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Gestational Diabetes #67

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#76 VJs Mummy

Posted 22 March 2013 - 03:51 PM

Thanks have just started finger pricking today, dont know how long till i get used to it lol, my first reading seeing her after breakfast was pretty good but my reading after lunch was 7.9 they want me to be under 6.7  for after breakfast, lunch and dinner and like u below 5 before breakfast
Im a fussy eater as it is so i think im going to struggle massively but i will try and hope i can get my reading to all sit nicely soon , thanks feeling very overwhelmed confused and just i dont know about the whole thing,
I am still yet to see endocrinologist and dietician they are next week so i have weekend to try work on levels

#77 HOPE6

Posted 23 March 2013 - 09:26 PM

Yeah i am the same 6.7 and under 2 hours after meals. Most of the time i am under that. I found it hard also i am not a big eater and also a vegetarian and had to go from not really thinking about food to thinking about it all the time. They will probably want u to have 3 meals a day and 3 snacks so u are like eating all the time. My hospital also want 2 - 4 servings (15grams a serving) of carbs per main meal and 1-2 servings for snacks 9think thats pretty standard). I found it really confusing as carbs are what raise ur sugar levels but they want u to eat them with every meal/snack. Would get into trouble if i just had egg and salad for dinner as no carbs!!! errr thank goodness this goes away most of the time after pregnancy, definately would not want to do this for life original.gif

#78 Jackrabbit

Posted 25 March 2013 - 09:12 PM


I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. I had it with my last pregnancy and ended up on insulin. I actually found it easier once I was on the insulin, although I started having hypos towards the end.

Still waiting for OB to fill out the diabetes form so I can get cheap test strips. Fortunately my dad visited recently and he has a card so I got the strips through him. For my test my fasting level was 5.7 and was 9 2 hours after the drink. The OB considered putting me on insulin straight away but so far the levels have been fine.

My levels have to be under 5.5 in the morning and under 7 for after meals. I'm struggling a bit at the moment as I can't remember everything from last time as I didn't go to an education clinic due to having it before. Maybe I should have. I'm hungry all the time!

#79 Ray of Light

Posted 26 March 2013 - 02:15 AM

Hi Jacinta, good idea to start checking your levels straight away, you might find now that the target levels have changed, most people are told below 5 for fasting and below 6.7 after meals now. In my experience the results of the
Glucose tolerence test alone are not enough to decide wether or not you will require insulin this time around, mine were 4.1 fasting and 11.6 or something rediculous at 2 hours, i was easilly diet controlled for the duration. Good luck getting it under control, and remember its far better to eat appropriately and end up on insulin than to starve yourself and bubba!

#80 VJs Mummy

Posted 26 March 2013 - 07:42 PM

Hey all, I had the endocronologist yesterday and the dietician today, i have 2 days before they want to start me on insulin, well diabetic coordinator wanted me to start today but endo said to wait 2 days  im struggling with all the carbs and supposed to eat carbs at every meal, my dinner testing was now high also at 7.0 i really dont know how i would go on insulin, it take me 5-10 mins just to prick myself with the finger pricker im absoletly petrified of needles doesnt matter what kind big or small, and to do it to myself i just not sure i could do it does any one have any tips i could do >
For example my before breakfast is in high 5's,
2hours after breakfast are about 6 - 6.3
2hours after lunch has been around the 6.7 and thats deemed border line
2hours after dinner mostly has been around 6.7 -7.0

For breakfast i usually have 2 pieces of toast plus juice or cup of tea ( levels have been fine so have been allowed to continue )
For lunch is usually sandwich and fruit
for dinner would be fish, chicken, sausagess, mince etc with vegetables or salad, ( mostly vegetables )

Have no been advised to eat yoghurt before bed to see if can lower my 1st morning test

#81 HOPE6

Posted 27 March 2013 - 11:12 AM

Hi VJ's Mummy

I know how you feel, i sit there for a few minutes before i can press the button on the finger pricker... good news is the insulin injection is actually less painful, you can hardly feel it. But in saying that i get my partner to inject me (i only have to do it of a night) it doesnt hurst and the needle isnt really a needle its like a little pin but the thought of putting it in is a bit yuk... Doesnt hurt thou and i am a big sook. biggrin.gif

Your diet sounds fine, i dont drink juice thou and just be careful with vegies that are high in carbs (potatoe, sweet pot and corn) just small amounts. For snacks i just have youghurt (the diet kind) or fruit, and for desserts i have low fat custard with weight watchers canned peaches or if i feel like choc i have a freddo or paddle pop.

