Top 10 myths about baby making

Don't let baby-making become a chore ... it's supposed to be fun, after all!
Don't let baby-making become a chore ... it's supposed to be fun, after all! 

Given the average couple can take over 10 months to fall pregnant, we thought it fitting to present 10 myths on conceiving. Baby-making sex can be truly awful for both of you if it becomes a systemised, pressured experience, so try to make it fun and keep in mind that this could very well be the last time for a long time that it’s just the two of you.

MYTH 1: Too much bike riding is bad for your sperm. Lance Armstrong has sired two kids, even with testicular cancer, so this is clearly untrue. It’s unlikely you'll ever do more miles than one of Lance's pre-breakfast training sessions in your entire life, so you should be safe. Personally I think Lycra should only be worn by professional athletes and therefore think bike riding is bad for the health of the rest of us.

MYTH 2: Sex position determines baby gender. Let’s face it, you’ve got a 50/50 chance in any position, so go with what feels best! My favourite Aussie joke on the topic: A man and woman are with their obstetrician when the man asks, 'What position will my wife give birth in?' The obstetrician smirks and says, 'Most likely the same position she conceived in.' The man replies, 'Oh, with one leg out the window in the back of a taxi?'

MYTH 3. It doesn’t matter if the female orgasms. Okay, from a fertility standpoint this one is true. But if you actually believe it's true in other ways, it’s hard to see how you’ve stayed together this long.

MYTH 4. Tight trousers cause infertility. Not all tight trouser-wearing men will be shooting blanks, but there is some truth to the idea that tight undies can reduce your chances of making a baby; stick to boxers instead. But if you are intent on wearing tight pants, be sure to ask yourself “Why am I wearing tight trousers?”

Men, it’s up to you to communicate, mix it up in the bedroom, be aware of her emotions and make the most of baby-making

MYTH 5. Taking the pill means you can’t get pregnant. It is possible to get pregnancy on the pill, but 99% of the time it is correct.

MYTH 6. Masturbation reduces the chances of getting your wife pregnant. This is true if you're masturbating in private - unless your sperm have feet.

MYTH 7. Hanging upside down after sex can help. The idea is that doing this can increase the chance of the sperm reaching the egg. It's really not necessary ... unless you're a vampire, maybe.

MYTH 8. The word mucous can be used in a sexy way. If your lady every tries to get you into the mood by saying something as smooth as "My mucous shows it's time to get busy", you'll know that this whole thing has really gotten to her and she's lost all idea of what works for you.


MYTH 9. You can’t get pregnant outside the ovulation window. Well, this is actually true, but it can still be fun trying. I also would prefer to not know what an ovulation window is, thanks.

MYTH 10. It's easy to get pregnant the second time. If you've already produced one child together, you might think the second time around will be a doddle. But it doesn't always work that way - her fertility changes over time, and things can change for you too. It's a whole new experience.

In summary, it’s up to you to communicate, mix it up in the bedroom, be aware of her emotions and to make the most of baby-making so it doesn’t become a chore. I mean, how bad can it be? A free sex pass! Remember she wants you to be excited, committed and supportive, so now is a good time to get into the habit of all of these – when she falls pregnant you’re going to have to really step up, old boy.