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LEGO Friends - your reviews

Posted by EB Product Panel in EB Product Panel, 04 February 2013 - - - - - - · 3335 views

The LEGO brand has tailored the beloved construction experience by creating LEGO Friends which is a range designed for girls aged 5 and up. LEGO Friends empowers girls to build, play and be creative in a highly-detailed, character-based world that is based on the values of friendship, sharing, caring and beauty.

Below are some questions which may help...


LLETZ procedure whilst pregnant

Posted by LAK184 in LAK184's Blog, 24 September 2014 - - - - - - · 0 views

Hi all,

I have been diagnosed with high grade CIN 3 or Stage 0 Cervical Cancer.  I am 13 weeks pregnant.

I have been told I have to have a LLETZ procedure (large loop excision of the transformation zone) under a general anaesthetic in hospital to get rid of the abnormal cells.  My Ob/Gyn is doing the procedure himself. The cells have doubled and spread...


Fun Yoghurt Cow

Posted by TheArtofNutrition in TheArtofNutrition's Blog, 24 September 2014 - - - - - - · 55 views

Fun Yoghurt Cow Cute cow for brekkie? ... http://theartofnutrition.com/?p=3542
For step-by-step photo instructions www.theartofnutrition.com


Take your art into the next dimension canvas prints

Posted by Andyliu1 in Andyliu1's Blog, 20 September 2014 - - - - - - · 312 views

Combined with 2D and 3D authoring tool, very easy to add extra depth works and illustrations - and will be a simple rendering into a thing of beauty.canvas prints online  The physical accuracy and clay modelling allowed like 3D models satisfy the innovation and the synthesis of 2D applications such as PS image processing software, witchcraft, and form st...


Love mother more

Posted by nguoidepvaxe in nguoidep, 20 September 2014 - - - - - - · 397 views

Love mother more

There exist obvious love in our hearts, but we only realized when there is a special emotional impact on me ...

Childhood days, I still think love is something sweet, but as far away as mother's fairy tale. Grow up a little, when I was a kid my first love, innocent, sweet, but "love" for children remains a vague thing. The...


How to backup android data

Posted by Ophammdd in Ophammdd's Blog, 19 September 2014 - - - - - - · 285 views

Android has become the mainstream smartphone operating system in the world. With its humanized function and powerful multi-task processing ability, more and more people and mobile phone manufacturers join in the Android phones family. Naturally, you will rely on your Android phone to do some important jobs and then stored lots of important data on it such...



Posted by sally@krazykidz in sally@krazykidz's Blog, 19 September 2014 - - - - - - · 474 views

Hello mums, looking for a great party idea for your child's birthday or any other occasion?? check out www.krazykidzsumohire.com.au
for the ultimate party fun look no further! we are a small family business located in sydney and we offer the best prices so check us out, we have the best sumo suits to suits all ages even ones for the krazy adults....


Raising your family without your family

Posted by Jane Cafarella in Jane Cafarella's Blog, 18 September 2014 - - - - - - · 621 views

Throughout history, families have often been separated by war, immigration and the demands of work.
But the tyranny of distance is never felt so keenly than when you have a new baby.
A friend of mine is in this position now. We met in Singapore and discovered we were kindred spirits – but after two years her husband’s job finished and they found work in t...


Five Facts about Female Masturbation During Pregnancy

Posted by anneyauster in Female Sexual Health and Pregnancy, 18 September 2014 - - - - - - · 435 views

Five Facts about Female Masturbation During Pregnancy Most women find it difficult and embarrassing to discuss female masturbation. It is considered a private subject that is only rarely talked about with close friends. While society may still deem this normal, many sex therapists recommend that women begin opening up about this sensitive topic. To help women become more comfortable with female masturbation...


malvern springs primary

Posted by kiwilass in kiwilass' Blog, 17 September 2014 - - - - - - · 507 views

fifo hubby wants us to move to perth next year, we are looking at buying around the malvern springs area, iam really anxious on schools for my two girls tho, who will be year 3 and prep next year,  does anybody have any tips or advice on schools and after school activitys like dance classes for kids? thanks in advance :)


Moving to Bribie - Info Please

Posted by Beachgirl22 in Beachgirl22's Blog, 14 September 2014 - - - - - - · 566 views

Hello All

I am looking at shifting to Bribie from the Gold Coast and mostly have concerns for Master 14 changing schools. Just want to make sure its a good environment for him.

Can anyone offer any info/feedback on the HIgh School on  the island.

Also, I understand its a fare way out from the highway but, what is the living like on the island. As in co...