My day numbers are ok. I tried all different things to get my fasting level below 5 but couldnt (i think it just ur body and sometimes no matter what u eat it doesnt make a difference). Anyway i am still having trouble getting my levels below 5 with insulin. I am just slowly increasing the insulin amount as it is still sitting between 5 and 5.5.

I hope u go ok with the insulin if it comes to that.

#82 VJs Mummy

Posted 27 March 2013 - 11:56 AM

Thanks hope, Well this morning number was 4.7 i was so excited lol but breakfast one was high ( i know where i went wrong as if i dont have juice with my breakky i have diet cordial but i drank normal cordial instead woops lol
I think i will get some weight watchers fuit and low fat custard and a pack of freddos so i have a variety thanks am hoping i dont go on insulin but partner has said that he will stab me with needle if he needs to lol  i hope your levels improve soon for u

#83 Sunshineandsmiles

Posted 31 March 2013 - 05:19 PM

Hi ladies  Haven't been in here much but wishing u all well in your pregnancies. We got to welcome our newest addition last week at 37.5 weeks. A beautiful little girl Quinn born by c section. Blood sugars were fine, no breathing issues and a healthy weight of 7 pound 8 oz.
Very happy and relieved original.gif

#84 VJs Mummy

Posted 01 April 2013 - 07:59 PM

Congratulations on your little girl sunshineandsmiles,
well me unfortunately the last 2 night time dinner have been high and i havent had anything different i have to phone her tomorrow and tell her my levels im not looking forward to it i wish it would hurry up so i can go back to eating what i like and not worrying about what i eat and how much i eat etc

#85 Sunshineandsmiles

Posted 01 April 2013 - 08:14 PM

It's so hard isnt it. Its nice to have a choice now, however my endo has given me a weight that I need to get down to. 9kg to go...sigh. The high levels and having to contact the doctor can be so deflating! But remember its U are doing a great job and before u know it u will be able to eat anything again original.gif

#86 VJs Mummy

Posted 02 April 2013 - 07:28 AM

Thanks, well both laast night and this morning was high   sad.gif  and havent done anything different so looks like i will end up taking the insulin road the endo i dont see again to 30 weeks but she was relatively nice the diabetic educator is a bit more i dont know what to call it lol, well im sure the endo will tell me i have to get down to certain size too as i gained over 30 kilos with my other kids and i have gained just on 11 now lol,
Enjoy your little girl and you will lose that 9kg in no time ( i know its harder said then done ) goodlick with it all original.gif

#87 NikonMum

Posted 04 April 2013 - 03:14 PM

Hi Ladies,
I’m new to the GD group, I found out I had it last week but only got only my appts & self-monitoring kit today. The 4 appts iv had in the last 24 hours I’ve got mixed reactions from, some say I’m only borderline so not to worry too much (GTT 2 hour result was 8.2) and others make me feel like the world will end if I can’t control my levels! Iv done the self-monitoring twice today (post breaky and lunch) readings were 4.9 and 6.5 respectively. I thought they were pretty good but going by the guidelines the nutritionist gave me I’m not eating enough carbs, I cant possibly eat any more! Bubs is measuring on target if not bigger and iv gained 10kgs this pregnancy so do I really have to eat that many carbs?
Also what is everyone’s take on chocolate, honey and coffee? I was too scared /preoccupied to ask this morning.

TIA, looking forward to learning from you ladies!

#88 VJs Mummy

Posted 05 April 2013 - 06:42 PM

welcome nikonmum - Ive known for a couple weeks now that i Have GD im going on insulin on tuesday ( hoping they have another way of giving it other then a needle as i know i cant do it,
Im struggling with levels a bit but not much i can do as apparently lack of sleep and stress can make ur levels go high also and i have a 2 year old that doesnt sleep more then 4 hours a night if im lucky maybe once every 3 months he will do a 5 -6 hour sleep lol
hope u can keep your levels down
My levels fasting has to be under 5 and for breakfast lunch and dinner has to be under 6.7

#89 HOPE6

Posted 06 April 2013 - 03:21 PM

Welcome nikonmum - hope u r going ok with the testing and getting use to everything. I still eat a bit of chocolate most days (freddos are apparantley not to bad so i have 2 or 3 of those if i feel like a choc fix). Coffee i dont drink but still have my cups of tea. I pretty much eat as i normally would just a bit more conscious of not over eating and snacking more through the day. I find grapes great or tub of low fat yoghurt great for a snack.

Goodluck VJmummy with the insulin. I have been injecting myself as partner was at work one night and i just did it, so have been doing it myself as i find i am quite good at it. It really does not hurt at all so dont stress yourself out too much. Its a bit scary at first but honestly you cant feel a thing. The needle is the size of a little pin. Hold ur skin at the side of you belly and u dont feel it.

