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Due in Nov, 2012 Thread #11

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 17 August 2012 - 12:25 PM

Hi all

New thread time

Previous thread



#2 j-gray

Posted 17 August 2012 - 12:34 PM

Gold! Woo

First time back in a while and I win I win ! original.gif

Hope everyone is doing well. 27 weeks now, and off to Hawaii tomorrow! Very exciting. Hopefully DS will sleep on the plane on the way there (wishful thinking I know!).

#3 Suz01

Posted 17 August 2012 - 01:24 PM


A holiday, I can only dream - enjoy and travel safe.

#4 bubbatime

Posted 17 August 2012 - 04:34 PM

j-gray - enjoy Hawaii!  I am trying to convince my friend to get married there so I can go over again. Wishful thinking me thinks.  Hope your DS sleeps at least a little while for you.

#5 catty81

Posted 17 August 2012 - 05:23 PM

J Gray oooh you lucky thing going to Hawaii! Hope you have a fantastic time original.gif  I am so jealous.  We are expecting snow where I live and it is soooooo chilly.

#6 chloe69

Posted 18 August 2012 - 09:08 AM

Enjoy the holiday in Hawaii.....
Anyone else planning a baby moon?chloe

#7 j-gray

Posted 18 August 2012 - 10:19 AM

Ladies I highly recommend a babymoon, particularly if it's your first.

A friend of mine is doing a 'staycation' where they're taking a week off work and just doing stuff around the house that they've been meaning to do for ages, going out for meals, going to the movies etc etc. Great idea!

#8 whatnamenow

Posted 18 August 2012 - 04:29 PM

We are doing a babymoon but I worry that we have left it too late all things considered.  We are just doing a week on the sunshine coast in 4 weeks time.  Its one of my last work functions for my other 'job' helping manage an online support group/forum.  We are holding a group meeting/BBQ like we always do once a year in QLD.  Luckily people will be very supportive of me turning up in a wheelchair and like i told DH at least i will be bringing my own chair to the bbq....

For us it was important to do something because we were meant to be going on a cruise with the kids until we fell pregnant alot earlier than we planned ( were TTC but didnt think we would be successfull first cycle)  Since we now cant go we promised the kids a trip to their favourite resort instead.  With 3 kids, My sister, her DP coming up and other friends of our promising to take a drive up to meet us i dont know if it will be much of a honeymoon/babymoon for us but i guess its something.

#9 mellmatho

Posted 19 August 2012 - 03:51 PM

we went on a babymoon last month, took our 6.5yr old to Ballarat and Melbourne for 5 days original.gif

#10 chloe69

Posted 20 August 2012 - 11:31 AM

Oh....I want to go on a babymoon! hands.gif What is the latest you can fly at? I did a domestic flight last week and they didn't question me (at 27 weeks though I look like 34!)...so I figure it must be quite late in pregnancy... I've been trying to talk DP into a week in Fiji but so far he hasn't budged (it is hard for him to get time off work)....maybe I'll just suggest a small weekend away.

Charlottesmum - a pity about the cruise.....perhaps something to plan for once the baby is a bit older?...a week at your favourite resort sounds great though....I bet the kids are excited!

AFM - I've been organising my mother to come and stay around the Bub's due date so she can look after DS whilst DP joins me in hospital. She lives around 6 hours away...and we are relatively new where we live and so I don't feel comfortable leaving DS at someone elses house...anyway...it is quite hard to plan when you don't know when the baby will arrive! I'm due Nov 15th. I've been told that they won't let me go beyond 40 weeks (due to my age I think)....and my first came right on time...so I've asked her to plan to come a few days beforehand...hopefully I've timed it right...I imagine as the time gets closer I'll panic and ask her to change it to 2 weeks in advance just in case!!!

