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#26 emnut

Posted 25 August 2012 - 07:53 PM

T.J. - jealous of both your baby bump & your cot  - love the bedding you've picked.  What did your ob say about the swelling?  Glad that you had the doppler for reassurance & it helped.

Tanglez - I've never made it that far into a pregnancy but I'm not sure that I would want that big a day and that amount of driving by myself at that point.  My friends that have been pregnant at that point have started being really uncomfortable so not sure they would have considered that much of a drive.

Chloe - DH was not overly involved in the pregnancy although was more wiling to take over doing things than I was to let go of doing them when I had to cut back.  As for going back to work, I don't have to go back as such and won't until Henry is home but I don't do SAHM well so was always in our plan that I would go back 3-4 shifts a fortnight once he was here.  We are lucky in that we both work shifts for the same employer but different locations (same job though) and have managed that one of us is always available to be with DS so it isn't like we are having to find care etc.

catty - sorry you failed the glucose test - are you being treated in having a modified diet or are there other things you have to do?

Stormgirl - love the name you have picked

Hi to everyone else - hope all is going well & babies are all sticking tightly inside.

Henry is still not a well boy at all & ended up having a blood transfusion today.  I had one couple of minute hold before he got really sick when his bed was being changed over which wonderful but nothing since.  Won't get to cuddle him again until he gets over this infection.  I've completely hit the wall the past few days emotionally - exhausted & struggling to deal with everything, melting down in tears whenever I see pregnant people (particularly those who are inpatients out the front of the hospital smoking) and just finding it really hard to cope.  Expressing 10-12 times each day for between 15-20ml total still isn't helping.  I really just want to see him start to be at a point where he is just needing to grow rather than the struggle he is having now.

#27 Lokum

Posted 25 August 2012 - 09:39 PM

Hi Emnut

Sorry to hear that Henry is struggling. It would definitely be nice if all your energy and his was focussed on gaining weight, instead of fighting infections etc.

Keeping you in my thoughts and sending him healthy wishes.

#28 Cracker12

Posted 26 August 2012 - 07:45 AM


Have fun on the babymoon/holiday!

I went overseas to the Cook Islands for a 10 night break a month ago after much agonising over it. Best thing I think my partner and I could have done. I got the Midwife and doctors OK, despite having a few complications. As this is my first child/pregnancy I really didn't know what to expect - but it was the break I needed.

Quick note, I did alot of research about travel insurance, if you travel overseas - we found the complimentary insurance we recieve on our CC - its a CBA card was the best one available. I was 26 weeks when we travelled.

Happy travelling and holidaying.


#29 Ms_Jae

Posted 27 August 2012 - 09:02 AM

Morning ladies..
Well I am starting to get really sore now down there.. My pelvic bone area aches soooo much and especially when I am in bed. When I want to turn over, it kills, and then pop, it cracks and oh my the pain.. What could this be? Could it mean bub is engaged already?

#30 lelula

Posted 27 August 2012 - 09:46 AM

Hi all! Very glad to hear I'm not the only one who wants the hospital to be rellie-free during labour. Thankyou, I was thinking maybe I was unusual so good to know others feels the same.
Got my glucose test results, all is good original.gif Really pleased as I wouldn't have been surprised if it hadn't been good news.

Stormgirl - great name choice, I love it! Not sure what the pelvic pain means?? I've been getting aching pains in my lower abdomen at night but it's not the bones... and for the last week I've tossed and turned all night to take the pressure  off each hip because they've started really hurting. And tossing and turning is not easy  when you have to take all those extra kilos of stomach with you each  time! Whether it's just the stage we're at that things are hurting more I don't know?

TJ - I'm with you on not sharing our name. We've had it picked since we found out we are having a girl, and blabblermouth DH has only let slip twice, once to a colleague and once to our SIL (ooops, lucky she's better at keeping secrets than we are!!). But when we were throwing names around very early on we also found people to be far too opinionated and it did turn us off some names we loved sadly, so we (ok, I) decided that we would keep it to ourselves. Oh, and you look fantastic!

Chloe - I have to say my DH has been amazing. He has taken over a ton of the housework, has looked after me when I have been sick, has made me dinner even after he's been at work all day and I've been home or had short shifts at work. Goes and does the occasional craving run to the shops, comes with me to all my appointments, is on hand for foot massages... I couldn't ask for more.

Emnut - so sorry to hear things are tough for you and Henry. I really hope it starts to get easier for you and your family. Thinking of you.

