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Due in Nov, 2012 Thread #11

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#101 tanglez

Posted 20 September 2012 - 07:38 AM

Oh wow, another huge flurrie of posts and no time time respond! I have read them all however and am wishing everyone the best of luck at this time, whether you are feeling slugglish, counting down days til the holidays, resting after hospital scares, giggling over unborn farts (lol!) or ENJOYING CUDDLES WITH BUBS So very happy for you emnu and so grateful you took the time to update us!

Two days to go for me until leave and what a week to end on! We had an art show at school so I have been working 12 hour days since last week ARGH. My poor hands are aching from carpal tunnel syndrome (mostly it has not been an issue but with all the hanging of art it has flared up big time!) My to do list has grown smaller but will unfortuantely have to finish some work in the holidays, have kept the fun stuff like putting together my students' picture books for holiday work!

I am going to miss being pregnant even though I am super excited about meeting bubs. Trying to be really mindful of these last six weeks and cherish the kicks and peaceful joys!

If anyone knows of a place that sells hot maternity bras please sing out, I refuse to be relegated to the land of ugly underwear just because I want to breastfeed!

Belly rubs all round!

#102 Alacritous~Andy

Posted 20 September 2012 - 10:44 AM

Hi everyone,

I am still around, and still lurking, but tend not to keep up in these chat threads.  But I have come out of hiding for this:

QUOTE (tanglez @ 20/09/2012, 07:38 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
If anyone knows of a place that sells hot maternity bras please sing out, I refuse to be relegated to the land of ugly underwear just because I want to breastfeed!

Hot Milk
Cake Maternity (these are gorgeous, and great if you have bigger boobs)
Bendon (I got a really soft, pretty BF bra by Bendon at Myer for 40% off when I was BF DS).

Thanks for the reminder, I need to stock up on a few new bras.

#103 mellmatho

Posted 20 September 2012 - 12:13 PM

Ill be back later to full read, but in responcse to Liz about dp/dh's

My df just started working full time 50hrs a week, he leaves at 6am and doesnt get home till sometimes just before 7pm..
Ive been finding that with him gone I tend to stress a bit more and feel like im not doing things properly.

#104 Ms_Jae

Posted 20 September 2012 - 01:25 PM

Speaking of bras etc... would those ahhh bras from big w be any good for the growing boobs after bub comes along.. I need to get some and just wondering would they hold properly.. Just curious?

#105 Alacritous~Andy

Posted 20 September 2012 - 03:17 PM

QUOTE (StormGirl77 @ 20/09/2012, 01:25 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Speaking of bras etc... would those ahhh bras from big w be any good for the growing boobs after bub comes along.. I need to get some and just wondering would they hold properly.. Just curious?

Are you planning on breastfeeding?  I can't imagine that'd be easy to get your boobs out, that's all.  

I got some super comfy breastfeeding crop top things from target that were great for overnight and round the house, but weren't as supportive as a "proper" bra, so I didn't like wearing them out, because I felt like my boobs were flopping around a bit. Lol.

#106 Ms_Jae

Posted 20 September 2012 - 07:39 PM

haha TJ.. I am the same with granny pants lately.. Anything else feel tight.. lol..

Might get breast feeding bras and the others and see.. Im big so to speak so yeah want the comfort & the support.. lol

#107 justonemore‚ô•

Posted 20 September 2012 - 10:23 PM

Evening all...

Sorry, no time for personals but speaking of maternity bras, I lived in the Bonds ones in my last pregnancy and will need to get a couple more for this one. I found them to be super comfy, especially when the milk comes in and all you want is comfort  wink.gif I didn't want to spend a fortune on bras especially when my boobs turned into nothing after DS2 lol it's nice to have them back at the moment biggrin.gif

#108 chic mummy

Posted 20 September 2012 - 10:32 PM

I've bought a few bonds maternity bras aswell and they seem comfy although I miss my nice/ sexy bras as well but I can't find anywhere that stocks enough of the hot milk brand for me to try some on.

