Video: The road to conception


In the sixth and final episode of the Essential Baby/Elevit with Iodine ‘Conception Series’, we look at the difficulties that can come our way on our journey to parenthood.

In a perfect world, conceiving, pregnancy and birth would always be a smooth and trouble-free process. But sometimes, sadly, it just doesn’t work out that way - and everyone's journey is different. 

In this video, host Amity Dry reveals her own twisting path to becoming a mum of two, and a group of Australian bloggers speak honestly about the challenges they dealt with while trying to fall pregnant. They include tragic losses and times of utter frustration, but also light-hearted, embarrassing moments, and, of course, pure joy.  

Dr Debra Kennedy, a clinical geneticist and director of MotherSafe, also gives professional advice on the causes of infertility and how it can be treated.    

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