See your GP when thinking about getting pregnant

Is the weight worth it?
Is the weight worth it? 

It is worthwhile planning a visit to your GP to discuss your decision to become pregnant, particularly if you have any pre-existing medical condition or have had a problematic medical history in the past.

The following may be issues for discussion:

Rubella Virus
Your doctor may test your immunity to the rubella virus (German measles), which can cause serious disabilities to a developing foetus.


General Health
Your doctor will most likely check blood pressure, weigh you and ask questions about your general health.

Seek Information
This is a great opportunity to ask any questions and to begin to source information about how you would like to manage your pregnancy and labour.

Pap Smear
Once pregnant your doctor will not want to perform a pap smear. If your next pap smear is due, then you should have one done prior to falling pregnant.

Medical History
You should discuss your medical history including any past problems with pregnancy or conception.

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