Conceiving a baby


Having a child today as compared to having children 20 years ago is quite different. These days we can make a conscious choice about whether or not to have children, and we can also choose when we will have them.

Today many factors including career, travel, a desire for independence and the urge to experience more of life prior to settling down and starting a family, have caused women to delay, or in some cases completely avoid settling down and starting a family at a young age.

More and more women (and men) are choosing to put off parenting until a later age. This decision may be due to the desire to accomplish individual goals, or simply because we feel we are just too busy 'living' to fit a baby into our lives.

We plan and control so many aspects of our lives that when the time comes to have a baby, we are in danger of approaching conception, pregnancy and birth with the same desire to regiment the process. Unfortunately the world of conception, pregnancy and babies, tends not to work that way. Rather it will all take place as mother nature intended (which is sometimes not necessarily what you had intended).

At EB, we aim to supply you with the information you need to prepare yourselves for pregnancy, and to understand conception a little better.

If you are planning your first child, we also invite you to talk to new parents to find out what this parenting thing is really like in our forums.

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