Photos show the dreams, love and joy of surrogacy

It is an emotion-charged moment that was three years in the making: US mum Kim Overton has shared stunning pictures of the birth of her son Oliver, who was carried and delivered by a surrogate mother.

Complications created by fibroid tumours, coupled with her age, left Kim unable to carry a much wanted second baby. It wasn't until her then 26-year-old second cousin Cydnee offered to carry the baby that Kim, who was a single mother of one at the time, seriously considered surrogacy as an option.

"The birth of Oliver came after three years of an emotional roller coaster ride with extreme highs and lows," Kim wrote in a blog post accompanying the incredible images taken by Leilani Rogers, a birth photographer from Austin, Texas. 

"My husband, who I met and married after I started the surrogacy process, was a gift from Heaven. He was so incredibly supportive of where I was at in my journey as a solo starter. Because of him, I am no longer solo, and very quickly, our family went from two to an entertaining group of five!

"We are so incredibly grateful for everyone who has helped along the way, especially Cydnee, who did such a selfless thing for our family ... Surrogacy can be just as special and beautiful as a natural pregnancy and birth, and without it, our son Oliver would not be here today.

"If you are facing surrogacy as your only option to have a child, I wish you a very loving and enjoyable experience. Once you get all of your paperwork in place, open your mind to the experience that lies ahead.

"The child may not be in your tummy, but you get to spend nine months preparing for his/her arrival, and you will be the child's parent all the same."

Read Kim's full post about her journey on her blog. See more of photos by Leilani Rogers on her website, Facebook page or Instagram. These photos have been used with permission.