The other thing I've been thinking on is Xmas. Someone mentioned that they had started doing Xmas shopping now as they wouldn't have time closer to the date - I think this is a great idea and I've put it on the mental "to do list". The other aspect is that our babies will be between 3-8 weeks at Xmas time (depending on when we you are due in November). We usually travel down to my sister's house and everyone gets together there....but I'm not sure that I'll want to leave the house and so am thinking of asking for a change of venue to our house. It will mean lots of house guests though...which could be just as stressful if I'm finding breastfeeding a challenge! What is everyone else planning for Xmas?...or is one of those things to plan closer to the date?


#11 BulaFiji

Posted 20 August 2012 - 04:53 PM

Hello ladies its been a few weeks since I have been on here, busy times.  I  cant believe how much I have missed.
Emnut - Wow big news, Congratulations on the birth of Henry, I feel sorry for you not being able to cuddle him and feel tired just thinking about what you are going through travelling back and forth to the hospital, I hope he grows quickly and can be in your arms real soon, lots of hugs to you.  Cant wait to see a picture of Henry the 1st  baby from our Nov group biggrin.gif
Rubylilysum - Im so sorry to hear of your loss, I cannot imagine what you are going through.
Suzy C - hope your stomach muscles are getting better, thanks for the good advice I have to use my arm strength to get up from bed.
Franno - what us ladies have to go through, I think we all deserve to get a day spa and get pampered if we can make some time after the birth our bodies go through sooo much.  I cant stand my odour and the smell of my wee some days yuk!  I have been pestering my DP to give me a trim for weeks now so Im looking foward to seeing if I have changed colour.  My nipples have gone dark brown they look awful but DP loves them, I hope they go back to normal?  My skin has some discoluration on my face and my back/arms are a bit spotty with heat rash so not liking the way I look so I can relate to you.  
Turquoise - I hope you have gotten over your bali beli ahh thats awful I had it when I was in Bali and it took 4 weeks to get completely over it, I cannot imagaine having it while your preg.  Robin sounds amazing.
Charletsmum - feel for you, you have been through a lot and it has made you strong, I prey that things get easier for you.
stormgirl- Im same I get days like today where Im hungry all the time, baby must be growing.
Sorry if I have missed anyone else I have too much to catch up on here!
I cant believe Im 28 weeks and have 11 weeks to go, so much to do still.  3 bedrooms have been painted, new carpets will be installed this week, then we can put furniture back in and start to do up baby room cant wait to see a baby room.  Still have plumbing problem and no laundry sick of dealing with insurance company cant fix it til the insurance company get back to us with what they are paying for, so sick of dealing with them, 2 insurance assessors later and still no action.
Things at work are u bit up in the air, after standing up for myself I have kept my office which is good but now I heard that they are thinking of not getting a temp and sharing my job with the other admins in other interstate office, which wont work as someone needs to physically be here to run the office. I just dont get their thinking.   Im thinking of taking 6 months wish I could take longer but may not afford to. Hope I have my job to get back to. I know that they have to offer me my job or equivalent role when I get back from maternity leave but I really dont need to worry about them saying that there is no need for an admin after the role worked well remotely from other offices.

Ahhh a babymoon what a great idea, we should all have one.  I dont feel comfortable flying but a BNB will do, hope I can afford one after all the renos and baby shopping.

#12 lelula

Posted 20 August 2012 - 06:11 PM

Yep, highly recommend the babymoon too, we had 5 days in Melbourne last month and I'm really glad we did it while we could. Also got some really nice maternity clothes which just wasn't happening in Adelaide!! Would love just a quiet weekend away before baby arrives too, we'll see what's left in the shrinking budget.
Had my glucose test today. Arrived to find they had given me all the wrong info for the test, I was told I had to fast and do the 2 hour test, but then got there and told I was meant to be doing the non fasting 1 hour test. Grrr..... boring dinner and no breakfast for nothing! Oh well. The drink was nowhere near as awful as I'd been led to believe luckily, but the glucose definitely went to my head and woke bubs up!! Results on Wednesday, hopefully all good.
Mentioned to DH's family this weekend that I don't want anyone waiting at the hospital while I'm in labour. It'll just be me and DH in the room, but my SIL had 4 people in with her, and nearly the whole family - her own and inlaws - waiting in the hospital waiting room while in labour. I can't imagine anything worse... They were really surprised and SIL even said she thought it was weird, but they did acknowledge it was my decision and obviously they'll respect it. Even DH has admitted he thinks it's a bit strange and although he is 100% supportive, he can't seem to understand why I want it that way. I just don't see why having a baby has to be a community event! Am I being weird? What is everyone else's plans?

