Nutritional status of both parents prior to conception can influence the health and well-being of your baby and its chances of optimum health throughout life. So try to develop (and practice) healthy eating habits.

As prospective parents, general health, diet and fitness can play a major part in influencing the health outcomes of your unborn child. It's up to you to find the information, educate yourselves and take action!

Your body is going to carry, protect and nourish your unborn child for nine months. 

Your body is going to carry, protect and nourish your unborn child for nine months. During this time you need to be able to supply your baby with all of its nutritional requirements, in addition to ensuring that you maintain your own health and well being.

For the sake of both of you, you should start providing your body with all of the inputs it needs to maintain both you and your baby's health now.

By starting now, you will develop good habits and ensure that your body is in the best condition when your baby is conceived.

During your pregnancy you will be undergoing an entirely new range of physical and mental changes which you will cope with better if you are properly nourished. Getting your diet right now will also ensure that you are building up all of the nutrients and energy needed if you choose to breastfeed.

If you have concerns about your diet and are tempted to take supplements, talk to your Health Practitioner about whether this is necessary. It is preferable to focus on getting most of your nutritional requirements from a balanced diet - rather than popping vitamins!

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