#109 Elle-Jade

Posted 21 September 2012 - 12:27 PM

Wow so many posts I can hardly read them all but i just realised I havent given my details. I'm due on 22 November and we're having a girl.

Misslizzie- that sounds very scary with your braxton hicks scare. Hope your feeling much better now and that your little one doesn't get too eager and decide to come early. A lady from my work was due a week before me and she went into labor over the weekend and had a little boy but they are both doing well thank god. It really makes the scare of early labour seem much more real.

And speaking of maternity bra's I've decided to borrow bras from my mum untill I'm almost due cus I figure then I'll know more what size my boobs will be before spending too much on bras that I just swell out of. I find the fact that my underwear size is increasing into the scary nanny panties more freaky than anything else, but I found the target seemless highrise undies atleast have some funky patterns so I dont feel so frumpy.

Also my clothing is now a uniform of black maternity leggings and long singlet tops anything else feels too tight and horrible even my track pants are getting a bit hard to squish into haha.

And the most annoying part is not being able to do things like clean the shower and weed the garden, before now I've been pretty mobile probably more than I should have been but now I'm at the point where my tummy wont let me or I get down on the floor and get stuck and my husband has to help me up hahaha I think its fairly obvious this is my first pregnancy.

Hope everyone is doing well and not running themselves too ragged with work and organising for their little treasures.

#110 MalibuZoo

Posted 21 September 2012 - 02:46 PM


Elle jade - hi and welcome. Can relate with you about being uncomfy. It's only going to get worse unfortunately.

Storm girl - hope your mid appt goes well tomorrow and Gtt come back clear.

TJ - your lucky your midwife will support a natural breech delivery. My sister was the same in melb.. She was never given the option was just told she would be having a c section. Unfortunately where I live there are only 2 private obs and neither will support a natural breech delivery. Hopefully as with my prev births I have arrived at hospital almost fully dilated so with any luck if bubs is still breech will be too late to organise a c section. Maybe wishfully thinking but it's my main worry at the moment. Enjoy your weekend at your parents. Just read your update. Glad to hear bub is head down now. Yay

Emnut - I'm a newbie but went back and read your story. Sending you much strength for you and little Henry that he grows stronger every day. I hope you got lots of pictures taken of your first cuddle.
My friend had a little boy 18mths ago born at 28wks weighing 770grams. Their nicu road was long but he is absolutely thriving now.

Charlottes mum - sorry you had such a crappy ob appt. that man sounded like such a pig. Hope you do t have to deal with him again. I may be joining you on the spinning babies website.

Mellmatho - glad to hear you had a great appt and your little gummy bear is in a nice position.

Makkapakka - hope you get that vbac if that's what decision you make.

Lozzylots - you will always come across those rare few people who love to talk negatively about pregnancy etc. not very appropriate to discuss it I front of you at YOUR baby shower. Besides that I hope you were spoilt and got some lovely things.

Chloe - that was me with the choc causing indigestion. Not stopping me from indulging though.
I'm the same with bein unorganised. Still have to get bassinet and think about where they at actually going to sleep! And still can't decide on a name.

Bula Fiji - Your comment about baby farts made me laugh....I guess it's possible.

Misslizzie - hope you are still getting plenty of rest. It is very common to feel sluggish towards the end. As everything gets all squashed up. You will get some relief once baby has dropped down into the pelvis. Being emotional is completely normal too. No one can really explain the pressure it puts on your relationship with you partner.

Tanglez - hope your enjoying your last few hrs of school. Maternity leave yay.

Thanks to those who have been discussing bf tops etc....must add those to my list

Afm - won't see my ob for another 3 weeks. Hopefully my baby will turn for me by then. The thought of having a c section scares the life out of me. Will go with the safest option though of course. Spent the day on Wednesday at the Henty field day so trying to put my feet up today. All the walking around has put so much pressure downstairs. Ontop of the Brixton hicks its a good reminder that things are not too far away

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#111 chloe69

Posted 21 September 2012 - 04:36 PM

Hi Ladies - for those not wanting the nanna knickers.....Target used to have maternity undies...I'm assuming that they still have them....no lace and ribbons...but comfortable white cotton...

