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Due in Nov 2012 Chat Thread #12

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#26 franno

Posted 01 October 2012 - 08:58 PM

Hi everyone! Long time ... I just just read through the new thread and glad to hear everyone is doing pretty much OK.

I am 34 weeks today and doing well. This is my 2nd week of work and loving it (although more exhausting than work). I don't think I have posted for a while so probably didn't mention that I got gestational diabetes too this time. I am finding it really easy to manage so stormgirl PM me if you have any questions. I haven't had to change my eating habits at all hardly. Luckily my Endo (Singaporean) worked in Sydney hospital for a number of years and they had such success with the program that there were studies done on them. The basic concept is strict eating times 3 main meals 6 hours apart. 3 snacks 3 hourly in between so I never feel hungry unless I am due a snack or a meal - its great. Supposed to be 70% of a meal at mealtime and 30% at snack time. The main other thing is that I walk briskly for 20 mins straight after eating the 3 main meals. Such a habit I don't even think about it. So far so good with keeping really good blood sugar levels and feeling great for eating so healthily.
On the downside I don't get to see any naturopath and have just gone from being monitored 4 weekly to bi-weekly so overall less support.
Might need to be induced early because of my Hashimotos apparently so I am just going to play everything by ear. Pack a bag and wash baby clothes over the next week.

Was great to see updates from Emnut on Henry (although not on the meltdown and his health ups and downs) because I have been thinking of you and wondering how you're getting on !!

Charlottesmum posted that the contractions had stopped but then a few hours later they had started up again so still no baby but still having contractions. We are the same due date so she has now reached 34 weeks today :-)

#27 chloe69

Posted 02 October 2012 - 11:22 AM

Charlottesmum - thinking of you! What a rollercoaster! I hope you get a surprise and all the pains disappear today...and that you carry until your due date.

#28 ABeautifulLife

Posted 02 October 2012 - 11:22 AM

Hi Girls,

I have been catching up on all the posts as I have only just got my computer back from the repairer.  Alot has been happening on here and I hope everyone is well.  This pregnancy seems to have flown by and now I am in single digit countdown ohmy.gif . Everything has been going well and I am off to my first midwife clinic visit at the hospital tomorrow.  We went and had our tour and met some staff the other week (we are new to this hospital) and were quite impressed.  It is not a very big hospital but the maternity ward has been recently renovated and is comfortable.  The birthing suite rooms are huge and all have their own bathroom biggrin.gif .  Last baby I had to share a bathroom and the other lady loved the shower as much as me so we had to tag team.  I liked the low intervention policy the midwives and doctors seemed to have and loved how they encourage you to stay at least 4-5 days.  Its like getting a well deserved holiday.  I always enjoy staying a few days, no housework, your meals are all done, the children come and visit for a while, midwives who are happy to mind the baby so you can shower in peace and the chance to meet some nice other new mums.

I ended up getting 2 3d/4d ultrasounds as the baby was not being very cooperative however both times I didn't end up with the best shots sad.gif however they at least only charged me once. The kids are getting quite excited about the baby and are busily thinking up quite unique names.  I still have to print out a sheet of names to go through with my DH and find some that we agree on.  

All the best ladies and I will update after my doctors visit tomorrow.

#29 emnut

Posted 02 October 2012 - 02:05 PM

Charlottesmum - hope you are doing ok you are doing so well to keep giving your baby every extra day you can.  

franno - sounds like you have things well under control

T.J. - so jealous of that belly

Hi to everyone else.

Last night not long after we got home from being with Henry we got the call that he was having surgery again so spent the whole night there last night (only good thing meaning today we are staying home).  He has apparently been stable since the surgery thankfully but did get to have a not very reassuring conversation with the surgeon about how Henry is going.  This time he has also had some healthy intestine removed either side of the perforation and infected intestines & he will be kept on antibiotics for a month rather than the 14 days they have been doing so hopefully that will make a difference.