#13 tanglez

Posted 20 August 2012 - 07:00 PM

Can not recommend a babymoon more highly original.gif We spent 10 days in Bali and it was exactly what we needed in terms of having time to connect with each other away from all the pressures. We are also planning two nights in a hotel in town early October as we had booked tickets for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra anyways (before finding out about bubs) and it coincides with my patners b'day and not long after our anniversary, so why not we say! Plenty of time to be frugal and have no choice about money!

Sorry for the lack of personals, about to skip out the door to the gym! Feeling much better after getting some sleep over the weekend and actually starting to realise how much I have loved being pregnant, I am on a mssion to cherish every last moment I have left, and it is not long now... 10 weeks! Go on babymoons everyone and enjoy your wonderful remarkabe bodies!

#14 Suz01

Posted 21 August 2012 - 09:42 AM

Hi Ladies,

Sounds like everyone is enjoying the end of trimester 2 - babymoons galore!  I'm starting to count down the weeks left of work - and was surprised to find I've only got 10.  We are going to have to paint our place too - althought that will mean having to vacate for a couple of days to allow for the painter to come in and work his magic.  We only recently plugged up the old evaporative vents in the ceiling so there is putty marks everywhere.  That's my excuse for a freshen up anyway.

I don't think its weird to ask people to stay away whilst you are in labour at the hospital.  We waited with DD until she was born to tell the news to immediate family.  I was like a cat - ran away to have the baby, checked that everything was ok and then called.

This time we will have to juggle DD, and are thinking of calling my mother two hours drive away to come once we are convinced labour has started.  Fingers crossed it will be a suitable time biggrin.gif

Any word on emnut and henry?  

Take care, Suz.

#15 chloe69

Posted 21 August 2012 - 12:52 PM

Lozzylots - I'm with you...I don't want people in the waiting room whilst I'm in labour...and I can't imagine why they would want to wait there anyway...it isn't as if they can do anything productive....and who knows how long labour is going to be!

Good Luck with the Glucose Test results on Wednesday! biggrin.gif

I just read in the hospital brochure that if you want kids in the labour ward you have to get permission from the hospital....I hadn't even thought about someone wanting to have their kids around during labour...I'm wondering whether it would be beneficial or traumatic for them?

BulaFiji - sounds like you are getting through lots of renovations. 6 months maternity leave sounds like a long time...but I'm sure it will fly by. I'm taking a similar amount of time off...but I'm anticipating (unfortunately) that I'll be made redundant whilst on Maternity Leave.

Tanglez - I'm impressed that you are still managing the gym. Have you had to change your program to accommodate your bump?

Suz01 - 10 weeks isn't long to go...are you looking forward to leaving work or are you going to miss it? How long are you taking off for Bub?

Hi to all the other mums to be!


#16 BulaFiji

Posted 21 August 2012 - 02:39 PM

lozzylots - Im with you too, I dont want any family members there while I am in labour.  My sister wants to be there, she had a c and asked me to be there as soon as she got admitted she is so excited and wants to come to my scans and wants to be there at labour but I understand its exciting for our families and they want to be there for support but there is nothing they can do and I dont want to see anyone until I am up for visitors after having some alone time with baby.  Im having a hard time trying to find nice maternity clothes in Adl too.  I bought a few nice work clothes from Target but was dissapointed with small variety and prices in other stores.  I saw some nice clothes on asos online but I hate buying clothes without trying them on.  I have a formal 40th to go to this Sat and none of my formal wear fits me sad.gif

Chloe69 - I hope your work does not make you or I redundant thats just cruel.  If they do happen to make you redundant while on maternity leave Im sure you can put in a complaint under the equal opportunity Act its illegal to discriminate against pregnancy.  If others in your workplace are also made redundant then it has nothing to do with your pregnancy and you cant claim. But if you are the only one that gets made redundant then you have a claim, you are entitled to return to your job or equivilant when you return from maternity leave.  If you need contact numbers for free legal advise PM me and I can give them to you, good to get advise just as a backup!  Lets just prey that we both dont have to go through that we have enough to take care of.