Just pointing out I'm not anti nanna knickers....but the less covering my bump the better for me...I have to wear maternity stockings during the day and it is such a relieft to get them (& my bra) off at night.

TJ - great to hear that bub is head down and close to being fully engaged....keep your legs crossed at your Mum & Dad's this weekend (34 weeks oomg2.gif !!!! things are getting close). That was interesting about the 10 movements a day....I don't think that I would get 10 movements a day?...or if I do then I don't notice them...somedays yes, but somedays I think....what is this baby doing? So glad I had a recent scan (32 weeks) to check everything was on track or I think I'd be stressing....it should keep me sane for at least.....oh, say 2 weeks?

Elle - Jade

And the most annoying part is not being able to do things like clean the shower
and weed the garden

I think that is one of the perks of pregnancy - embrace it!

MissLizzie - regarding the Maternity Bras...do you live in Sydney? Myers in the city does a great fitting service. Also.....I hope DP gets on board soon! I've read that pregnancy can make men react in ways that women find hard to understand sometimes...but they come around in the end. For my first pregnancy I thought it would  be all romantic walks on the beach in the sunset holding DPs hand whilst we talked about our babies future.....and for some couples it is....but that wasn't my reality....a lot of the time I thought I was dealing with this on my own and came to resent it....but people just deal with things in different ways...it does help to express what you are feeling...either to your DP...or if you can't do that...to a friend or in here.....

Mellmatho - those ours by your DH sound awful. sad.gif . Is it just a temporary thing?

Alacritous Andy- your signature makes me well up everytime I read it...not just in this forum but in other posts you have made on EB. I have no idea why...I just read it and think..."how beautiful"....did you make up the wording?

Malibuzoo - bassinette off the internet and in your bedroom for the first 6 weeks is always a good default position if you can't make it to the shops. Well done for lasting the day on your feet at the Henty Field days.....

AFM - I'm sitting here eating salty chips (oh no!...but boy are they hitting the spot) and wondering how much weight I've put on.....some people use pregnancy as a reason to eat 100% healthy...me, I've discovered potato chips as an afternoon snack (and last night I discovered Magnums as an after dinner snack....I think I'll keep that going for a few weeks). Anyone else worrying that they aren't eating what they should be?


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#112 chic mummy

Posted 21 September 2012 - 06:35 PM

T.J. - you made me laugh  laugh.gif yes i agree thinking of it that way. whats sexy about swollen, veiny, leaking boobs... i guess it could be like a really nicely wrapped present with a not so pleasant gift inside  tongue.gif
its great to hear that baby is head down 4/5 engaged. i had an issue a month and a half back where i was feeling close to no movements and the scan indicated that its because my placenta was probably absorbing most of the kicks because this little boy is like a little soccer/boxing star always moving around. now that hes bigger i can feel him so much more. It could just be his positioning. but yay not long to go now.

Elle-Jade - haha you and i are the same i can bend down only so much and then back up in super slow motion the other day i was unpacking things out of boxes and packaging that all the new baby stuff came in and i was sitting on the floor. I had to call DH to help me up.

MalibuZoo - hopefully your baby has turned by your next OB appointment. seeing as none of us are that far so hopefully fingers crossed that all babies turn ready for their big debut.

chloe69 - thanks so much about myer in the city. it didnt even occur to me seeing as all of the others myers aren't that great in their range but i will try myer in the city maybe once one my little boy is born so i know what size ill be with all my milk. and now thanks to you i want salty chips as well haha.

as for myself - my dh is still a little distant i know he is excited and really looking forward to our son but i wish he knew how to express that excitement better. he has never really been much of an affectionate kind but right now i need him to be, im just not feeling the support. he is a little like me in the sense that something doesnt seem real till its here. yes im pregnant, and yes i have the belly and you can see baby moving but for my DH it will all be so much more real once hes here. but it sucks because i can feel our little boy and i its so much more real for me than it is for him. i cant wait till hes here. My dh will be taking a week off of work so that should be great considering he won't be stressing about work. im looking forward to that "family time" with our new arrival.

