Books to read on pregnancy and parenting

Essential reading
Essential reading 

Essential Baby sources the best books on conception, pregnancy, birth, diet, baby care and women's care. For each of the books listed below we have provided an outline of the focus of the book.

Conception, Pregnancy and Birth
by Dr Miriam Stoppard
A wonderful and contemporary guide to pregnancy, it includes detailed information on the mother's and the baby's experience from fertilisation to the first weeks of life. The information is clear and well presented and includes some very good pictures.

Healthy Parents, Healthy Baby
by Maryon Stewart
An excellent resource and focuses on health and nutrition prior to and during pregnancy. If you want to have a healthy pregnancy and do all the right things to ensure you make a healthy baby, then this is the book for you!

The first section presents nutritional information on pre-conception relevant to both you and your partner, the second section takes into account your pregnancy, with a detailed nutritional programme and dietary regime, while the third section outlines feeding options for your new baby and how to wean your baby safely when the time comes.

Super Baby
by Sarah Brewer 
Super Baby draws on new research to provide detailed information on boosting your baby's future potential before and after birth. Topics include how to eat for a super baby, vitamins and minerals for a super baby, stimulation with sounds, exercise for a super baby and much, much more. It really makes you aware of all the positive, yet simple things you can do to give your baby the best start.

Baby Love
by Robin Barker 
Robin's book delivers precise, easy-to-understand and practical information about the care of your new baby, including a chapter on the crying baby. This detailed classic places handy information at your fingertips in an easy-to-use format.

Every Woman's Birth Rights
by Pat Thomas 
A challenging read, Every Woman's Birth Rights is a book which provides prospective mothers with information on how to make choices about pregnancy and childbirth from the woman's perspective. Good reading if you want a behind-the-scenes look at medical practitioners and their preferred birthing methods.

The Mask of Motherhood
by Susan Maushart 
This presents a new and interesting view of motherhood as it explores how mothering changes everything and why we pretend it doesn't. Very realistic about the pluses and minuses of motherhood - not for the faint hearted or those with a fairytale view of motherhood!

Healthy Cooking
by Rosemary Stanton's 
Healthy Cooking is the perfect book if you want to know how to improve your diet. It provides important nutritional information and dietary guidelines and features dozens of healthy and delicious recipes based on eating a healthy and balanced diet.