Candy Jubb ... blogs at

Candy Jubb ... blogs at

Candy Jubb is former country police officer who retired from law enforcement to lay down the law at home. A mum of seven, she takes all offers of buying her and her husband a television set seriously.She has five boys and two girls - and to add to her busy days, two children are affected with autism and another two with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Development Disorder). This just adds to her enthusiasm to get on with things.

Blogging at became an outlet for Candy many years ago, and her blog has now evolved into a larger entity than she'd ever imagined.

Below is Candy’s contribution to The Elevit With Iodine Guide to Conceiving, a free ebook on making conception more exciting, fun and inspirational.

Organising now makes it fun later
I remember the day I said to my husband, “Okay, let’s start trying for a baby”. His eyes widened as he tried to conceal his obvious excitement – it was as if I’d told him it was naked Christmas tomorrow and he’d been a very good boy this year.

“So you mean I won’t have to ...? I don’t have to use a ...?” 

Yes, you can say it, honey: a condom. And that’s all my husband needed: he was ready to go.

But we all know it takes a lot more planning than this. Hands down the most useful thing I did before having a baby was to save up all my annual leave and whatever other kind of entitlement my job had going. This proved to be a saviour at the later end of pregnancy, when the bottom fell out of everything and I needed to leave work earlier than expected.

This, I should have known, would herald the beginning of the complete and utter unpredictability a child can bring to your life.

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