Getting healthy for mums and dads-to-be


It is just as important for men to prepare their bodies for pregnancy as it is for women.

Remember, your lifestyle affects the quality of sperm produced, which in turn can affect your partner's chances of falling pregnant. Bad lifestyle habits can also lead to complications for your unborn and growing baby.  Your partner should be making a number of lifestyle changes as well and it is always easier to establish new habits if you make the changes together.

Some of the factors to take into consideration are:

Quit smoking
Smoking in men has an impact on the quality of sperm and can inhibit fertility.

Reduce or avoid alcohol
Alcohol has been shown to damage sperm prior to conception causing infertility problems.

Diet and exercise
To increase your chances of conceiving, remember to eat well and stay fit and active. This will be a big help for your partner, who will also need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine for many months to come. Eating well is easier to do if you eliminate bad habits together. Exercise is also often easier to stick with when you are in a routine with someone else.

Quit recreational drugs
Marijuana interferes with normal sperm production in men, while harder drugs can damage chromosomes in sperm leading to birth abnormalities. It's just not worth the risk.

Medical and genetic history
It is equally as important for you to assess your family medical and genetic history for discussion with your health practitioner when you and your partner are trying to fall pregnant.

Review prescribed medications
Check with your Health Practitioner whether any prescribed medications could impact on your ability to fall pregnant or have implications for a healthy pregnancy.

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