I had my glucose test and all good hooray I dont have diabities and my liver test was all normal too which is such a relief as I had really itchy feet and hands and was hoping it was not liver related, im glad that has passed.  I still have low Vit D, so need to take Vit D liquid, hope we get some sun soon.

I have been getting more uncomfortable sleeping on my sides as Im a backsleeper, wake up with numb hips and arms, tosing and turning.  When I get up after lying or sitting for too long my lower back hurts.  I must start to do some physio, yoga or pregnancy exercises.  
Tanglez - im impressed with your fitness.  I watched a tv show where ladies were saying how they believe the preg physio and exercises helped them stretch and they were more fit to handle their labour so I really need to do some stretches as I feel so unfit I sometimes get short of breath from talking.  Have you also experienced tightness in the ribs and stomach and find it a bit difficult to breath and get comfortable?  Is anyone else doing preg exercises and feel they are benefiting from it?

#17 tanglez

Posted 21 August 2012 - 08:25 PM

[/size]Hello hello!

Suz01 – Hope the paint job makes home feel all fresh and newand the last ten weeks of work are an enjoyable breeze!

Chloe – That must be an awful feeling to worry about beingmade redundant L IHope that is not the case, and if, your suspicions are right, may it be anopportunity to move into something much more fitting and rewarding. I reallydon’t know how long I will be off work or if I will even return to the sameworkplace, teaching is not the kind of job I imagine would be easy as a parent.Will be having my annual review on Friday so hopefully find out my options.

BulaFiji – Great news about the glucose test! Hopefully yourvitamin d levels will improve as the weather improves too (and if not, at leastyou can enjoy the sunshine!) I know what you mean about maternity clothes, theyare so darn expensive for something you will hardly wear. I am sick of myclothes and limited wardrobe, but it is a small price to pay.

Lozzylots – good luck with test results, the drink wasn’ttoo bad eh! As for your SIL, I think it is weird that she thinks it is weirdlol! The ONLY person I want at the hospital is my partner, everyone else canjust wait. I don’t know what state I will be in and if I will want visitors,besides, it is such a precious and sacred moment that is already made far tooclinical without having to deal with other people’s expectations and needs. Theycan sod off and wait their turn!

AFM – I cut my working hours down this week, from 40+ to 38+,probably should have pushed for more but I am keeping my leave up my sleeve incase it gets towards the end and I simply can’t work. For those that asked, Ihave loved going to the gym. All I do now is yoga, body balance and walking butI feel it makes a big difference. I have not had many issues with back ache andI think part of that is all the stretching and core strength work. Myinstructors are wonderful, have given me adaptations throughout pregnancy, andone is actually pregnant, a few weeks behind. Even though I am somewhat fit, Istill get out of breath, think that is more baby pushing up on the lungs ratherthan fitness! In general I have been blessed with a wonderful pregnancy so ithas made keeping up gym easier, it has just been tiredness and work that getsin the way!


#18 whatnamenow

Posted 21 August 2012 - 08:59 PM

QUOTE (chloe69 @ 21/08/2012, 12:52 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I just read in the hospital brochure that if you want kids in the labour ward you have to get permission from the hospital....I hadn't even thought about someone wanting to have their kids around during labour...I'm wondering whether it would be beneficial or traumatic for them?

All i can tell you is from my experiences with the birth centre with my previous deliveries.  There it is encouraged that the whole immediate family is there.  They not only have the queen size bed for delivery ( partners to stay in overnight as well) they have a pull out sofa bed for any children to sleep on.  I didnt have my kids witness my last births as they were very young but DS has already asked ( and been dissapointed) that he cant watch this one being born.  Then again i have raised a good little natural birth advocate because he also told me he cant see why i have to be at the hospital at all.

