Trying to Conceive


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Can you ever be ready for a baby?

Before you get pregnant, you might have all the boxes ticked - with your career, home and travel plans all sorted - or you could be the ' let's just see what happens' type. No matter what your style, it can help to think about the emotional aspects of parenthood.

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Don't let baby-making become a chore ... it's supposed to be fun, after all!

Top 10 myths about baby making

Given the average couple can take over 10 months to fall pregnant, we thought it fitting to present 10 myths about conceiving.

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What is my luteal phase?

Knowing the length of your luteal phase allows you to more accurately predict at what point in your cycle ovulation occurs - and makes getting pregnant easier.

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Sex after baby


Conception or mis-conception?

Perhaps conception should really be called mis-conception as there are many mis-conceptions about conception.

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Sexual positions for conceiving

When it comes to conception there is a lot of discussion about successful positions for ‘making babies’. Unfortunately there is no widely-accepted ‘best position’ but here are some answers to common questions surrounding the act of conceiving.

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Life gets tough for big daddy's little girl

Men may have to rethink that extra hamburger and chips for the sake of the health of their unborn daughters. New research reveals that a father's high-fat diet can lead to diabetes in his female offspring.

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Conception - the facts

Prior to conception, an egg was released from one of your ovaries and began to travel down the fallopian tube. At the moment of conception, one of your partner's sperm met, entered and fertilised your egg, which then sealed itself off to exclude all other sperm.

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Conceiving a Baby

Conceiving a baby

Most would be parents tend to assume that becoming pregnant will be a fairly simple task. After all, most of you have been practising the basic "moves" required for some time.

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Some facts about ejaculation and getting pregnant...

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Basal Temperature Chart

Basal temperature chart: print out and fill in

This chart is geared toward women who are trying to conceive. It will help you find the pattern to your ovulation and maximise your chances of getting pregnant. It will also give you information to provide your doctor if you suspect a problem.

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