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Due in Nov, 2012 Thread #11

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#51 BulaFiji

Posted 05 September 2012 - 11:59 AM

chloe69- thanks a lot I love the idea of "welcome to the world shower" thats great, if I dont get time to have a baby shower after the renos then I will def have one after  biggrin.gif
TJ- thanks for the swelling tip, I had swollen feet last weekend but they are fine this week.  Im at work and cant be bothered working, my shoes are off under my desk and I so wish I had my feet in a foot spa ahhh that would be so nice!
emnut- so sad to hear about Henrys surgery I hope that he recovers quickly, I cannot imagine how hard it is for you and your family going through all of this.  I prey that his heart closes and that he wont require any more surgery, he has been through enough  bbighug.gif
stormgirl - I cant believe the hospital has lost your records that is shocking, is that private or pub hospital in which state?.  
I cant believe Im 31 weeks, the baby room is slowly coming along, new carpets, paint, wardrobe and shelving.  Just waiting for curtains and this weekend I can finally start to put furniture in there and wash his clothes and put them in cupboards etc  Although again I dont have much time this weekend, Sat I have prenatal class all day and Sat night I have neices 2nd bday so only have Sunday.  Havent been feeling the best went to a friends bday sat night and ate finger food for dinner and it did not agree with me so Sunday morning I didnt make it to the toilet bowl and vomitted all over the floor, so poor DP woke up to a great fathers day present, having to clean it up and take care of me.  We were meant to go out to dinner that night but I was just too sick to.  Im over the vomitting but have been feeling soo tired and flat since, really struggling to be at work, at nights I feel so over it, uncomfortable in the tummy, tight in the rib cage and a bit nauseas, I hope the MS is not coming back.  I am not enjoying sleeping on my side, no matter how comfortable my bed is, I hate my tummy pressing into the bed, dont like using a side pillow either.  Baby has been moving sooooo much.  Starting to get frustrated with waddlling and weight of baby pressing on my bladder, need to buy some big muma underwear and Im sick of mine rolling down under my tummy!  I cant wait til he is out.  Im going to have 4dscan so looking foward to seeing him.

#52 Ms_Jae

Posted 05 September 2012 - 12:35 PM

Bula - Its public unfortunately.. the midwife that gave me a number to call to get my results after the saturday testing... gave me the maternity ward number.. not the midwife clinic one.. so I cant get results or anything until I go to my next app which is in 3 weeks..

#53 Turquoise1

Posted 06 September 2012 - 09:31 AM

Hiiiii Lovely Ladies,

Sorry I've been AWOL. I spent time catching up on allll of your news and it took me a while to re-log back here but I'm baaack.

Emnut - There are no words I can say that our other friends haven't beautifully expressed. I think you're AMAZING and we all look up to you. You are so strong and we can also listen to you the times you don't feel strong. I'm sending loving thoughts to your precious Henry. I truly hope you are being given the support you need in ALL areas or please demand it.

Everyone else, I'm happy I'm still a part of your journeys. Through the pains, challenges and happy times, we are well on the way to that special time when we visually fall in love with our little ones (does that make sense?). Anyway, my next important job is to finish my birth plan so that the exciting time is as close to my hopes as possible.

My good news - I'm loooving being back in Melbourne, indulging in girl time, preparing for Coconut and happy with my birth team. I've used Gumtree to find the great basic necessities on budget and my dream came true to finally have the best pram/stroller in the world (IMO) yesterday. I'll see my hospital midwife again Saturday - she'll be at my home birth. I was so nervous about meeting her as I'm keen on a natural birth but we really hit it off and our first meeting went for 2 hours as we enjoyed sharing ideas. The dr there insisted I do the glucose test which I had not wanted to do but I'll compromise and do it. My bloods and Coconut's measurements are good...although my blood count was slightly low so I hope this won't affect my homebirth intention. The rest of my time - preparing more than a kilo of documents for fiance's visa here.

My tricky news - fiance and I miss each other so much and we're nervous about whether he'll be at the birth. He was working 18 hour days on a yacht so he finally took time off to finish collecting documents, printing photos of us etc 2 days ago. Now we waaaaiiittt to see if he's accepted into Oz. My thoughts on moving the birth to Bali are confused - he doesn't want me flying late and I feel great about birthing here but I desperately want him at the birth. He's a 'hands on', strong, accepting of all physical issues guy and it is a gift for him to be there at his first son's birth so...we'll see.