Catty - that sucks about your diagnosis. I hope you have a lot of support and it isn't too difficult. How are you being treated - diet, insulin? Hopefully it can be controlled just by your diet.

Tanglez - you're at the pointy end of your pregnancy and at 35 weeks will be even more so - do what you are comfortable with and everyone can just respect that. I doubt I'd want to do it, even now at 29 weeks never mind 35 weeks, so I don't think you're being precious about it at all!

#31 Suz01

Posted 27 August 2012 - 10:35 AM

Hi All,

I'm sore but not in the pelvic bone, I feel likes it due to the baby being positioned much lower than when I was preggers with DD.  Shame the old stomach muscles never went back to what they used to be... I guess that's life.

No news, good amount of movement, no gestational diabetes but have started to develop low iron... no surprises there.  I really hate the iron tabs and what they do to your body....!

I'm starting to really feel like this stage is TAKING FOREVER... it kind of feels like week 23 to 28 has been months and months long.  

Because we've said the gender of the baby, keeping the name between DH and I.

DH hasn't been into this pregnancy, loves the idea of the baby arriving, but really isn't the lay next to me feeling the baby move kind of guy.  I think we are a bit worried how we will adjust to baby number #2 and managing a two year old.  

Started to dig out my maternity bras to throw into a bag, and realised that I either never saved any breastfeeding tops or I just never bought any.  It wasn't even 2 years ago... what has happened to my brain!

Going to keep the hospital bag to a minimum:

1. black singlets/trackies
2. BIG black nickers and the maternity bras
3. Two cardies
4. 1x wipes & a few nappies (our hospital gives you the small bag of huggies)
5. 2 x 0000 set of singlets, wondersuits (1 x 000 same combo)
6. nice going home outfit for both bub and I.
7. couple of muslin wraps and a bunny rug.
8. cosmetics including facewasher and some flushable wipes in case down there is once again stitched up...

How's everyone else tracking in terms of nursery set up and major purchases?  We still need to move the office currently in 3rd bedroom outside to the man cave... so nothing has been done yet.

Hope Emnut and Henry are ok.  Always think of you both.

#32 Ms_Jae

Posted 27 August 2012 - 10:49 AM

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)..

I am pretty sure I have this.. Everything here is so correct.. not looking forward to the rest of my pregnancy now.. Pain will only get worse..

#33 Suz01

Posted 27 August 2012 - 11:29 AM

Stormgirl - do you ever wonder why pregnancy is as tough as it is?  And to make matters worse any condition or general health gets worse just as you need to be feeling better to take on a newborn!  I'm still having ok sleep, but I know what happens as I get further along, that becomes less and less quality to the point tiredness has already set in before the hard work of pushing out bub and then the fun begins!
ddown.gif  ddown.gif

#34 lelula

Posted 27 August 2012 - 01:22 PM

Stormgirl - you take very good care of yourself, if it is SPD i'm pretty sure there's a support thread in the Specialised Pregnancy Support Groups forum. Maybe check out what the ladies there have to say if you haven't already. Poor thing sad.gif

Suz01 - thanks for sharing your list, it's nice to know what other people are taking otherwise I'd pack the entire nursery and then some!

#35 chloe69

Posted 27 August 2012 - 02:33 PM

StormGirl77 - oh no, what can you do to make things easier on your body? Have you tried the sleeping with the pillow between your knees? It may take some of the pressure off your hips. Has your medical specialist suggested any solutions?

Suz01 - thankyou for the hospital list cclap.gif ...lots of helpful suggestions. do you take pyjamas...or sleep in the tracksuits? Are you taking in refreshments (lollies/juice boxes) to the labour ward?

We are at the same stage as you in getting the nursery ready. Our 3rd bedroom is currently the home office/spare bedroom but I've managed to convince a (screaming) DH that the computer/files have to go elsewhere...and he's almost there on getting the spare bed out. DH also has a 10 y.o. daughter who visits 4 weeks a year and this has been "her" room. MIL isn't happy that I am "kicking" her out and has suggested instead that our 2 kids share a room (we also have a 2y.o who has his own room currently). I'm not convinced on this as our 2nd & 3rd bedrooms are fairly tiny anyway (not large enough for built ins or wardrobes even) so 2 of them sharing wouldn't be ideal. I think I'll just go ahead and give them each a room.

Do you have any ideas for the nursery yet?

