An L-shape to success

Christine Connelly ... blogs at
Christine Connelly ... blogs at 

In her health-conscious food blog Fig & Cherry, Christie Connelly expresses her love of cooking, eating, photography and travel. Her stories draw on her heritage of Lebanese and Hungarian culture and cuisine, as well as her daily family life as a busy mum. As well as all this (and because she thinks sleep is for the dead!), she also co-owns an online marketing company, writes another blog about motherhood called Poppy Seed Baby, and can be seen whipping up a storm on Channel 10’s Breakfast.

Below is Christie’s contribution to The Elevit With Iodine Guide to Conceiving, a free ebook on making conception more exciting, fun and inspirational.

An L shape to success
Ah, conception. It's a hot topic, literally - just ask my dad! His advice for conceiving a boy? "You must be hot. You must do it in the middle of the day." 

By "hot" I'm not quite sure if he's referring to feeling sexy, being physically hot, or getting hot and sweaty rushing home from work to conceive in your lunch hour. Knowing him, it's a little bit of all three. And hey, he should know - he had three girls then apparently followed the above method to produce his prized son. Too much information? Yep, for me too!

Now let's move onto advice from my mother. This is real, I promise - I'm not making it up. She says, "The baby will look like whoever 'tried' the hardest."

My mother says that the baby will look like whoever 'tried' the hardest

Hmmm. Since my daughter is the spitting image of my husband, it's a pretty easy guess who tried the hardest on that attempt. Never mind, I know this secret rule now; my next baby will be my little clone, I assure you.

I'm sorry if all this awesome advice has got you thinking twice about giving conception a try. However, I'd just like to offer you one tip I can personally vouch for: Once you've finished the fun stuff, lie on your back and keep your legs in the air for five minutes. Your body will form an L shape.

I read about this 'technique' after one failed month of trying to conceive (after which I was distraught, being the little overachiever that I am). The next month I did the 'legs in the air' thing and fell pregnant. A coincidence? I think not.

Go forth and conceive!

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