Raining today so I'll tryyyy to put order in the unpacking here and plan for yoga/walking tomorrow. A few of the women I purchased baby goods from inspired me of the importance of exercise also to help move baby into different positions. I didn't know that if baby stays in one position too long (even while kicking/dancing as I call it), it can create physical damage so, bring on my swim/yoga!

Take care everyone - amazing we are all in such different situations, but so nice to relate!

#54 Caz2012

Posted 07 September 2012 - 03:50 PM

Hi everyone,

I am new on here and thought I would introduce myself and say hi! My first baby (a little girl!) is due on November 29.

Lovely having a support network of people who are due around the same time!

#55 lelula

Posted 09 September 2012 - 10:21 AM

Welcome Caz and Periwinkle, and welcome back Turquoise!

Emnut - how's Henry recovering from his surgery?

Stormgirl - how are you going with the SPD?

BulaFiji - how are you feeling after your stomach upset? Hope MS didn't return and you're feeling better now.

Not a lot happening here - for so long it felt like time was dragging and we'd never get to meet bubs but the weeks between 25 and 31 have just flown by. Two more weeks of work left for me and I'm hanging out for it. I'm tired of being on my feet all day. DH is officially working for himself now, from home. We're nervous how this is going to work out but it's definitely been really nice not having him leave so early and be home after me every day (anyone building/renovating in Adelaide and need plans done, I know where you find someone!!)

Everyone, hope things are going well and the third trimester exhaustion isn't hitting too hard. Lovely to see some sunshine here, hopefully the yucky winter bugs are getting killed off and everyone can be well again!

#56 chloe69

Posted 10 September 2012 - 01:12 PM

Lozzylots - yeah for finishing up at work in 2 weeks! Having the end "in sight" makes it a bit easier to hang in there. So you'll be 33 weeks when you go on leave. Any special plans/trips once you finish work?

Caz2012 - Adding my welcome! bbighug.gif A little girl for you at the end of November... wub.gif ....I know what you'll be getting a lot of for Xmas! Baby presents....makes it easier on the family I guess.....

TJ - sounds like your little one is having fun doing things their own way in there! What did they say about breech babies? Is it likely that it will turn before the birth? Do they do any additional monitoring to make sure? Glad that your BP is great...but the swelling doesn't sound good. So I understand you correctly....did you mean that there isn't as much fluid in your belly as there should be...but your hands have gone the other way and are swelling up?
Enjoy Forbes - but escape quickly if the hospital care is terrible....you don't want to risk it!

Turquoise1 - Glad you are enjoying being back in Melbourne and all it has to offer. Your do have a bit of a dilemma with wanting to deliver here but also wanting your partner to be here (both I can totally understand!)...I hope it gets resolved....can your partner come out on a holiday visa or something similar for the birth if you are still waiting to see if he can come out to Oz?..or would you go back to Bali to birth....I guess you have to decide quickly if your partner doesn't want you flying late term (and I think that they stop you after a certain number of weeks don't they?)......a very exciting, but busy, time for you both!

BulaFiji - you poor thing feeling sick.gif ....you sound like you are over it! Have things improved? I read somewhere that it can be more comfortable to lie on your side/stomach with one leg straight out and the other one bent for support. That way you aren't on your stomach totally but can still feel comfortable. You must be 32 weeks this week aren't you? Have you already had the 4D scan? How did the bub look?

Suz01 - are you just buying Mat bras now? I'm envious. My boobs went huge around 10 weeks and I give a sigh of relief everynight when I can take my bra off (and they are maternity ones). I went from a 12B to a 12E...along with the boobs and the bump I'm definitely front heavy!

Periwinkle87 - Welcome to you! How exciting that you are adding no.3 to your family. I'll be coming to you for all the tips as you must be organised to manage your mum role! I'm nervous about the move from 1 to 2 for me! Life is so easy with 1....one arm to hold them....one arm to hold the shopping (or open the door etc.,)....I'm struggling to see how life is going to work with 2 kids...whether they'll get on....whether no.1 will go through trauma when they are no longer the prime focus (at the local childcare there is this happy little kid who has now withdrawn and plays on his own since the arrival of his new sister....I want to try and avoid that!)
Are you planning a certain number of kids...or just going with the flow?

