Assisted Conception terms

Here's a run down of the familiar terms you will hear on your IVF assisted conception journey...

Long Down Reg -  A long IVF Cycle, the treatment actually goes over 2 cycles you start sniffing a nasal spray on the CD21 of your first cycle to stop your body from producing any hormones so that on the next CD1 when you start injecting again your body is only reacting to the injections it basically takes out all the guess work on the doctors end.

Gonal F - Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is the hormone necessary for the multiple follicular development required in IVF. FSH may also be used in smaller doses for ovulation induction or ovarian hyperstimulation. The FSH is made in the laboratory and is identical to human FSH. FSH is given by injection under the skin, with a fine needle. This is because it is a protein that, if taken orally, would be digested in the stomach. There are two brands of FSH available in Australia - Gonal-F and Puregon. Both are self-administered with pen-like devices (similar to those used for insulin by diabetics).

CD12 - Cycle Day 12

Stimmed - Day of Drug Stimulation

EPU - Egg Pick Up the day surgery where they remove the eggs