Helpful resources for those trying to conceive

Some helpful websites, other parents of multiples happy to share their experiences.
Some helpful websites, other parents of multiples happy to share their experiences. 

The internet played such an important role in our research, and I cannot even start telling you how many things I found via web on trustworthy groups and websites. So here are a few things I’ve found that have helped a lot up to this stage. Hopefully you will find it useful too.

Conception tools & tips:

Ovulation information:

Ovulation Calculator:

Tip from my gynaecologist: if you are trying to conceive do not have sex everyday around your ovulation but every other day. So the sperm is stronger. However, I also think this is all about instincts. Getting pregnant is not a task full of rules, if you feel like trying that day, or your partner is in the mood for some romance, have fun trying. After all this is all about how much you love each other.

And loads more but I think these are good resources for a start.

Getting Healthy for Mums and Dads-to-be :

And this I found it extremely helpful too. What books to read. There’s so much stuff around in the bookstores that is very easy to get lost on which ones to buy:

Tips on preparing your body:
It’s you and your partners too, there are things he can do on his diet that can help:

And much more:


Pregnancy tools & tips:

Pregnancy week on week / Foetal development:

I recommend joining newsletters with your pregnancy updates, it is really fun to know more on what is happening to your body and your baby’s week on week.
You can also subscribe your partner’s email and he can understand you a bit better why you might be so grumpy this or that week.

Or if you don’t want to sign up the newsletter you can also find it week on week here:

Vitamins and Supplements:
I also read a lot about vitamins and supplements (and took a few of them) however I feel that anything on that area should always be recommended by an obstetrician. Even Folic I only started to take after a chat with my gynaecologist. But there is still a lot of info on the web if you want to know more on that.

Pregnancy Nutrition / Food Safety Checklist:
This is very important as there will be a lot of restrictions on your new diet and I was completely unaware of that. The first link is a quick straight forward guideline; on top of that, my personal recommendation is simply "if you are unsure just don't risk it".

Food safety checklist

There is also a more in depth guide on nutrition that I would certainly recommend:
Your diet during pregnancy

And finally, just for multiples like our case:

Multiple Birth Resources:
Multiple birth resources

Australian Multiple Birth Association:

And loads more but I think the ones above are good resources for a start.