Trying to Conceive


Champagne cork popping


Some facts about ejaculation and getting pregnant...

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Basal Temperature Chart

Basal temperature chart: print out and fill in

This chart is geared toward women who are trying to conceive. It will help you find the pattern to your ovulation and maximise your chances of getting pregnant. It will also give you information to provide your doctor if you suspect a problem.

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Some basic facts on ovulation to help you be prepared when trying for a baby...

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Mother son and dog

The happy ending

Why does the publishing world shun stories of failed conception journeys in favour of 'the happy ending'?

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The decision - I want a baby

We want a little version (hopefully a better version) of the mix between us. We have so much love to give and sharing with another one it will only make it bigger. So let’s go for it!

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Workplace safety check

Quick workplace safety check

If you're pregnant or planning on conceiving it's time to give your work space a quick once over with this handy guide.

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Green, leafy vegetables rich in folate.

Folate is key for expectant mums

Ten tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes, baby Aliyah arrived at Wollongong Hospital this week just as mum Kim McGuinness hoped: perfect.

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Be my baby: On the road to fatherhood

With a theatrical sigh, I took the still warm plastic contraption, held it at arm's length in such a way that it suggested it was radioactive and rested it on top of the toilet. I love my wife dearly, but there is a line. Well, actually, there were two lines.

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