#19 Ms_Jae

Posted 22 August 2012 - 10:07 AM

Hi guys... Just a quick one to say not alot is happening.. Argh.. Wish bub would hurry up.. lol..

Hope the 3rd trimester is a good one..

Belly rubs

#20 emnut

Posted 22 August 2012 - 11:45 AM

Hi all, popping in while I am having a day off seeing Henry since I have a bit of a cold atm.

Stormgirl - take advantage of the boring pg - wish I was having one

tanglesz - I know that DS's school (primary) has several teachers who are mum's of young children - we have 3 grades (out of 15 total grades) that have 2 part time teachers.  I am friendly with one of them & she finds it fine.  

Suz01 - you'll probably be finishing work not all that long before I will be back at work depending on how Henry goes.

Lozzylots - I'm with you on not wanting them all around - even though a bit different with Henry still being in NICU I haven't seen anyone yet.  Family are bugging me now to come see him so I'll probably let a grandparents to come visit this weekend.

Hi to everyone else - jealous of those having a babymoon.

AFM - Henry is having a bit of a rough time atm.  He has developing an intestine infection called NEC so can't have any feeds & hoping that he will be ok with antibiotics but there is still a possibility of him needing surgery to remove part of his intestines that is being monitored.  We are obviously really hoping this doesn't happen.  On the good news front, he has had a couple of brain scans that have showed that a  minor brain bleed he had in the days following birth has resolved itself so shouldn't cause any problems.  We are really feeling the difference between the extra weeks & size that DS1 had compared to Henry at the moment - DS1 had a really cruisy ride through NICU/SCN overall.

#21 chloe69

Posted 22 August 2012 - 03:50 PM

Emnut - it must be incredibly stressful for you at the moment. My thoughts are with you and your family...and little Henry. Good news about the brain scan....and I hope that he doesn't need surgery to remove part of his intenstine. Look after yourself as well and get over your cold bbighug.gif .
Do you have to go back to work soon? Is there anyway you can take more time off...or are you looking forward to being distracted?

StormGirl77 - do I read your ticker correctly that you already have the name picked (and agreed with DH) for your new bub? Well done! I'm bowing to your level of organisation. cclap.gif I haven't started thinking about names yet...I'd better get to it. With my first DS we took the baby book to the hospital and opened it up once he was born...the name we picked was perfect for him....luckily! I want to be a bit better prepared this time.....because you can love a name one week and then be sick of it by the next!

charlottesmum04 -  that is great that your hospital encourages the whole immediate family to be there.....who looks after the kids in the final stages of labour...or do they just hang around in the birthing suite? I think I'd be distracted if they were there...I'm not sure if it would be a good distraction (focusing on something else other than labour pain) or a bad one (worried that I need to look after them).

I think that the double bed idea is great for allowing DP/DHs to stay. More hospitals should have it...though I think that I'd want the bed to myself...and DP could sleep on the floor sad.gif .

tanglez- thanks for the update on the gym exercise. I think that you are on to something if you aren't having any back pain. Being fitter has to make your labour easier I imagine. I had good intentions of doing yoga all through this pregnancy. I think I got out the Pregnancy Pilates DVD once and put it on....to be honese I got so bored (unlike regular Pilates) that I didn't go back...I am trying to cut down my working hours (like you) and do more walking - that is my goal over the next couple of months. The Pool also might be a good option.

Good Luck with the review on Friday. Being a teacher is going to be a great thing when the kids are school age and you want holidays at the same time as them. My mother was a teacher and I don't think I appreciated how easy it made things for us....I've been thinking of whether I should switch to Primary school teaching in the future....but I've heard that it is quite stressful nowdays!