Stormgirl77 - how are you feeling now? Still doing it tough?

Hi to everyone else waves.gif . Has anyone heard from Emnut on how little Henry is going?

I was thinking that we should have a list of our due dates (some of the other due dat forums have them at the start of the thread)...as some of us are starting to get quite close ! I'm happy to coordinate it if someone knows how we do it...do we get a moderator to help out?

AFM - still trying to make the Private v Public delivery decision (I had decided to go Public and then wasn't entirely comfortable with my Obstetrician and so I'm going to see another one next week). In the meantime I'm seeing the Public Hospital Midwives which give really great care....if it wasn't for the fact that I want to stay in hospital a few days and have my own bathroon I'd go public again for this one!! I am getting worried that I'm leaving it a bit late to book in though....I'm told that November is an EXTREMELY busy month for birthday mums.....what was happening 9 months ago?

Take care

#57 JB001

Posted 10 September 2012 - 01:35 PM

Hi everyone,

I am also new here, and was wondering if anyone else has been told they are having a "big baby" my last child was 10 pound 7 oz, so this time they are monitoring me very closely. I had my 28 week scan last Friday and baby is measuring 29 weeks and 4 days! I am feeling very stressed about this. Not so much in regards to the labour as my daughter was a 3 hour labour (first pain to her being born) its more the comments I recieved after she was born. Being a bigger person myself I really feel upset when other people feel the need to comment on my "big bubba". Any one have any advice in dealing with this?



this is my 3rd pregnancy, i have a DS 9 years and a DD 5 years! Due 30th November and its a surprise! original.gif

#58 chloe69

Posted 10 September 2012 - 03:43 PM

JB001 - Welcome...and congratulations on your 3rd baby. I don't have experience with a "big bubba" except to say that I am one of those who has made a comment like that to friends....my friend has "big bubbas" and she is tiny. If the insight helps.... I don't mean it as any disrespect to her or her beautiful bubs.
I'm so impressed that you aren't worried about the labour....PLEASE share your tips. This is my second and I remember swearing to myself for my first that I was NEVER, EVER, EVER going to do this again. I've forgotten why....but I do remember promising myself that!  mad.gif Some people have a wonderful, empowering birth - me, I've discovered I'm a big wimp!

Ladies - I'm at 31 weeks and just read one of those "weekly emails". Apparently: ยท         Your baby passes about half a litre of urine into the amniotic fluid each day.

Oh, and is anyone still at 4 week appts? I read that we should be switching to around 2 week monitoring past 30 weeks.


#59 Suz01

Posted 10 September 2012 - 03:59 PM

Hi Ladies,

I also swore to myself never never again, and then found I was pregnant again and totally went into freak out mode, whilst DH was happy as larry....  They have no idea how painful it actually is.

I'm thinking about using a labour TENS machine this time around, will have to hire it now I think to get it in time!

I am also getting the "big bubba" comments, and from all sources including my mother.  I just say this baby is measuring on target as was my last baby so happy that I won't have all the issues that can come with a smaller baby.  It is hard, you definitely take it to heart, people are so judgemental.  I am due the same time as a number of people I see on a daily basis like the child carer at my daughters centre, and she didn't show or go into mat wear until about week 22!  

I've just switched to fortnightly appts, juggling shared care with my fab GP, and the local hospital I have at times pushed this out to 3 weeks due to timing of availability etc.  I feel fine, other than a cold... damn those people including my husband that don't realise the impact of the common cold on a heavily pregnant person... sneezing, coughing, and snot, plus weaker bladder control... nasty! And all with no drugs!

#60 whatnamenow

Posted 10 September 2012 - 06:34 PM

hi everyone,

sorry i havnt been around keep forgetting to come and check here. All is going ok here,  I had a small problem getting a comfy place to sleep and the extra relaxin is not doing well with my collagen defect but bubs is still staying put and my BP is holding up well.

suz01 have a look at buying a tens machine instead of hiring.  They are qute expensive to hire and the price to buy has come down considerably.  Look for one with 2 seperate 'lines' so that you can have 2 running at once ( one for lower back one for hips/belly/elsewhere) and also that the 2 lines should also be able to be operated seperately so that you can run different modes/strengths for the different area's.

