Sexual positions for conceiving

Sexual positions for conceiving
Sexual positions for conceiving 

When it comes to conception there is a lot of discussion about successful positions for 'making babies'. Unfortunately there is no widely-accepted 'best position' but here are some answers to common questions surrounding the act of conceiving.

Are some sexual positions better than others for conception?

Whilst there has been little research in this area, MRI imaging has been conducted which shows researchers exactly what is happening internally during sex.

Rest assured you don't need to have the flexibility of a contortionist to achieve the best results! Logic prevails and suggests that the "missionary position" is most likely to be successful as it allows for deep penetration with the sperm being released at the opening of your womb. Having said that, MRI studies have shown that entry from behind also allows for optimal positioning of the sperm at the back (posterior) section of the cervix, whereas missionary placed it at the front (anterior) position.

So in answer to your question, no there isn't necessarily a best position for conception!

Should I lie down?

Some scientists say to avoid positions where the sperm has to defy gravity and swim 'up' - such as positions where the woman is sitting on top of the male or standing up. Although strong healthy sperm should swim, eliminating this obstacle may increase your chances.

Some people also suggest lying down after sex to assist the sperm in reaching their 'target'. Once again, healthy sperm should have no problem reaching the womb within minutes but it can't hurt to lie down!

How important is it to orgasm?


Whilst sperm can leak out prior to ejaculation, clearly it is important for the man to reach orgasm in the act of 'baby-making'! Research however has recently shown that the female orgasm also plays an important role, as contractions associated with orgasm can carry the sperm further into the womb. This process however involves orgasming at a similar time.

If I want a boy or girl are some positions better than others?

While there are plenty of rumours and wives' tales there doesn't seem to be any conclusive evidence that positions affect gender. Timing and frequency however may play a more important role. Why not head to our gender swayers forum and discuss this with other Essential Baby members interested in influencing their gender of their next bub!

How often should I have sex?
Timing is paramount to conceiving, and more focus should be given to it than positioning. To increase your chances, ideally have sex one to two days before you expect ovulation to occur, and then again on the day of ovulation. Charting your cycle will help confirm your ovulation date and you can also buy ovulation prediction kits to assist with this. 

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Why not discuss ovulation in the conception forum? You can also chat to other members specifically about charting your cycle and ovulation prediction kits (OPKs).