but this is at different times depending on dh and ds timetables, so Im hoping the chart is not skewed by this.  So I think it means I am now in the 2WW and not sure what Im hoping for, after the long af at the beginning of the cycle, a long luteal phase or a quick one to get on with the next cycle as I don't know if the progesterone Im on will prevent conception, or if that is even a possibility this month.

So it sounds like the internet cheapies might be a bit dodgy for OPK's, I will eagerly await your final report! lol. From the sound of them perhaps go by your symptoms and temps rather than these sticks.  Are the ones you used last time still in supply, I still haven't bought any, I keep forgetting when I get to the pharmacy, probably freudian in nature such forgetfulness!!  Not long now for you till Dec/Jan it is so hard not to get obsessed with checking everything! laughing2.gif

So sending back lots of hopes and wishes for your BFP too.

hello to everyone eand hope everyone's week is going well.


#21 cbmummy

Posted 15 November 2012 - 01:54 PM

Wow valhalla! 2WW, how exciting! I shall live vicariously through you  biggrin.gif I feel like I too have a 2WW!

Two of my very close friends have had baby girls in the last week so this has me clucking away.

I've been a bit concerned with a bit of weight gain since my first child and have decided to give that celebrity slim a go. I have about 6kg to lose which hopefully I can do before Christmas so i can be ready for TCC around Feb/March.

Has anyone else found a few kilos creeping on with each child! I wasn't going to worry about it but by the time you're pregnant and a year of breastfeeding all of a sudden it will be 2 years of extra weight plus any more  wacko.gif

#22 pinkplane

Posted 15 November 2012 - 04:06 PM

Hi everyone, I'm new in here  original.gif

We're currently TTC#3. We already have 2 girls, aged 9 and 5 and suddenly decided that we weren't finished and would like another one, so here we are!

I fell pregnant in our first month of trying in June but sadly had a miscarriage in late July. It has taken my body until this month to get back to normal in terms of ovulating.

I use Fertility Friend to chart my temps and this month decided to follow SMEP after seeing a link about it on EB.
I'm currently in the dreaded 2WW, AF is due next Thursday so I'll be testing on Monday to see if we've been lucky this month! I am a serial tester unfortunately, so I just gave DH my pregnancy tests about 10 minutes ago and told him to hide them from me until Monday....the sad part is that I've already tried to figure out where he hid them  ph34r.gif

Looking forward to getting to know you all  original.gif

#23 cbmummy

Posted 15 November 2012 - 04:18 PM

Welcome pink lane, sorry to hear about your loss in June. I bet you're hoping not to get to know us as that would mean a  BFP.gif  biggrin.gif

Keep us posted

#24 3'sACharm

Posted 15 November 2012 - 06:34 PM

Welcome pinkplane I hope your journey here is a short one and you get a BFP soon! So sorry to hear about your loss. I bet your 2 girls would be love helping you with their new sibling. As for the tests, you sound a bit like me..I would be searching way before Monday lol

#25 valhalla007

Posted 15 November 2012 - 07:36 PM

Hi ladies,

Yaay go the vicarious 2WW Cbmummy , how about you, are you charting or OPKing??  Yes I noticed after my last one I had gained a few kilos, it took a lot of exercise for me to lose them.  I am sure Celebrity Slim will work really well, do you do any exercise? sometimes the combination is the charm.  Sending lots of weight burning thoughts your way!! Keep me posted, its exciting starting a new plan of attack and getting healthy.  Are you actually in your 2WW too?

Welcome Pinkplane, so wise getting dh to hide the tests, I have to have none in the house and wait until af is due or a day late in case I jinx myself!
Im sorry about your mc in july, and glad your cycle has sorted itself out now.  I am charting with ff as well, I think its becoming an unhealthy obsession with me, its just so interesting! (Actually reading back over this, that sounds a bit weird!) As this is my first time charting I think Im on this massive fertility learning curve, as I'm on cycle 6 this is probably a long overdue experience for me.  I have two boys, they're gorgeous but I would love to add a little girl to the mix.  Hope your ttc journey is short and sweet.

3'sACharm hi hope all is going well for you.

My fx for us all to get our beautiful bfp's soon

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Should Blue Ivy have been at the VMAs?

Many were quick to condemn Beyonce and Jay Z after appearing on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards with their two-year-old daughter, but others thought it was a sweet family moment. What do you think?

Toddler attacked at gym creche

Two-year-old girl Eva Ness was left with a black eye and bite marks on her face and body after an altercation with an older child at a health club's child-minding facilities. Now her parents are calling for the centre to be closed.

