'It was the biggest miracle': UK Mum gives birth to twins and IVF baby at the same time

Photo: Beata Bienias / Facebook
Photo: Beata Bienias / Facebook 

Triplets are fascinating. They are rare, and there are multiple (pardon the pun) ways they can be conceived.

Beata Bienias, 36, from Corsham, Wiltshire in the UK had spent 10 years trying to get pregnant and she got her dearest wish three times over in the most incredible way.

On the day she attended her long-awaited embryo transfer, no one had any idea that just a few days beforehand she had conceived twins naturally.

That IVF cycle was successful and Beata and husband Pawel, 40, are now parents to triplets - Amelia and twins Borys and Matylda - who were born by c-section on December 13 at Royal United Hospital in Bath.

She divulged to Metro, "I spent many days thinking that maybe I was the person who would never have a baby. I never, ever thought there would be three in there. I still can't quite believe it when I look at the three of them. I'm so happy."

In 2017 Beata lost a significant amount of weight and was given the green light by her fertility specialist to start injections in April 2018. The embryo transfer was scheduled for May 2.

Beata had been told not to have sex for four days before the transfer and that she should wait two weeks to take a pregnancy test.

She said, "They tell you to wait for 14 days before taking a pregnancy test, but I couldn't wait, and I did one after nine days. When I saw those two lines, I went out and did about five or six more tests, just to make sure. It was just amazing."


At that point in time, Beata and Pawel still had no idea she was carrying three babies and the pair went on a two week holiday to celebrate the pregnancy.

On their return they attended their first scan and were told not to be concerned if they couldn't see anything.

"But then she turned to my husband and asked if he wanted to sit down," Beata recollected. "He said he would stay standing – and then she told us there were three babies on the scan. It was the biggest miracle."

The new mum with the instant family of five says she's incredibly happy.

'I am enjoying everything – even when they wee in bed and I have to clean it up. I feed them nearly every three hours, and I go for walks with them every day. My husband is absolutely proud of his three babies, and cuddles them every day when he gets home from work. I had no idea what to expect from being a mum-of-three all of a sudden. But I'm so happy,"