#113 catty81

Posted 22 September 2012 - 11:32 AM

Hi girls, there is just too much here to respond to!  i am having trouble concentrating lately...  i have read everyone's posts and I will just say "hi" and hope you are all feeling well and enjoying your pregnancy.

my doctor called yesterday with latest iron test results.  the test can't pickup anything less than 5 so i have no measurable iron in my blood at all.  well that explains a lot!  i'm having an iron infusion on wednesday and hoping i will be a new woman after that!

it's a beautiful sunny day here, hope everyone is having a great weekend!

#114 tanglez

Posted 22 September 2012 - 02:17 PM

Happy happy weekend everyone! What a sensational day it is too, the sun is shining, my puffy feet have discovered Birkenstocks and are happy and I am on holidays (actually I no longer have a job and no idea of when I will work again or what I will do, but am treating that as an amazing experience filled with endless possibilities!)

I have had bra success and indulged in some hot milk and cake lingerie as a present to myself! One of the Cake bras is so unbelievably soft and comfy original.gif I'm in Melbourne, way out Mornington Peninsula way and found a brilliant collection at Preggi Central. Will also get some bonds when there is a sale somewhere!

Ok, some personals are in order!

TJ - fab news about bubs being head down, now lets keep it that way wink.gif Have a fabulous weekend away too

ElleJade - completely relate, have been so mobile and active but am starting to struggle getting back up. Treat as a good excuse not to do all that stuff, time for the other half to step in and step up I say! Besides, if you overdo it you could risk going into labour early and you don't want that so, put your feet up, demand to have them massaged, eat ice cream and read a magazine!

Malibuzoo - Hope your feet and body have recovered from your big day out! It really is getting closer and closer to the big day and I hear you on the c-section, yet I also know people who will ONLY do it via c-section, go figure!

Chloe - I am going to confess that I have been atrocious in my eating habits original.gif I have made sure that I ate sufficient fruit, vegetables, wholegrains etc but then have possibly eaten my weight in icecream and will still eat chocolates despite the horrible heatburn! I am going to do a bit of a detox closer to my due date to get ready for operation eat healthy and lose baby weight, but am giving myself two more weeks of yum yum yum!

Misslizzie - It is so hard when you are needing affection and support from your partner and you are not getting it. I hav definitely found I need MUCH MORE affection, acknowledgement and support at the moment, not sure if it is hormones, the upheaval that is about to happen or just the enormous phsyical strain and changes. I try to look at it from their perspective, although we have so much to deal with, we are the ones who are so blessed to experience, they miss out on that. I wonder if maybe they feel left out or something and that is why they are distant. Who knows, but whatever the case, it is TOUGH. Give yourself lots of love and acknowledgement, it doesn't make up for it, but it does help somewhat!

Catty - fingers crossed the iron does the trick, you must have been exhausted with such low levels!

Time for sun and fun.

Belly rubs all round!

#115 mellmatho

Posted 23 September 2012 - 09:27 AM

QUOTE (chloe69 @ 21/09/2012, 04:06 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Mellmatho - those ours by your DH sound awful. sad.gif . Is it just a temporary thing?


Maybe in a few weeks when everyone is used to the shop being open, but for now its permanant, he is the manager so has to work 50hrs no matter what..

#116 Samken

Posted 23 September 2012 - 06:33 PM

Hi all.

Wow what a lot of things going on out there.

I'm 31 weeks, 32 on Tuesday and due 26th Nov but as DD came 6 weeks early I'm trying to organise everything now just in case.

Thanks for the tips on maternity bras.  I find it odd that I look about 36 weeks but my boobs still fit comfortably in the bras I started with.

Seeing OB this Thursday and will find out how im going but haven't had any of the funny feelings I had with DD prior to her coming so still cruising fine.

Did a whole pile of weeding today.  Feel almost virtuous. Baby is moving gently every so often.

Had my hospital tour on Tuesday.  Made sure I knew where the observation room was because the last time that is pretty much the only place I was.  Never really got to see the plush birthing rooms then.

