Video: A happy twist for Mary Coustas

Mary Coustas
Mary Coustas 

It seems there has been a happy twist in the tale of Mary Coustas' journey to motherhood.

Just two months ago Mary revealed her heartbreaking fertility story in Good Weekend magazine, in an extract from her book All I Know: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Life.

Unable to have children naturally, she and husband George turned to IVF, after which she fell pregnant with triplets. Sadly, that pregnancy ended with the stillbirth of her daughter Stevie at 23 weeks.

Mary Coustas reads a letter to Stevie on <i>60 Minutes</i>.
Mary Coustas reads a letter to Stevie on 60 Minutes

The public response to the Good Weekend feature was overwhelming. Coustas told the Sun Herald that "it was one of the biggest responses [Good Weekend has] had and I've received emails from people I may have met once and people from my past and George's old colleagues have written and rung and been crying".

It was impossible not to connect with such a raw and intimate account of loss and grief, and a yearning to be a mother.

The huge interest in the story prompted 60 Minutes to film a story on the grief parents find themselves in when they lose a child. The program, which aired last night, featured Mary with friend Suze deMarchi from the Baby Animals in a song for Stevie. Coustas also read a moving letter to her lost daughter.

At the end of the program, a final twist was revealed: Coustas and her husband are expecting again, and are due to welcome their new baby in December. (Watch the magic moment below.)

“I want stretch marks, I want sore nipples, I want all the things everyone else complains about. I would like to join that club and it looks like I will,” she said with a smile.

Mary’s husband George said they are "excited but cautious".

The couple's obstetrician is Dr Vijay Roach, who has seen her through two failed pregnancies. he is optimistic about the chances of delivering a healthy baby. Dr Roach said, “She is pregnant with one baby this time, that baby’s healthy and well, it’s growing normally, her pregnancy is progressing normally, Mary’s health is excellent and I think there is every reason to expect that this pregnancy will progress normally and Mary will have a healthy baby at the end of her full-term pregnancy.”

Just last month, Mary told WHO magazine that despite being 48 and enduring unimaginable heatrbreak, she wasn’t “prepared to give up” on her dream of motherhood. We're glad she didn't. Good luck Mary!