Putting the fun back into conceiving

Steph Bond-Hutkin ... blogs at blog.stephbond.com.
Steph Bond-Hutkin ... blogs at blog.stephbond.com. 

Steph Bond-Hutkin enjoys a busy family life with her husband and two young daughters. She's a freelance writer and marketing consultant, as well as a blogger for her lifestyle and design blog for mums, Bondville. Steph tries to see beauty in everything around her, and is an advocate of embracing Australian nature and design. She aspires to a stylish and sustainable lifestyle where DIY wins over convenience.

In an ideal world, Steph would love to split her time living in Australia and the US, where she met her husband … and also practice more yoga.

Below is Steph’s contribution to The Elevit With Iodine Guide to Conceiving, a free ebook on making conception more exciting, fun and inspirational.

Putting the fun back into conceiving
Trying for a baby isn't called "trying" for nothing! It can be exhausting mentally and emotionally. Here are my tips to keep this special time in your lives fun and help you reach your goal:

  • Eat healthily: Knowing that you've got your body in peak baby-making mode will take a load off your mind.
  • Keep your vitamin and mineral levels just right with a pregnancy supplement. Make sure you are eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, drinking enough water and cut back on caffeine and alcohol.
  • Rest up: SLEEP! Get as much rest as you can so that you'll have plenty of energy during the day to devote to life (and enough energy for baby-making too). Your body will thank you for it, and you will be so grateful when those sleepless nights come.
  • Relax: Look for ways to reduce your stress levels to ensure that your hormones can get to work on conception.
  • Have fun with others: Try getting together with your girlfriends for a monthly girls' night in. Organise a regular time with you and your girlfriends to just get stuff done. Maybe it's a craft project you need to finish, knitting, crochet, or that watercolour you promised yourself you would start.  

Everyone's conception journey is different; here's wishing you an enjoyable experience with more of the "working" on a baby and less of the "trying"!

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