Chloe69  there is a list somewhere here with all our due dates/details it would be nice if it could get put as a sticky so that it doesnt keep sinking down to the bottom of the threads.

lozzylots i am jealous of the maternity leave.  i get a 2 week break in a week and half's time and then can stop work once the dec/jan school holidays start mid dec.  Apart from that its our families running joke that this baby had better not come between 2 and 7pm weekdays because i'm going to have to cross my legs and that 7pm on friday would be the ideal time to go into labour because at least then i would have the weekend to recover before work.  biggrin.gif

#61 Ms_Jae

Posted 11 September 2012 - 09:46 AM

Hi ladies...
Im so feeling the aches alot.. My SPD is still sore mainly during the night and in the mornings..

This morning getting niggly pain around my hips and tummy.. So trying to just breathe.. Think hot water bottle will be coming out today..

10 weeks to go today.. Time has just slowed down.. lol..

Hope everyone is doing ok.. and hope Henry is still getting stronger each day emnut....

Belly rubs..

#62 lelula

Posted 11 September 2012 - 05:59 PM

Stormgirl - same with the niggly pains, and in the same kind of area (just read your post in the other section - didn't reply there as I don't know for sure either!). Last few days have been worse, I'm putting it down to Braxton Hicks as they are kind of crampy pains but not sure?? Warm bath with Epsom salts helped me a lot the other night, as well as the usual hip and back aches.

Charlottesmum - yes, I'm very lucky to be able to take leave at this point. It took lots of planning and saving but I'm glad we did now, I have nothing but sympathy for anyone who has to still be working, for whatever reason, at this stage of pregnancy. Glad all is ok with your BP too.

JB001 - I haven't had a scan since 19 weeks but bubs was just over a week ahead then. Judging by the sheer enormity of my belly she hasn't slowed down at all! (I've been getting "you must be nearly due" comments since about 24 weeks). If pregnancy has taught me anything, it's that there'll always be someone with something thoughtless to say and that you have to take that crap with all the good stuff. There will be plenty of adoring stares and comments for your baby so try not to concern yourself with the negative. As Suz said (and with all due respect to those who aren't as fortunate in this area), better a big healthy bub than a tiny sickly one.

Chloe - I'm doing shared care with my GP, and switch to 2 weekly appts now. No grand plans for my last few weeks, just have a lot to still get done around the house. A couple of nights away would be nice though original.gif

#63 catty81

Posted 12 September 2012 - 11:20 AM

Hey girl, it's either very quiet  here or very busy!

Welcome to the newbies!  Hope you are enjoying your pregnancies.

JB regarding "big babies" my DD was 9lbs9. Every time I go to hospital my previous large baby is mentioned.  I don't think too much of it considering I am 5'10 and DH is 6'5.  I am having a scan done at 36 weeks to check how big this baby is and they have already mentioned induction at 38 weeks.  I do have GD so I guess I could have an even larger baby this time.  

Try not to worry about what people say.  As long as your baby is healthy that's all that matters!

Is anyone else having problems with leakage?  I am waking up most days covered in dried whatever it is all over my chest.  So gross!

I can't believe how close we are getting.  It's so scary and exciting at the same time!

#64 Suz01

Posted 12 September 2012 - 12:53 PM

Hey ladies,

As I'm writing this no less than 39 guest users are viewing what we are writing... that is scary!

We finally moved the office out of bub's soon to be nursery - still no closer to having anything done to the room, least of all painting it and making is a place to love...  

I have yet another common cold... I seriously am deciding to not travel to any location that is cold and the people don't run heating in the rooms.  It just gets to Monday/Tuesday from the weekend I'm sick again!!  the cold and the pressure on my bladder have meant sleep is just not happening.  I think DH is going to find a new bed if I keep up with the tossing and turning!!  

Has anyone found that they are just struggling at this point?  Please give me hope that some of you are still bouncing off the walls??

Any ideas if you might go early or after your EDD this time around?  I'm due 19/11/12 and hoping for 10/11/12 or 11/11/12 cause DD was born 10/10/10 - its a stupid dates thing.....  I think reality will be 5 days over due - just to keep me guessing.  Trying to avoid being induced, which we narrowly missed with DD in 2010.

