IVF doctor backs right to choose sex

Should couples have the right to choose the gender of their child?
Should couples have the right to choose the gender of their child? 

A leading Sydney in vitro fertilisation specialist has backed a couple's request to be allowed to choose the sex of their next baby.

Professor Mark Bowman said Sydney IVF clinic received several inquiries a week about the procedure, with ''maybe a handful a month'' going overseas for treatment.

He was responding to reports yesterday that a Victorian couple had aborted twin boys conceived by IVF in their quest to have a girl. They have three boys, and a baby daughter died in unknown circumstances.

Since 2005, couples are only allowed to select for sex in limited circumstances, for example if there is a serious risk of genetic disease.

Professor Bowman said couples should have the right to choose.

''It is a fairly bureaucratic system that decides that they can't have appropriate and competent treatment to help them get pregnant again with a girl. This is a decision they can make themselves, choose to undertake the treatment themselves and self-fund … I think it is sad to be denied appropriate and compassionate care.'