Well will check in later.

#117 meifong16

Posted 24 September 2012 - 11:19 AM

Hi Ladies,

How is everyone doing so far? I finally went to the Birth and Parenting class last Saturday and I find very informative and helpful in some ways original.gif

Anyway, they did mention about modern cloth nappies (MCN). Being a first time mum, I don't really know much about MCN. Has anyone of you try them? What are your thoughts and recommendations?

Lastly, when do you think we should start buying maternity/nursing bras? I've been wearing wireless bra since I was about 12 weeks preggars I think coz so far, it has gone up a cup size Tounge1.gif

I wonder if it will get any bigger?????

#118 mellmatho

Posted 24 September 2012 - 11:53 AM

QUOTE (meifong16 @ 24/09/2012, 10:49 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Hi Ladies,

How is everyone doing so far? I finally went to the Birth and Parenting class last Saturday and I find very informative and helpful in some ways original.gif

Anyway, they did mention about modern cloth nappies (MCN). Being a first time mum, I don't really know much about MCN. Has anyone of you try them? What are your thoughts and recommendations?

Lastly, when do you think we should start buying maternity/nursing bras? I've been wearing wireless bra since I was about 12 weeks preggars I think coz so far, it has gone up a cup size Tounge1.gif

I wonder if it will get any bigger?????

Ive been wearing maternity bras since about 17 weeks, They are more comfortable then normal bras

#119 BulaFiji

Posted 24 September 2012 - 05:15 PM

Hello Ladies
I like reading about everyones comments on bras.  I bought a nice sexy lepard print mat bra from target and a plain white one. I dont find mat bras comfortable at all.  The back straps are so thick and chunky, even though they are wireless by the end of the day I go home and take them off as they feel so annoying and tight, it feels so good to hang loose!  I prefer my wireless non mat bras.  I must try the breastfeeding singles with bras or crop tops, hope they are comfy.
AFM - The first 5 mths I was really good with my diet but lately Im like you I have been enjoying salty chips and magnums mmmm yum I could do with a magnum now!
EllyJade - Im 34 wks and struggling too.  In my lunch break I walked to the mall and I struggled to walk back to work (5 min walk took 20 mins) my heart was pounding fast, I walk soo slow waddle as my body feels so heavy, baby kicks me hard and I have to sit down.  I get so tired and cant do things like I use to.  
DP has been so busy renovating, on the weekend our laundry got new plaster and there was white dust from the plaster being jackhammered everywhere, all over furniture in the kitchen and loungeroom. I tried to get down on the ground to clean it and found it hard to get up.  I gave up and said to DP that I just cant do it and made him do it.  Even though he has been sooo supportive, he has been working 7 days a week and with the renos he is exhuasted and hasnt had as much energy to give me the attention that I need, but I understand that he is exhausted too tyring to get everything finished before baby arrives so I try and not be hard on him, but still ask for massages and comfort.  As of today Im slowing down, Im sick of finishing work and going home to do renos til 9pm, I need to rest as I dont want baby to come early.  So tonight Im going to go home and put up my feet and get DP to do the food shopping!

My babys head is engaged which is great.  I had my 4d scan and I loved seeing my boy, even though I felt sorry for him he was sooo squashed and they found it really hard to get good shots of his face, no wonder he kicks me so hard, he must have his dads long legs and has no room to stretch!

I had a weird freeky incident the other night I woke up and felt like I had a mouthful of flem, I spat it out into a tissue thinking it was gastric reflux as I always wake up with salava and have to spit it out.  My mouth filled up with flem again, so I went to the bathroom to have a look and was so shocked I looked like something out of a horror movie, like a vampire after a feed.  My mouth was full of blood and blood clots.  How scary I thought I had internal bleeding but it was just my tooth/gum that was bleeding.  The lovely pregnancy hormones makes my gums sensative, went to the dentist and he said I have gingivitis so I must make sure I brush and floss the best I can even though it makes me gag. Its so hard going to work, coundown 3 weeks til I go on leave.

#120 ~A2~

Posted 24 September 2012 - 11:23 PM

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