Edited by Suz01, 12 September 2012 - 12:54 PM.

#65 tanglez

Posted 12 September 2012 - 03:30 PM

Ha, it truly is either really quiet or there is a rush! Sorry sheer laziness and wanting to avoid writing an essay is stopping me from personals today! Welcome to the newbies though!

All is pretty good here, 33 weeks and looking forward to finishing work at the end of next week. Charlottesmum, I make an exception on the personals with you, my heart absolutely goes out to you having to work so long and not getting a break until the december holidays sad.gif I really hope you have lots of support around you because that would be tough.

I have had to ease up on yoga and pilates recentlybecuase my heartburn has been so bad I can't put my head down without feeling like I'll be sick (this hasn't helped sleeping either), but otherwsie cannot complain one bit. I haven't put bubs' cot up yet because I don't want to send him any messages that it is ok for him to arrive, I am not quite ready! As soon as I go on leave I will get the cot up, wash all his clothes, bedding etc and get the car seat in but not a moment before! Pretty busy preparing for the school art show, writing reports and trying to finalise my teaching registration but feeling good as long as I don't overdo things!

Belly rubs and well wishes to all!

#66 Samken

Posted 12 September 2012 - 04:37 PM

Hi All
Newbie here.

Just transferring from bubhub. The November 2012 girls have shanghai'd the group and moved it into Facebook and I don't do Facebook so no one to talk to there.  shrug.gif

This is my 2nd and it will be a DS.  I'm 30 weeks and while my 2nd trimester has been hell (colds and cravings) 3rd has started off great. Just tired in the afternoon.

I've started buying like mad because DD came 6 weeks early and I had nothing. It was pretty hectic.

I've also been cleaning out the study to put the cot and stuff and buying the necessities online.  I'm really into bamboo material.  

Well I look forward to hearing how every one is going.

#67 emnut

Posted 12 September 2012 - 07:55 PM

Hi & welcome to the newbies,

It sounds like quite a few are starting to struggle a bit now - having had both of mine before 30 weeks I can't even picture what it is like even having a pregnant looking belly.

As for us, still plodding along.  Henry is still struggling.  The heart issue is with a valve that usually closes in newborns when they are born or just before or something like that, but sometimes with premmies it doesn't & often these babies also end up having NEC like Henry has.  It is looking more & more like Henry is going to need surgery to close his.  His bowel ended up perforating in a second area so he had yet another surgery and had more intestine removed.  He finally seems to be picking up a bit although they have been trying to start him back on feeds since yesterday & he still isn't tolerating any at all.  We really want him feeding as he is a bit lower than his birth weight still now.  After having gastro today was the first day since Saturday what I have seen him & he at least looked a lot less puffy than when I last saw him so hopefully that is a good sign.  

I'm far too exhausted to even try personals other than to say hope those who are struggling physically somehow get some relief.

#68 whatnamenow

Posted 12 September 2012 - 08:49 PM

emut please contact your local Heartkids organisation  heartkids  they can provide infinite support and help understanding all the heart issues you are facing.  They truely are a special group of ladies for those of us heartmummies.

Tanglez dont feel too sorry for me.  I do have to work but have cut down my hours to about 18hrs a week and i do get some of that sitting/laying on the couch with my feet up. ( depending on if i can convince the kids to have some quiet reading/Wii/movie time)  The original plan was that DH could do most of it ( as he is registered to do so) but in some weird stroke of good fortune/disaster his tutoring business has taken off and he is suddenly almost as busy as i am.

waves.gif  Samken and welcome to our little group.  We do have an active facebook group but have been able to keep this going as well.

Cant wait till there are more baby announcements.  A conversation we were having on the facebook DIG was how soon is too early to install the carseats?  When is everyone else doing it?

#69 Heather-Elizabeth

Posted 12 September 2012 - 11:33 PM

Hi to all the newbies.

emnut- Hopefully Henry will continue to improve. He has had such a rough start.

Samken- Sorry your other DIG dumped the non-facebook users. We manage to keep this little group going at the same time.

I think a due list is a great idea. I know we had one with my last group. We also did a secret stork, where anyone who wanted to be involved PMed their details and we all bought a present for the baby of our secret person. Would people be interested in something like that in this group?

