Video: Making healthy lifestyle changes for conception

Conception stories

There's a lot to consider before conceiving a baby. Amity Dry takes us through a light hearted look at the lifestyle changes made by some happy mums.


Conception Stories, episode 1: Making healthy lifestyle changes

From pre-pregnancy cleanses to giving up some of our less-than-healthy habits, there's a lot to think about before trying to conceive a baby. 

In the first episode of a new video series on fertility and conception, brought to you by Elevit and Essential Baby, we look at the lifestyle changes many couples make when they decide they’d like to start trying for a baby.

Hosted by Amity Dry, this episode features health advice from Dr Debra Kennedy, a clinical geneticist and director of MotherSafe.

“I always tell people when they’re trying to conceive that it should be fun, but that it should also be a healthy time,” Dr Kennedy says, before going on to explain a few basic ways to help the conception process.

This video also includes real-life stories from several Australian bloggers, who speak about the little life changes that made a big impact on their road to creating healthy pregnancies and babies. 

There are more videos to come in this series - keep an eye out for future episodes. 

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