#30 mellmatho

Posted 02 October 2012 - 02:59 PM

Just a quick update from me, will be back later to reply to all..

Last friday I had a growth scan, bub is growing well and was estimated at 4lb 14oz and apparently has very long legs(in the 80th percentile) and definately head down.

I then had my 34 week checkup today(currently 33+5) BP was fine, no weight gain, bub was being cheeky but a great heartbeat.

I am also being a test subject for med students this thursday lol

Edited by mellmatho, 02 October 2012 - 03:01 PM.

#31 Heather-Elizabeth

Posted 02 October 2012 - 10:45 PM

emnut - sorry to hear that Henry has had yet another setback. Poor bub.

#32 whatnamenow

Posted 02 October 2012 - 10:45 PM

Back in hospital again.  I have an infection somewhere causing babies heart rate to be a tad to high...  The are trying to track the source of the infection and rule out if it's something they can treat.  They also confirmed 20 min apart 60 sec long contractions.   It's going to be another long long night....

#33 chloe69

Posted 03 October 2012 - 07:07 AM

Emnut - you must be exhausted. bbighug.gif to you and your family. I'm sorry that you have to go through this.

Charlottesmum - how did you go overnight? Did things settle down? If not, I hope everything went well with the early labour.

ABeautifulLife - I'm glad that you found a hospital you are comfortable with. The ability to stay in hospital for a while and bond with your new one sounds like an excellent idea for you. I'm also going to try and plan it!

Mellmatho - thanks for the update. Glad everything is going well.

Hi to the other mums-in-waiting.

AFM - last week at work for me. I can't wait to relax for a while...I have envy reading of those who have finished up already.....though is anyone worried about the decrease in income?
My goals this week are 1) to find a good second car so I can get out of the house whilst DP has the car at work 2)Look at same baby names...I'm finding it hard not to be overwhelmed at the array and give up 3) think about packing my hospital bag....

What does everyone else have on the agenda? Any pampering packages happening in anticipation for not having time in the next few months?


#34 ABeautifulLife

Posted 03 October 2012 - 08:03 PM

Hi All,

I had my booking in visit today to the hospital, the midwife was lovely and everything is looking great.  Also very happy to report that I am exactly the same weight now as I was pre-pregnancy biggrin.gif which means I have been losing weight at the same rate as the baby has been gaining weight.  I have been doing this under doctors supervision of course and have found that I simply had to cut right back on sugar, bread and carbs and eat smaller portions. I am not hugely overweight however in all my previous pregnancies I have put on too much extra weight that unfortunately never shifted after the baby was born ( stupid eating for 2 myth rolleyes.gif ).  My energy levels have been so much better and my heartburn is nowhere near as bad as previously. Thankyou for letting me have my little skite, I really am very proud of myself and hope to continue this healthier lifestyle for a long time.  

Hope everyone is well and no new dramas emerge, and we all have smooth sailing from here on in original.gif .

#35 emnut

Posted 03 October 2012 - 09:55 PM

just   ph34r.gif  to see if there is any news from Charlottesmum.  Hoping things are going ok.

Having a really teary day today as the last of the babies born around the same time as Henry have now left NICU for either home or hospitals closer to home & we are nowhere close & even wondering if it will ever happen.  Him not having a great day hasn't helped my mood at all.  Going to see Madagascar 3 with DS2 tomorrow so maybe that will lift the teary, down mood I'm in & recharge the batteries a bit.

#36 chic mummy

Posted 03 October 2012 - 11:19 PM

hello all.