Anyway i am now on 12mls of insulin overnight and my levels seem to be under 5. Most of the time during the day the levels are 5 - 6.5 (occasionally i get a reading into the 7's but that is about as high as i go.

VJmummy - as i am on insulin i am being induced a little over 38 weeks, has your hospital memtioned anything about that. It seems to be a standard practice. I had a growth scan and baby is average size 45-50% percentile, so not big baby but still getting induced.

#90 VJs Mummy

Posted 08 April 2013 - 05:58 PM

HOPE06 - They haven't mentioned anything as of yet, I wont be surprised if i get induced as baby has hole in her heart which we will know if she needs to have surgery on 2nd may after my next fetal heart cardialogist ultrasound, I have midwife appt tomorrow and then a dr appt next wednesday the 17th so i guess ill ask both and see what they say im more then happy to be induced around 38 weeks  as long as baby is healthy that the main thing
thanks with info on insulin its just my whole fear of needles i know its weird and everything but yeah hopefully i will be alright but i guess will see how i go, I have had a few high reading during the day but cause my fasting ones werent below 5 she said i had to start insulin tomorrow i would of had to start it last week but i forgot to ring them

#91 Mamaof8

Posted 01 May 2013 - 08:45 PM

Hi ladies I'm new here, only being diagnosed 2 weeks ago with GD.I'm 34 weeks with my 8th bubba and this has been a real shock.They found it because bub is measuring quite large.
ATM I'm on 4xs a day testing and diet control and I'm finding it very very difficult to bring myself test as I'm a needle-phobe. sad.gifI'm trying so hard to keep my levels down because the thought of going onto insulin makes me feel ill.
The first week my levels were great but I was basically starving myself and I lost 2kgs in a week. I'm classed as obese so no one was worried.
After a meeting with the dietician she wants me to eat snacks but this week with snacks I've noticed my levels going up and I've had a few high ones sad.gifI'm petrified to go on insulin sad.gifI've given up so may of the things I like to eat and it's hard.
I have another scan in 2 weeks to check bubs size and see if ill be induced at 37 weeks or if ill need a c section, another thing I'm petrified off sad.gif.
Anyway that's my intro and whinge.

#92 CocobeanLillylove

Posted 18 May 2013 - 08:04 PM

I have been managing my GD really well all pregnancy. Today was a special occasion so I decided to forgo any carbs at lunch and had some dessert. Well now I regret that as my reading after 2 hours was 9.8! Even after briskly walking for 30 minutes after!
My previous readings have never been higher than 7 as I'm always very strict.

Will this once off reading affect my poor baby?

#93 kell-pea

Posted 21 May 2013 - 01:40 PM

Hi, just got a call to advise I have GD. Feeling alittle (alot) stressed. My Ob said 8 isnt to bad but we will keep an eye on it and gave me a name of clinic to get more info and testing kit, my GP's office called (Ob add's GP to all test results but I am not seeing GP for pregnancy care) in a panic stating I need to see my doctor today (which I can't so am going tomorrow morning) but the lady gave me this huge "don't you understand how bad this is? You must sort it out asap or you will hurt your baby".
I trust my ob he has been nothing but great but now my GP has me really stressed.

I have no clue as to where to start but will ring this clinic to book into an info session.

P.S. Cocobean LL - a once off high reading will not do damage (only if it continues high). I asked while I was on the phone to OB

#94 kell-pea

Posted 27 May 2013 - 12:23 PM

Well after my bumpy start -everything going well. Testing is not as bad as i had thought and levels staying under biggrin.gif

Hope everyone else is doing Ok?

#95 timtam7

Posted 18 June 2013 - 01:53 PM


Are there any pregnant ladies with GD around??

I've been diagnosed at 29 weeks (now 31 weeks) and found it easy to control during the first week or so, readings always below 4 in the morning and below 6 after meals, but as soon as I send the values to my diabetes educator and get the email back that it might get harder to control around 32 weeks, my values went right up. Coincidence? Stress? I don't know. But even my usual breakfast has sent me right up to 7.2 this morning and I'm not very optimistic that I can control it with diet alone. The fasting ones seem still fine, but the after meal ones are going up and up. I'm not too keen on taking insulin, but there might be no way around as I can't cut down on carbs much and am having low GI ones already.

This thing is dragging me down quite a bit and I am SO over people like my DP or MIL telling me it's not a big deal- surely not for them!!

Am wondering how you guys deal with it, do you manage to control it with diet, do you take insulin, did you have it in past pregnancies and did you get rid of it afterwards???

#96 TBen

Posted 27 June 2013 - 11:20 AM

Hi all, here to join in - I've just been diagnosed with GD yesterday. Picked up early (I'm 21 weeks) because bubby was pretty big at the 20wk scan, and there's a family history of type 2 diabetes, plus I'm overweight.