TJ - thanks for the photos. You look fabulous....and I just love the monkey theme. Especially that the soft toy monkey exactly matches the pattern on your bed. How is the dog going to go with the disruption?

lozzylots - your DH sounds absolutely fantastic. What is the secret to getting them to take on more housework and give footrubs? Do you ask or are they just offered? My DP is more conscious of cleanliness than I am and will do floors and the bathroom...but isn't tidy and will just dump things everywhere! It pushes my stress levels through the roof - I can't handle mess....especially when I've just spent hours putting things away. I think some people are "tidy" people and some people are "clean" and it takes some work to change them! I think that I need to relax a bit.......but for the moment I'm going to put it down to pregnancy hormones!

Cracker12 - a 10 month break on a tropical island! You lucky thing. ddance.gif . It sounds perfect and that it was something that you really needed. How is your pregnancy going?

Emnut - thinking of you and Henry. I hope the antibiotics did the trick and that you are also feeling better. I saw in your other thread post that your other son had been sick. I hope that things are back on track now.

AFM - Glucose test yesterday and Anti-D injection (I'm O neg so they give it as a precaution). Trying to come up with a name...for those who already have it decided - well done! I'm just at the tossing around name stage now - Zoe, Madeline, Ava, Isabella for girls.....Joshua, Henry for a boy.....nothing is striking me as perfect...but I have a while to go yet so I'm feeling like I have time on my side.....who else doesn't have a name decided yet?


#36 BulaFiji

Posted 27 August 2012 - 05:02 PM

TJ - thanks for putting up the photos, love the monkey theme soo cute original.gif I cant wait to start putting furniture in the baby room so I can feel ready.  Our 3 bedrooms have all been painted, new carpets put they feel so nice to walk on.  Just waiting for new curtains, and shelving to be put up in baby room then I can start filling up the room.
I got my new matress on Sat omg I feel like Im sleepping on clouds, what a relief it is to have a good nights sleep, I only woke up twice to go to the loo and only changed positions 3 times compared to the old matress  where I would toss and turn all night to get comfortable, my hips and back would hurt and I would wake up with numb arms and sore lower back, ahh its soo nice to have solid comfortable sleep, hope it stays this way!
Suz01 - your list is a great help I was wondering what to wear when when we go to the hospital and in labour, the midwive said that I can put on a hospital gown.  I must get myself some big black underwear as Im growing out of my underwear!
Stormgirl - sorry to hear about your SPD, I dont know much about it, but wish you all the best.  
TJ- were same. We told everyone the sex and I have promised DP that I will keep the name a secret even though I wish I could talk about it to some friends/family.  We had girl names all picked but I dont have any boys names that I am in love with, DP has picked name that he loves and I like it hoping with time I will also grow to love it.  
Cracker12 - ahh the cooke islands, Im at work dreaming I was on an island right now, good on you for treating yourself.
Tanglez - ah thats no good that others have been made redundant at your wk.  The advise I got was if we return to work and our roles have been restructed and no longer exists they can make us redundant if they have made others redundant, we are entitled to redundancy packagea and we cant make a claim as its not pregnancy discrimination. I hope this does not happen to both of us and that when we return they realise just how much they needed us so we have our job to return to and not have to worry about looking for work:(

I had a great weekend, I went to a fantastic 40th bday and had so much fun and caught up with a friend from Melbourne who was visiting.  It was sooo nice to go out and have fun and enjoy the sun rather than renovate or clean.  I have been so tired working full time and renovating that it was sooo nice to just have time out go out and have fun, even though last night I felt guilty that I didnt get time to clean the house, do grocery shopping or unpack items stored in boxes back into my bedroom and computer room, there is always next week, I just hope that we get the baby room done in time.  I really wanted to have a baby shower at home, given its my first but I havent had any time to arrange it and my house is upside down with the renos.  Is anyone else having a baby shower?  Could I have a baby shower after baby is born?
Cant believe Im going to be 30 weeks tommorrow far out!
Is anyone else doing anything for their partners for fathers day?  Im going to take him to dinner Sunday night.

Edited by BulaFiji, 27 August 2012 - 05:06 PM.

#37 lelula

Posted 27 August 2012 - 07:27 PM

Bulafiji - yes, my sister's doing my baby shower. I wasn't fussed about having one but her and my SIL insisted. I'm not into the games and stuff so they are pitching in and doing a high tea together. Looking forward to it. My workmate had intended on having a baby shower but ran out of time so thought she'd just do it after. Her twin girls are 16 months old and it hasn't happened...