Pregnancy a tricky matter of timing for FIFO couples

Manipulating rosters, coordinating 'conjugal' visits, working on site with your partner; getting pregnant can prove stressful for FIFO workers.

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Carseats have twice as many germs as a toilet

Most parents know their child's carseat is not always squeaky clean, but they might not realise just how dirty it really is.

Doctors remove foetus from 'medical marvel' after 36 years

Doctors in India have removed the skeleton of a foetus that had been inside a woman for 36 years.

Nine months in six seconds: new parents' Vine clip a hit

We?ve seen some memorable time-lapse pregnancy and birth announcement videos before. Now one new couple has taken it to the extreme, capturing it all in just a six-second Vine video.

Sonia Kruger speaks of baby joy

Celebrity mum-to-be Sonia Kruger has spoken candidly about using donor eggs and IVF to fall pregnant at age 48.

Dressing to not impress: life through the eyes of a three-year-old

When it comes to getting dressed, my three-year-old has only one criterion: ?I don?t want to look beautiful.? And now I've worked out why.

Special nappies made with love for angel babies

Angel Baby Nappies make and provide tiny bereavement cloth nappies for pre-term stillborn babies and premature babies who pass away in the NICU.

Inside the brain of a tantruming toddler

What's going on in your child's mind in the lead-up to a tantrum? And what?s the best way to respond?

5 secrets to a long-lasting relationship

When it comes to keeping your relationship strong, it?s what you do - and not what you want - that really matters.

When 'furbabies' meet real babies

I am obsessed with my dogs, and can't imagine loving them any less once my baby arrives. But that doesn't stop everyone from telling me I will.

The least popular baby names of 2013

Looking for a baby name that?s nowhere near the top 10 ? or even the top 1000? Try the bottom five.

'I was so sleep deprived I crashed my car'

There are no laws regulating driving while tired, but statistics show that driver fatigue is one of the top three contributors to the road toll.

Why are there so few sexy maternity bras?

Rather than feeling ashamed of their post-baby bodies, women should be free to buy lingerie that makes them look attractive and pretty - no matter what stage of life they're in.

Toddler Alliyah one step closer to first trip home

She has lived the first 14 months of her life in a hospital intensive care unit, but Alliyah Broadby's parents hope to finally take their little girl home with them.

'Put people before IVF profits': IVF pioneer Alan Trounson

IVF could be done for hundreds of dollars in Australia instead of $8500 if clinics stopped charging what ''the market will handle'', a pioneer of the technology says.

Expectant parents urged to swap the pub for bub

Nearly one in five women drink while pregnant, but a current campaign is trying to drive down that unhealthy statistic.

Nutella supplies threatened by bad weather

There's bad news for fans of Nutella, the gooey, chocolatey hazelnut spread.

The cost of growing your own vegies

Does it make financial sense to grow your own veggies, or are you better off ordering produce from the local food co-op?

Breastfeeding mums less likely to suffer from PND, but all need support

A new study has shown the a complex relationship between a mother?s intention to breastfeed, her ability to do so, and postnatal depression.

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Win back some precious time and get FREE coupons

Membership to eBay's Bubs? Corner is free and includes a $10 coupon to spend on nappies each month - a win for multitasking mums!

Do you suffer from Precious Firstborn Syndrome?

Testing ?no more tears? shampoo in your own eyes, warming cucumber sticks so they're not cold straight from the fridge, waking a sleeping baby to check they?re still breathing: these are all symptoms of Precious Firstborn Syndrome.

Ezra's tragic death not in vain, mum says

Little Ezra was a "Harry Houdini" who loved trying to escape the family home. Now, after his tragic death, his parents are doing what they can to help others.

7 mistakes old hands make with new babies

As I sat across the table from my friend ? me, a seasoned mother of three; her, a brand new mum ? I thought of all the mistakes an old-hand parent can make when visiting a newborn baby.

Video: When adults act like children

Ever wondered what would happen if adults were allowed to act like children? This dad's hilarious video clip will give you an idea of what life would be like.

Mums hit hardest as flu cases skyrocket

The number of confirmed cases of influenza in Australia has doubled the number for the same time last year - and women are 25 per cent more likely to get it.

The mum who had four babies in nine months

Feeling exhausted due to the demands of caring for a baby? Imagine the life of this mum, who gave birth to three boys and one girl in just nine months.

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Going viral

Mum gives birth at school

After four decades in the industry, pest controller John Birkett couldn't believe what he found in one woman's bedroom.

Personalised baby gifts

We've scoured the internet to find gorgeous personalised keepsakes and nursery decor to record baby name and dates. They make great gifts for christenings, name days and birthdays! (All prices in AU.)


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