Posted by sapaethnic in sapaethnictravel's Blog, 11 September 2014 - - - - - - · 412 views

The most comfortable way to go to Sapa from Hanoi is to take the trains. There are buses leaving several times a day from "My Dinh" bus station, buses also pick up tourists from the hotels in the Old Quarter. If you like adventures you can rent a motorbike and drive up to Sapa, a beautiful 10h drive.  
Most of the tourists who visit Sapa, travel...


Happy Fathers Day

Posted by AussieDad in AussieDad's Blog, 07 September 2014 - - - - - - · 204 views

Hi Guys,

Wishing all the Dad's out there a Happy Fathers Day.

I hope that you all had a fantastic day with your families.



School Children Family and You

Posted by PippiSea in PippiSea's Blog, 06 September 2014 - - - - - - · 607 views

School Children Family and You Welcome to You!

I wonder if you have ever been struck with an issue that has had you contemplating how will your family get on without you?

I have recently been feeling unwell and then through simply being fed up with having head cold and congested chests finding out that my Iron level doesn't exist and so therefore my red blood cells are not re...


我已經獲toms 門市得TOMS鞋在一個漫長的時間

Posted by guioweku in guioweku's Blog, 03 September 2014 - - - - - - · 235 views

初學者的鼓組101 有些時候,一個人需要錢。這需要進行了許多年,並在一個好奇心電荷是盡可能低的資金。此外,如果提供的抵押品的部分,可避免再貸款可能是一個夢想成真。因此,確保所有這些情況都滿足,只能從市場上採取了迅速的個人貸款完成。 還有更多我的首選公路比的音樂天賦和孩子氣非常好看。他們有大的心和一種想幫助這些顯著沒有這麼幸運。樂隊支持和促進湯姆斯鞋,一個組織,每對購買的運動鞋,捐贈一對在要求年輕人。 “我已經獲   toms 門市 得TOMS鞋在一個漫長的時間,”庫克自豪地說。 “我認為它開始在阿根廷,目前他們正在執行非洲也是如此,”詹金斯貢獻。 雖然做的工作在阿根廷,Mycoskie看到眾多青少年沒有鞋穿。這觸動了他,他開始了“鞋的明天”項目白送鞋幼兒在全球範圍內的第三個國家。這一承諾最終變成了TOMS...


Are You a Sexual Grownup?

Posted by cherylpowers in Healthy Lifestyle, 28 August 2014 - - - - - - · 403 views

http://leavinglanter...2/easy-out6.jpg Discussing the finer points of sexual relationships represents an integral part of growing up. As people reach sexual maturity, they need to develop a better understanding of how they can approach certain topics. Developing sexual consciousness will take some effort on the part of people eve...



Posted by Donna_81 in Donna's Blog, 28 August 2014 - - - - - - · 121 views

I am 6 Wks 2 days.. started spotting yesterday afternoon. Only the tiniest bits of brown CM here and there... With a few mild cramps. Its seemed to subsided now. But I am going in for an U/S at lunch time to see if all is ok. :( Im pretty scared of the outcome. But dr assures me its fine.


CCAM, Kensington's story

Posted by Trinalynnbrien in Kensington's CCAM story, 24 August 2014 - - - - - - · 871 views

CCAM, Kensington's story I’m writing today about my one year old daughter Kensington Olivia Grace. When I was 20 weeks pregnant I went in for a routine ultrasound. A week later I went to my midwife for my monthly appointment and had gotten some bad news. She told me my baby had a mass on her left lung and it was pushing her heart over to the right squishing it. She called this bi...


ICSI, Who's done it?

Posted by lilmisstabs86 in lilmisstabs86's Blog, 23 August 2014 - - - - - - · 788 views

Hey everyone,
I'm new to this site so i will start my telling you a little about myself.

My name is Tabatha and i am 27 years of age.
I have 7 year old Twins, Dylan and Ellie.
I have been a single parent up until 2 years ago when i met my partner James, Who has 2 boys, Blake (6) and Cody (7)

My son Dylan was diagnosed High functioning ASD in 2011. H...


Foreclosure do's and don'ts

Posted by veberlylur in veberlylur's Blog, 22 August 2014 - - - - - - · 240 views

The foreclosure process can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. It is a stressful experience that no homeowner wants to face. Some homeowners handle the stress better than others. Unfortunately, foreclosure comes with a negative stigma. In a country where financial independence is looked upon so highly, people who can't keep up with their mortga...

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The 'no children' wedding invite

It was the wedding of one of my oldest and dearest friends, and she had invited me to be her bridesmaid. It was quite an honour. But there was one problem.

Baby Dylan recovering well after spending five days alone

 For up to five days he lay alone after his mother died of a suspected drug overdose, but eight-month-old Dylan Micallef has made an incredible recovery.