I'm useless at posting pics, wouldn't know where to start, but anyone else intending on sharing bump pics? I'm curious to see how the bumps are growing!! And TJ's photos have inspired me to get on with the nursery original.gif

#38 whatnamenow

Posted 27 August 2012 - 08:51 PM

QUOTE (lozzylots @ 27/08/2012, 07:27 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I'm useless at posting pics, wouldn't know where to start, but anyone else intending on sharing bump pics? I'm curious to see how the bumps are growing!! And TJ's photos have inspired me to get on with the nursery original.gif

We just did this for our pic of the week on the facebook DIG..  WIll try and sort it out to post mine up sometime tomorrow.. I won I won!!

I am laying here tonight watching my belly bounce with Isabella kicking away in there, its rather mesmerising.  Had my first outing in my new wheelchair today, my pelvis is now too unstable to be relied upon to keep me upright all the time and my OB and physio are worried that the next fall i have might hurt bubs so wheelchair for outings it is for the rest of the pregnancy.  I keep telling DH that its a small sacrifice to make for the next 11 weeks to get the reward thats coming but its not easy dealing with the stupid looks from people.  DH and i did have a blast today though hitting the shops with his not so great driving skills almost bashing me into certain things alot of times.

#39 tanglez

Posted 27 August 2012 - 09:45 PM

OMG 31 weeks which means the count down is in the SINGLE DIGITS... Can you believe it?!?! Thank you to all the replies re: the road trip and day out, very much appreciated! Sometimes all we need is some validation from complete strangers lol!

Bulafiji - so glad you had an awesome weekend, don't let that uilt get you down, you have your whole life ahead of you for mother's guilt and it sounds like exactly what you needed!

Chloe - YOU know what is best when dealing with who sleeps where in your house, MIL is entitled to her opinion and YOU are entitled to ignore it! I personally think you are right anyhow! I like all the names you are tossing around, you do have time and maybe you will see him/her and just know!

Stormgrl - OUCH, you poor darling sad.gif I hope someone somewhere can help you find some relief and rest. Definitely seek out some support as a pp said, even if it is not that, they will certainly have some tips and wisdom. Take good care

Suz01 - like you, we are keeping name secret after blurting the gender, unlike you, time has FLOWN recently, too fast in fact, feeling a little unprepared! We do have the cot and car seat purchased but still setting up the kids room (bubs will have to share his room with half siblings every second weekend so gotta get the bunks up etc) Having baby shower in aout 4 weeks which feels late but only time I have so will have to do! I think the fact that you are thinking about how you will manage #2 means you have a great chance of managing well, regardless, I wish you all the best adjusting!

ozzylots - yay for good glucose tests and high fives for awesome partners! I laughed at your description of tossing an turning, you almost need to build momentum eh!!!

Emnut - as always, you are in my thoughts. Wishing you all the best and some peace.

AFM - little bubs gave me a scare on Sat. At my regular check up he decided to have a crazy high heart rate so they put e on the fetal heart monitor for forty minutes and then decided to send me off for more monitoring at the hospital just to be safe. So much for a Saturday of shopping, lunch with dad (was meant to be the day my racist father finally met my African partner) and dvds, ended up spending 5 hours attached to machines! Thankfully all is well and bubs was just having a spazzy free for all moment keeping us on our toes! Suffice to say, it has made the decision for me about the road trip, NOT WORTH IT! I only get these last precious weeks with him ONCE and I refuse to jeapordise that.

Belly rubs to all!

#40 Heather-Elizabeth

Posted 28 August 2012 - 10:39 PM

I don't get in here very much at the moment, but just wanted to say I'm thinking of you emnut and hoping Henry gets better soon. I really hope things pick up for you and him soon.

#41 mellmatho

Posted 29 August 2012 - 02:23 PM

Had my checkup with midwives today

Im able to deliver up here (I have a bmi of 36)!!yay,
have gained 2kgs since last appt 4 weeks ago, bubs hb is 120 and she is laying sideways still, measuring 30.5cms at 28+6. and glucose results came back fine at 5.8:). Have booking in appt at hospital on tueday and then next appt with midwives is on the 18th sept.

#42 chloe69

Posted 02 September 2012 - 06:30 PM

Bulafiji - if you can't fit in a Baby Shower you can have a "Welcome to the World"shower after the birth of your baby and introduce the bub to all your friends and family. I had a friend who did it and it was a nice idea.

TJ - I'm impressed with your amount of exercise.....though that is bad about the swelling of the feet.

mellmatho - that is good news for you - you must be quite relieved to be able to deliver close to home.