T.J- Thank you for adding me to the list, much appreciated, and your looking great in your photo with your gorgeous bump.

lozzylots - i hope your UTI goes away and i hope your asthma improves. Hopefully you wont have to have a c section but at least your dr has prepared you for the possibility.

stormgirl77- sorry to hear about your results

charlottesmum - sorry to hear things are going slow i can only imagine how exhausted you would be from going to the hospital than home than having the yo-yo'ing pains, i hope it gets better real soon for you, keep us posted if anything else happens. All the best.

emnut - xx bbighug.gif i hope henry goes well with his antibiotics to a quick and speedy recovery. im sorry you have to go through this.

catty81 - its great to hear that you are feeling better. its also good to hear your GD levels have been below target. yay for that. sounds like your going great  original.gif

suz01- sorry about work. thats not a stupid vent at all a very valid one at that; that doesnt sound like having that work load when your 37-38 weeks pregnant wil be fun. sorry to hear that. hopefully you get plenty of rest and relaxation before your baby makes it debut.

EDZ - sounds like it would have been fun catching up with old friends. hope you enjoyed yourself.

franno - great to hear your doing well, i hope all goes well and let us know what happens as to whether or not they make a decision to induce you. hopefully not.

Abeautifulife - its great to hear how well your doing. and that you have found a hospital you are happy with, i wish i had great energy levels i am very blah at the moment, thats the best way i can think of it.

AFM - i have 2 and half weeks left of work, yay and i cant wait i have been so exhausted that i have been coming home and napping pretty much almost everyday after work, and the air con at work doesnt work properly so i have been getting the hot flushes and dizzy head spins at work although im trying to keep my water up to help (and a calippo ice block helped at lunch today too hehe with the heat) as far as i know baby is still ok and behaving himself i can see him move so much more now so i spend a very long time after my nap staring at my belly watching him move around. i really think i will miss it when hes here although i want to give him a big kiss and a cuddle now which i can't so i cant wait to meet this little monster.
i weighed myself yesterday and i have reached the 10kg mark sad.gif im not overly happy about it although i guess after the baby is born it shouldn't be too hard to get to my pre pregnancy weight as ive been told that 10 kg is very normal so im hoping that i lose most of it as baby is born, i know its wishful thinking but one can hope.

#37 ~MakkaPakka~

Posted 04 October 2012 - 07:13 AM

TJ can you add me to the list  biggrin.gif
Name: MakkaPakka
Due: 19 Nov 2012
Baby: BOY

emnut:  sorry to hear Henry had to have more surgery, hopefully the antibiotics will help this time around *hugs*

charlottesmum04:  I have been keeping an eye out on FB, I hope that either the contractions settle down soon or you have bubs, the limbo land of pain and exhaustion must be driving you insane by now.

Me:  I have almost finished my last assignment *YAY*, also have been going a bit crazy with a cleaning frenzy as we have a house inspection due on monday so want to make sure all perfect.

The irritable uterus has decided to really ramp it up since just before the weekend.  Not really happy about it.  I  have been having constant braxton hicks every either 5 mins or 10 mins apart, thank god most of the time they are mild and managable, but afternoon/evenings they get really bad and it is like full on prelabour.  The good thing is that I am getting sleep at night original.gif

I have suffered with Irritable Uterus with the past two pregnancies as well, though it started a lot earlier this time around.  I am going to go insane by the time comes to due date, I remember the last couple of times I had turned into a cranky exhausted mess.  I am planning to try and relax for as long as I can and try not to think about it much.

#38 Ms_Jae

Posted 04 October 2012 - 08:26 AM

Morning ladies...

Not much from me really.. Got 2 appointments today.. one with diabetes educator and one with the OB.
I have started on lite n easy just to help me with my diet and sugar levels etc.. Its actually not bad.. bit on the expensive side, but I guess its worth it for bub..

Charlottesmum - Hang in there lovey... Try and keep that baby in as long as you can.. Thinking of you biggrin.gif

Emnut - Sorry to hear about Henry.. Hope he gets better soon  bbighug.gif

Hope you all have a great day.. Im heading to the beach for a paddle and a walk in this beautiful weather after the hospital visits..

Belly rubs..  hhugs.gif

#39 whatnamenow

Posted 04 October 2012 - 11:23 AM

Home from the hospital!!!