The mystery of William Tyrell, little boy lost

The question remains: How does a little boy simply vanish without a trace?

Woman fights off robber, then gives birth

A thief in the US got more than he bargained for when he try to rob a woman who was nine months pregnant because he figured she would be an easy target.

Video: Two-year-old tells mum off for laughing at her

This little girl is not happy that her mum started laughing during her performance - so she tells her exactly how she feels about it.

Coping with a bolter

My 15-month-old has suddenly added a burst of real speed to her toddle. She should be classed a flight risk.

Single, 51 and pregnant

Tracey Kahn didn't realise she wanted to become a mother until she was well into her 40s. Now 51, she is pregnant with her second child.

An open letter to Tony Abbott: please salvage our super

We face financial ruin, but most of us don?t realise it. If we don?t act together to salvage our superannuation, I have no doubt the new GFC will be the Girls? Financial Crisis.

'I'm happy to know I'm changing lives': surrogate mum of two

I know that once the baby is born, I will focus on the gift I have given, and watch the parents with their new child. I can't wait for that day.

Birth trauma and the issue of informed consent

There is a perception that women should just be happy they have a healthy baby in their arms. But for women who experienced birth trauma, there's a lot more to it.

Tips for managing pollen allergies and hayfever

They're simple tips, but they can have a big impact on those who suffer from hayfever and pollen allergies.

Ada Nicodemou shares tribute to her stillborn baby

Just over one month since Ada Nicodemou and her husband lost their second son, the Home and Away star has shared a touching poem for her baby.

Mum causes stir breastfeeding on train

?To the woman breastfeeding her kid on the train. Seriously! On the train?" began the letter of complaint.

10 things they don?t tell you about being pregnant

As I slowly waddle my ever-changing pregnant body towards the finishing line of my due date, it?s becoming increasingly clear there are a lot of things they just don?t tell you about pregnancy.

Overcoming a fear of the dark

A toddler's fear of the dark is very normal, but there are ways parents can help children through this stage in their development.

Kids, TV and movies: how young is too young?

It seems you don't have to throw the TV and iPad out the window - it all boils down to moderation, supervision and interaction.

Video: Baby's first birthday is a special day for mum, too

?A baby?s first birthday is also mum?s first birthday.?

The day Supernanny came to tea

Prince William's favourite celebrity child trainer Jo Frost puts Bryony Gordon and her toddler through their paces.

The words I hated hearing as new mum

It was less than a week after my son was born that I first heard it - from my mother.

To the pharmacist who sold me baby formula

On the rare occasion I catch sight of you at school, or around town, I think back to our earliest exchange. I?m sure you have no recollection of it at all.

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Special offer: The Baby & Toddler Show 2014

At The Baby & Toddler Show, you?ll find everything you need to get ready for your new arrival and guide you through the early weeks and years of parenting.

Losing yourself to motherhood

While watching your baby grow into a unique little person is exciting and wondrous, the intensity of meeting everyone else?s needs can ever so sneakily overtake your own needs for self-care.

Tearing during delivery: the facts

Almost all women will experience bruising, grazing or tearing after a vaginal birth. Depending on the degree of tearing, there are various treatments available.

6 tips for a day out with a baby and toddler

Outings can be lots of fun with the kids, but there are inevitable challenges. Here's some information about days out to help you be a little more prepared.

Why I invited a dozen people to watch my son's birth

I sent invitations on burgundy scrapbooking paper stamped with a field of poppies, and told each person why I wanted him or her there. I warned that there would be nudity.

Getting labour started: tips for a natural induction

When your baby?s due date comes and goes without so much as a pop - let alone a bang - it can be disheartening. Mums and a doula share their stories of natural inductions.

7 mistakes old hands make with new babies

As I sat across the table from my friend ? me, a seasoned mother of three; her, a brand new mum ? I thought of all the mistakes an old-hand parent can make when visiting a newborn baby.

That's my boy: a dad's diary of the first 4 months

Unbearable anxiety, unspeakable joy, constant exhaustion and bouts of frustration ... The many shocks of first-time fatherhood resound in a dad's diary of his son's early months.

One of the most important things a new mum can do

Finances may not be as cute as a newborn, but with many women?s working arrangements changing post-baby, monetary matters need attention too.

The 'no children' wedding invite

"It's her wedding, so the day is all about her, not your baby." How major fall-out can occur over a simple wedding invitation.

Personalised baby gifts

We've scoured the internet to find gorgeous personalised keepsakes and nursery decor to record baby name and dates. They make great gifts for christenings, name days and birthdays! (All prices in AU.)


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