Tanglez - My goodness...you poor thing - what a scare! 5 hours on a machine to find out...you must have been beside yourself. I'm glad everything worked out well in the end.

charolottesmum04 - how is the "L" plate driver going with the wheelchair steering. Are you over being in the chair yet? How are you feeling otherwise?

Lozzylots, EDZ, Suz01, stormgirl77, Cracker12, Emnut - hello. I hope things are going well!

AFM - GD test fine, so I'm keeping up the chocolate intact (I figure it can't be doing me that much harm!). I can't believe how quickly some of the tickers are turning over for some of you ladies! Wow! Below 60 days......


#43 whatnamenow

Posted 02 September 2012 - 08:01 PM

Chloe69 DH is slowly learning although on Friday at zaraffa's he did push me into someones poor legs while we were waiting in line for coffee.  As for being sick of it then yep i am over it but i am 30 weeks tomorrow so figure not to much longer to go.

#44 whatnamenow

Posted 02 September 2012 - 08:01 PM

Chloe69 DH is slowly learning although on Friday at zaraffa's he did push me into someones poor legs while we were waiting in line for coffee.  As for being sick of it then yep i am over it but i am 30 weeks tomorrow so figure not to much longer to go.

#45 hiccamups

Posted 03 September 2012 - 01:09 AM

Emnut, I am so sorry you're having such a hard time.  Your dear little Henry, I wish him every strength to recover from this infection.  Thinking of you. x

Stormgirl, SPD is horrible.  I have it but I've managed to keep it a little under control with weekly Chiro appointments.  But movement is very limited.  I barely do anything I don't have to.  It's the only way to avoid pain.    I feel so much jealousy for those people who swan around all fit and able when they're pregnant.  I am like a crippled whale.

#46 Ms_Jae

Posted 03 September 2012 - 10:09 AM

Yeah Toots.. Mornings and during the night are the worse, when my body is resting.. Then when I want to get up and pee during the night which is often, it kills walking until the bone cracks..

Waiting to hear about my GTT results AGAIN.. Went to the hospital on Friday for obs check up and the dr says why didnt I get my GTT done.. I said I did have it done, which was weeks ago.. Apparently somewhere.. results didnt come through or were lost.. Argh... Sooo I had to have it done again on Saturday.. Not happy!!

Im so ready for this baby to come! original.gif

#47 emnut

Posted 03 September 2012 - 07:46 PM

Hi all - hope all the dads & dad-to-be had a good day yesterday.

Stormgirl - how annoying with the GTT.  hope it comes back all ok

Chloe - glad your GD test was fine

T.J.. - glad you have found something to help with the swelling

mellmatho - that must be a relief that you can deliver where you want to

EDZ - thanks.  Hope you are going well.

Tanglez - how scary for you - glad all is ok.

As for us, Henry had emergency surgery on Friday & had 16cm of intestine removed - now its watch & wait to see how he recovers sad.gif  He will have to have further surgery in about 4-5 months as well as possibly looking at surgery to close a valve in his heart medication doesn't look like is closing.  For at least the next couple of days he will e left as is & heavily sedated so getting frustrated with waiting & being so helpless.  It's hard to believe he's a month old today & still shouldn't be here for more than another 2 months.  Add into the mix a very unhappy DS1 who is acting out a bit & I'm looking forward to the day that Henry can come to the hospital closer to home even though that is probably at least 5 weeks or so away now.

#48 Periwinkle87

Posted 04 September 2012 - 10:29 AM

Hi All, i am a new member and thought id pop in and introduce myself. Im due Nov 27 with my 3rd little one. I currently have a boy 3.5yr and girl 14mth, so going to have my hands full. Hopefully will have a bit more time to pop in later on and read a bit more about you all original.gif

Edited by Periwinkle87, 04 September 2012 - 10:29 AM.

#49 Ms_Jae

Posted 04 September 2012 - 05:16 PM

Welcome Periwinkle.

Do you know what you are having? Look forward to seeing you around the board original.gif bbighug.gif

#50 Suz01

Posted 04 September 2012 - 09:00 PM

Hi all,
Welcome Periwinkle. Yes you will have your hands full!! How have you been coping this far along with your littlies?

Emnut, good to hear an update, a shame about Henry 's surgery, I know you wanted to avoid this, and the emotions you would be experiencing, I cannot comprehend! Thoughts with you.  bbighug.gif

No news from me. Just washed the new 0000 and 000 baby clothes and bought some mat bras. I'm finally working my way through the big list in my head.

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