Bulafiji - that was good news that you passed the Glucose Test...hopefully some sunshine comes your way so you can lift the Vit D level naturally. Urgh, isn't it a drag trying to find something formal to wear when you are pregnant? If it is a one off event you don't want to spend a fortune....but you do need to look presentable. Do you have any friends who might have something sitting in the cupboard. Sometimes a friend who is a bit "larger" might have a normal fitting dress that suits..... A line dresses can do the trick as they have lots of "space" for the tummy! Good Luck with finding something.
I appreciate the offer of the contact for legal advice. A lot of people are getting made redundant where I work....and my current boss has been giving me a hard time ever since I came back from my last lot of maternity leave (I'm not sure why...she came in whilst I was on Mat leave and I think built up a bond with the other team members and isn't that keen to work with me...and I don't bend over backwards to improve the situation)...anyway so I think that if I go on Mat leave then they can do without me for 6 months...and if they can do without me for 6 months then I think that they'll say that they can do without me permanently....not much I can do...but I'm okay with it now....I've just been trying to build up a nest egg so have a few extra months to look for something & still pay the mortgage....I miss the pre GFC days!

Hello to the other Mums-in-waiting....a general question....how involved/helpful are your husbands/partners being in your pregnancy? Are they ignoring that a bub is on the way or are they up for unlimited foot rubs?


#22 Ms_Jae

Posted 23 August 2012 - 08:13 AM

Hey Chloe .. Yes we have picked the name already.. lol Yeah I like to be prepared. Only a few of my family members know.

#23 catty81

Posted 23 August 2012 - 09:14 AM

Hey girls,

Emnut, good to hear that Henry's brain scans were ok.  I hope that his intestines are ok too and don't require surgery.  Have you been able to cuddle him yet?

Stormgirl, I noticed your sig and I too am impressed by your organisation.  We still can't agree on a name!

Not sure who said it but I am hoping to have my DD at the birth.  I just changed to a different hospital so I am not sure if the new one will allow it.  I do know that children have to have their own support person.  I think my DD would cope really well.  We watch One Born Every Minute together and so she has a basic understanding of what will happen in labour.  She has been with me at every appointment, scan etc. and she told me she wants to be there to kiss our baby as soon as it's born!

I failed the glucose test.  The hospital says I probably do have GD but they aren't 100% sure.  I'm being treated for it just incase.  

#24 tanglez

Posted 23 August 2012 - 07:35 PM

Emnut – So very sorry to hear Henry is having such a hard time right now, really hoping no surgery is needed and that you can just keep coming back to us with good news. You are in my thoughts. As for my work, my school has been weeding out part time teachers over the years so it will be full time or nothing sadly!

Chloe – I think teaching is stressful full stop, regardless of where or how you teach, but very rewarding! The holidays are definitely very family friendly! It sounds like you are being very pragmatic about the job front and not stressing which is great, hopefully your optimism and preparation pay off for you!

Catty – Sorry to hear about the glucose test L Hope it isn’t too much of a pain for you in terms of treatment. I am such a wuss, can’t bring myself to watch one born every minute because it just makes me queasy!

TJ – Understand completely about keeping name quiet, it blows me away what people are willing to say eg: “Oh that name reminds me of a German Shepherd”. SERIOUSLY? Glad he is moving again, it is awful when they go all quiet! Fingers crossed swelling can be addressed for you.

Edited by tanglez, 23 August 2012 - 07:38 PM.

#25 tanglez

Posted 24 August 2012 - 09:35 PM

Tj awesome news about your appointment and love love love the monkey theme!

Ladies, quick question for you all! My mum is having her birthday at Sovereign Hill and wants me to go. It is a two hour drive from my house, I will be 35 weeks pregnant and will either have to drive myself there and back or drive to a relatives house and travel with them (mind you it is still a one hour drive to my relatives place so either way means 4+hours in the car for the day) I will also need to be at work the very next day.

Now, this does not seem like the most ideal situation for me but she doesn't see any problem with it and can't understand why I am hesitant... What do you think, am I being too precious about it and should just suck it up and go or is it valid to be worried about doing so much at that stage of pregnancy (can you tell I'm a first timer lol!) Any and all thoughts welcome original.gif

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