They have decided that my uterus doesn't like baby growing and stretching it. Basically anything from the baby kicking, to me walking or moving is setting off the contractions. The nefedipene is making them not open my cervix up though so i am home staying on that with strict orders to rest until i have my next outpatients on Monday.  The funniest thing is that even when the nefedipene does stop them for a few hours when they start back up again they start up exactly where they should be.  ( 20 past, 20 too and on the hour like they have been for the past few days)   But edging closer and closer to when she is due to come out anyway so special dinner tonight!!!

Thank you guys so much for caring while my family went through all of this.

#40 bubbatime

Posted 04 October 2012 - 12:05 PM

Hi all,

Can I please be added too!!!

Name: Bubbatime
Due: 7 Nov
Baby: GIRL

I often come in and read up on everyone but never get around to posting!  You are all so good at keeping up to date with each other. original.gif

Charlottesmum - Yay on being home!  You must be happy about that.  

StormGirl - good on you for the LIte n Easy, at least you won't have to worry about what you are eating and if it is right.  Good luck with your appointments.  

MakkaPakka - COngrats on "almost" finishing your assignment!  Such a great feeling.    Have fun with the cleaning...  An irritable uterus sounds horrible, I'm feeling more BH this time around but I can't imagine having them as frequently as you are.

MIsslizzie - enjoy your last two weeks of work!  I have one week after today and then I'm working from home.  I can't wait

Emnut - Sorry to hear about Henry. Hope you enjoy your Madagascar 3 outing with your DS2.  Hopefully some reassuring news is just around the corner.

waves.gif to everyone else.

AFM: Had an OB apptt on Tuesday and got sent to my hospital for monitoring due to reduced movement.  I also got told that I need to go to hospital if I have concerns like that again and not wait it out.  I just didn't want to waste everyones time.  Anyway, got to hospital, they hook me up and she starts kicking away at the monitors they stick on your belly.. Awesome, now I really feel like I've wasted everyone's time!  So, she has been kciking and fussing since then.  Very reassuring for me.  Told the MWs that I should just strap a rock to my belly and she can kick that and I won't have to worry!

Not long to go now.  Getting very excited and a little nervous too.

#41 ABeautifulLife

Posted 04 October 2012 - 07:09 PM


Could my details be added to the group list please.

Name:  ABeautifulLife
Due:  28th November
Sex:  Surprise

#42 chic mummy

Posted 04 October 2012 - 11:22 PM

waves.gif hello,

makkapakka - i hope you get to relax and rest up some more before baby comes along so you dont "turn into an exhausted mess" although best of luck completing your last assignment you must be very excited and just in time before november.

stormgirl77 - best of luck with your educator and OB appointment. i hope you check up goes well.

charlottesmum - what your going through sounds exhausting i hope resting helps ease the contractions a bit although ill be stalking you on here to see how your going. all the best xx

bubbatime - better to be on the safe side. same thing happened to me about a month or so ago and i waited it out as well, i was the same as you i didnt want to waste anyones time although i got an earful from my midwife so i felt like a naughty child as thats what shes there for. hehe she made me learn my lesson. im glad all is good and bub is kicking lots.

ASM: they guys at work today gave me a surprise baby shower so it was great and emotional. there goes my hormones again  Tounge1.gif and this little baby boy has been kicking boxing in belly im sure of it for the last 3 days non stop. i miss his gentle little kicks...   ive been getting teary all week so seems like ill be emotional till this little boy arrives although i just popped in to see how everyone is going and it seems like everyone is doing well.


#43 Ms_Jae

Posted 05 October 2012 - 07:21 AM

Hey ladies...

Well.. I am now on insulin.. Blah.. not the best thing.. Felt woosey after i had it, think i just have to get used to it..

Regarding lite n easy.. Its actually quite yummy.. Everything is there for you.. the only thing you have to provide is the skim milk.. The bread etc is all suppied.. so its worth it.. no shopping for me really. The dinners are frozen, but they are YUM! Had roast chicken last night, had roast potatoes, pumpkin, peas, cauliflower, and some seasoning.. all with gravy..