#70 Ms_Jae

Posted 13 September 2012 - 09:28 AM

Hey Samken.. Welcome original.gif

I have already had the car seat installed.. Are you guys doing it yourselves or are you getting it professionally installed??

#71 whatnamenow

Posted 13 September 2012 - 01:12 PM

QUOTE (StormGirl77 @ 13/09/2012, 09:28 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Hey Samken.. Welcome original.gif

I have already had the car seat installed.. Are you guys doing it yourselves or are you getting it professionally installed??

My boss is a qualified installer/checker so i will probably put it in and then get her to check it over when she does her compliance check.  Its a new capsule so i dont think the seat needs checking just the positioning.  I dont trust DH to do it at all, its not something that he's great at...

#72 JB001

Posted 13 September 2012 - 01:41 PM

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on my "Big Bubba" post. I have been struggling for a while with the worry of another big baby & peoples comments. However, after reading all your comments I am feeling much better. Plus, I have a student midwife who is absolutely amazing and thanks to her I now have a much better midwife in charge of my care!

Catty81- My Dr has also mentioned induction this time, which I have never had before - both times before i went OverDue by 10 and then 11 days! This time they are saying No to me going overdue! I am also having more scans, i still have a scan @ 32 weeks and @ 36 weeks!

Chloe69- Unfortunately I dont have any tips for why I am not concerned about the labour, all I can say is that with my DS (who is 9) I had an incredible midwife who really supported me thru his 10 hr labour, then with my DD (who is 5) it was only a 3hr labour so i really didnt have much time to think about it until it was over! Plus I think being pregnant is so much harder on me personally than the labour! Fingers crossed that your labour goes exactly how you hope original.gif

Emnut - My thoughts are with you and your family! Baby Henry sounds like a real trooper and I hope he continues to get stronger

Had my GD test yesterday and everything OK! Fingers crossed the dr wont make me do it again (already done it twice)


#73 MalibuZoo

Posted 13 September 2012 - 01:48 PM

Hi ladies,

Another newbie to this group.
I must admit have been reading for a while now but felt I didn't have much to contribute as things have been pretty smooth sailing.
I am officially due 29th nov but am always measuring ahead of dates.
I have a dd 4, and a ds 2.
We havnt found out the sex of this baby. I love surprises.
Looking forward to chatting to you all as we near the pointy end.


#74 mellmatho

Posted 13 September 2012 - 01:52 PM

Im still here:)

31 weeks today, and just brought our first box of nappies lol..

Carseat is being installed by dp prob over weekend other wise it will never get done. he has just started a new job and works 50hrs a week

Next appt with midwives is on tuesday, cant wait.. Gonna see if I can get a referal for anothe scan, as I desperately wanna see my little girl again before she arrives.. Its already been 12 weeks since I seen her.

#75 lelula

Posted 13 September 2012 - 05:41 PM

Welcome to the newbies!! Great to have new people join us even now.

Suz - yes, I'm finding I'm starting to struggle now. The fatigue is hitting me hard - I've made peace with the fact that a decent night's sleep is a thing of the past; also having some dizzy spells which I think is partly tiredness too.

Catty - leakage, yes. Not a lot and only one side (normal?? Who knows?) but for a few weeks now. Crop top and breast pads to bed the last few nights...

Emnut - we appreciate you stopping by to give us updates. It puts our woes into perspective, and I'm truly hoping Henry's health starts to improve. And sorry to hear you've been sick again yourself, it must make it even harder when you don't get to see him.

Charlottesmum - haven't done the carseat yet but it's on the to do list for anytime from now! I'm thinking we'll install it then get it checked by the local automobile association as they do free checks for members.

Tanglez - the heartburn sucks doesn't it? Mine has also been quite bad for the last few weeks.

Mell - hope you get to have another scan, I'm excited to see my little girl again on Monday - it'll be 13 weeks and it's just too long. At least we have kicks and movements now to reassure ourselves they're doing well.

I'm glad everyone has kept up with this group, I know it must be a lot for those on the facebook group to do both but not being on facebook I appreciate not missing out!! And I don't remember who mentioned it but a due date list for those still here would be a great idea, it hasn't been done in ages.

If I missed anyone, sorry, hope you're all well.

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