Still a bit shocked to be honest, even though I knew from very early on that it was a pretty likely prospect, I was just hoping it wouldn't happen.

I've got my first appointment with the diabetes educator tomorrow morning and I guess I will find out more about what I'm in for then. I do work in health though, so already been doing lots of reading.

I'm really not looking forward to adding extra food rules to the already extensive list of pregnancy food rules. Especially because I still have morning sickness and nausea and half the time can't find something I want to eat, let alone something that fits within the guidelines.

Timtam7 my DH was really annoying last night telling me it's not a big deal, and not understanding why I was upset - there's so much to deal with during pregnancy that adding something else to the load is really just too much for me right now. I don't think he gets how hard it really is being pregnant. sad.gif

#97 timtam7

Posted 02 July 2013 - 12:28 PM

TBen, Sorry to hear you have GD, too. How are you dealing with it, now that you have seen your diabetes educator? Are you getting used to measuring your blood glucose levels and are you able to control it with diet so far?

Against my fear, I am still able to control my levels with diet, but it is getting harder. I totally agree with you- there are so many restrictions during pregnancy already, having GD makes it just another bit harder. I had a bit of a meltdown last week when I sent my readings over to my diabetes educator and they got back at me saying the values are fine, but I should remember it can get worse around now as the insulin resistance goes up around 32 weeks. I shouldn't get complacent! They obviously have no idea to what lengths I go to do everything perfectly and what stress I am putting myself under. This email was so frustrating, that I decided I don't want them to supervise me anymore. Especially as it was the second time I got this threatened now. As last time, my readings went right up again, it is crazy how much stress can do to you. And I think nobody can really understand this if they haven't been in this situation. My DP is great, but I think it is hard for him, too.

But at least Bub's size was normal at the ultrasound last week, weighing about 2kg, so that was a bit of a relief!

#98 kell-pea

Posted 05 July 2013 - 12:16 PM

I have so far been able to control with diet but every now and again food that was ok suddenly makes me high (happens every few weeks-just when you think you are sorted).

Had a check up 3 days ago, Ob was very happy with my levels, weight, blood pressure then I get on the table for a scan and Ob is silent....bubs is still measuring 3weeks ahead of me (he didn't advise approx. weight).
Hubby then brings our 5yr old in to have a look & Ob just eyes him up and down, looks at me and said hmmmm must be genetic (hub is 6.3, 135kg and very solid) and your daughter is also very tall for her age. How big was she when born? 9.6p and 57cm long & no sign of GD I reply. another "hmmmmm, yes I don't think there is anything you can do you just grow big babies". huh.gif

Does anyone else have bigger babies?

#99 TBen

Posted 08 July 2013 - 03:19 PM

timtam7 - I'm doing ok - have had no problems with being under the targets after eating (averaging around 6.0), but my fasting levels are consistently high, no matter what I do. Generally they're around 6.1 or higher. So my ob has referred me to an endocrinologist and I've been told it's likely I will need insulin, at least overnight. At the GTT it was only my fasting level that was above normal too.

Still waiting to hear back from the endocrinologist - I phoned this morning and they told me the next available appt is in October, and I said that I have GD and am due in the first week of November, so it really needs to be sooner, and she said she would have to find my referral and will phone me back to let me know. Gee thanks! rolleyes.gif

I'm a little worried about how I'm going to go as the pregnancy progresses - still only 23wks! I guess it's good to get on to it early, but there just seems to be a long road ahead of me. I'm already feeling tired from trying to do extra exercise and spending so much time thinking about and planning food.

Oddly enough after speaking with my Mum about it, she's pretty sure she had GD with her pregnancies too, they just didn't test for it back then. Her first was the worst, his shoulders got stuck and he was pulled out with forceps. Then he spent a couple of days in special care cause he wasn't breathing or feeding well. The rest of us were induced a couple of weeks early and were fine, but it definitely sounds like at least the first pregnancy was affected. Poor Mum! She also got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when she turned 65, which is another reason we think she probably had GD.

#100 Miss_KT

Posted 11 July 2013 - 02:18 PM

Hi Ladies ...

Had an early fasting blood test (around 6/7/weeks). My results came back at 5.2 which my doctor said was low & fine.
I finally had my first appointment with the midwife at the hospital last week & they said the levels for GD have been reduced to 5.0, which will mean that I have GD.
My doctor does not seem to know about any changes, but when I spoke with the clinic they said they lowered levels about 12 months ago & it was an international change.
I have made an appointment at the clinic anyway to get advice on what to eat & not eat etc. But am really confused at why this is such a low level as most people are around that after fasting.

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