If you want to know more TJ, just let me know hun..

Its my birthday today and I cant have a damn birthday cake.. Which is p*ssing me off a bit.. lol been hanging for a cake sad.gif Oh well..

Glad to see you are home Charlottes mum... hugs for being so tough.. I would of exploded by now..

#44 Suz01

Posted 05 October 2012 - 10:45 AM

Hi Ladies,

Just a quick on as the boss is breathing down my neck... happy birthday StormGirl!!!  I hope you enjoy the day even with the GD!


#45 catty81

Posted 05 October 2012 - 10:47 AM

Hi girls,

Stormgirl - sorry to hear you are on insulin.  I haven't felt woozy from it.  What dose are you on?  I keep having to put mine up every day which is making me a bit sad.  Happy birthday too!  Maybe you could have just a really tiny piece of cake, it wouldn't hurt.

I did lite n easy after my last bub was born and lost 8kg in the first month.  it is expensive, but definitely worth it.  I don't think they deliver to where I live now or I would do it again.

#46 Ms_Jae

Posted 05 October 2012 - 11:46 AM

Aww catty.. Its yummy although I am getting hungry.. lol

Yes I want to have a little piece of cake.. but not sure if I can..

I am on 2 insulins.. one to take before bed.. and im on 6.. and another one i need to take before lunch and before dinner and im on 4 for them.. Due for my first one for the day.. sad.gif

#47 whatnamenow

Posted 05 October 2012 - 03:15 PM

Stormgirl..  Happy Birthday!!  Just think you will get something alot better than birthday cake soon.  I feel for you about medication side effects,  the nefedipene, makes me dizzy and headachey and nasuated.  It also gives me more hot flushes than a menopausal woman.  But just like your insulin its gotta be worth it for the reward we will get.

#48 emnut

Posted 05 October 2012 - 07:19 PM

happy birthday Stormgirl.  Sorry to hear about the insulin & hope the side effects don't keep bothering you so much.

T.J. - hope you had a good day at the beach - yay to everything going well.

misslizzie - enjoy the kicks while they last (says she who has only ever felt the small kicks).

bubbatime - glad all is ok & never feel silly about being worried about lack of movement - far better to be embarrassed checking it out & it being nothing than having that worry & doing nothing if there is a sinister reason for it.

AFM - Hard to believe but Henry is 9 weeks old already today.  we had a meeting today with Henry's main neonate paed & he has raised many concerns.  We are looking at probably trying steriods to get him of the vent as they want to attempt to minimise his time on it since while they help him stay alive it is not without cost (lung damage).  Also with his stomach, today it has become swollen & distended again which is one of the first signs of trouble brewing with the NEC.  The paed pretty much said straight out that often the outcome for babies who have more than one surgery (other than reversing the stoma) or large amounts of intestine removed is generally not good,.  Particularly with him showing signs of the distended stomach & his lack of growth etc, we had a pretty in depth conversation about what to do if he deteriorates again.  So now we are obviously concerned knowing that his drs are concerned about his lack of progress & really all we can do now is keep hoping that he still has a lot of fight left in him.

#49 Heather-Elizabeth

Posted 05 October 2012 - 10:11 PM

Oh emnut, so heartbreaking to hear. Hopefully he keeps fighting for you. Poor little man.

#50 hiccamups

Posted 05 October 2012 - 11:37 PM

Oh emnut, I just have to send you a huge cyber hug.  I am really sad to read your update.  I pray that things turn around and that little Henry is strong and growing as he should. x

Charlottesmum04, I'm sorry for your trouble.  I had similar with my second and it didn't ever end in labour for me.  I got to 38 weeks before he was delivered.

And hello to everyone else.  

I'm having this little boy on 30th of this month, which would be 38 weeks.  Very excited and hoping to not have any activity before that time.  Lately the BH are really intense and I am becoming so emotional and tired.  

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