'Egg yolk' treatment ends mum's miscarriage heartbreak

Egg yolk

LETITIA ROWLANDS Lorraine Donakey thought she might never become a mum after six miscarriages. But after undergoing a new treatment which involves the use of a substance containing egg yolk, she now has a healthy baby girl.


Pregnancy in your forties

Melody McCabe Forty might be the new thirty in many ways, but not when it comes to fertility. Even if Hollywood celebrities would have you think otherwise.

Woman with transplant womb undergoes embryo transfer

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Richard Orange A woman is on course to become the first in the world to give birth from a transplanted womb, after doctors successfully introduced an embryo into her body.


Choosing my partner over motherhood


Genevieve Van Eden I have always loved children and dreamt of becoming a mother. But my life has taken a different course.

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Swedish doctors transplant nine wombs

Doctors in Sweden have transplanted wombs into nine women.

Nine women in Sweden have successfully received transplanted wombs donated from relatives and will soon try to become pregnant, the doctor in charge of the pioneering project has revealed.

'So, whose fault is it?'


GREER BERRY One of the first things people tend to ask me when they know that we're going through fertility treatment is (in a quiet, almost apologetic voice), "So, um ... whose fault is it?"


Claims of 'virgin births' in the US

preg belly

In a new US study, nearly one per cent of young women who became pregnant claimed to have done so as virgins.

The beautiful cervix project

Female reproductive system

JO HARTLEY The website itself describes the project as ‘a form of self-empowerment and education’, and offers women the opportunity to buy a self exam kit.


The new young mums


Nicole Thomson-Pride As the average age of women giving birth trends upwards, a new group of mothers has emerged: the 'new young mums’. Nicole Thomson-Pride writes what motherhood is like for women who have babies in their early twenties.

Fertility expert: 'Egg Timer Test is unreliable'


Ellen Connolly A popular fertility test designed to tell a woman how long she has left to fall pregnant is providing inaccurate and misleading results, according to an Australian fertility expert.

Most Americans think women should be mums by 25

upside down baby

Jessica Grose A new poll shows that the majority of Americans think that in an ideal world, women should start having children by age 25.

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Why we need to talk about male fertility more often

Time Flies

SARAH BERRY Men have biological clocks too, it turns out. But because we live in a society obsessed with male virility, it is a taboo topic.


'I'm a sperm donor'


Paul van Reyk Paul van Reyk doesn't recall wanting to have children, but has donated sperm to more than a dozen women. Some of those children call him 'Dad', while others don't. He tells his story.


IVA part of the great fertility revolution

new baby

Victoria Lambert The experimental treatments that today’s fertility scientists keep coming up with are astonishing - such as IVA, a new treatment for women who experience premature menopause.

Woman accused of impregnating maid with husband's sperm

Pregnant woman, pregnancy, blood pressure, health, doctor, hospital.

Nicole Pryor A New Zealand woman has been accused of secretly injecting her husband's sperm into their maid in a bizarre Dubai court case.

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Muslim cleric says driving damages ovaries


A conservative Saudi Arabian cleric has said women who drive risk damaging their ovaries and bearing children with clinical problems.

Coping with secondary infertility

three family

CATHERINE RODIE Although it's not as common as primary infertility, it's estimated that as many as one in 10 couples experience secondary infertility.

Clearing the confusion on contraception


M.J. Angel Choosing the right contraception method for many women can feel like playing hormonal Russian roulette. Contraception isn't a one-size-fits-all solution.


New 'sleeping beauty' contraceptive

Professor John Aitken

Natasha Wallace Female contraceptive simultaneously paralyses sperm and protects from sexually transmitted diseases.

Video: A happy twist for Mary Coustas

Mary Coustas & George Betsis

Staff writers Mary Coustas has reason to smile again. Watch the moment she announces that she is pregnant and due in December.

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Our long and winding fertility journey

fertility love lost

Nicole Salinas I’m pregnant with my third baby. Many would read that and think ‘so what?’ but there was a dark and difficult time when I thought I would never have children of my own.

Meet 'the sperm whisperer'


Staff writers A New York urologist dubbed "the sperm whisperer" says he's seen a dramatic rise in the number of men who are freezing their sperm for use later in life.


The children I've never known

Mary Coustas & George Betsis

Actor and comedian Mary Coustas explains how her longing to be a mother ended in tragedy.

When kids don't happen


Lori Carson I'll always wonder what it might have been like to have a child, but I know that no one gets to live out all her dreams. It's tempting to wonder "what if", but I think the choices we make are probably built into who we are.

Does this make you want to reproduce?


CANDICE CHUNG One UK company has started an unusual campaign to get women thinking about fertility - and it's not doing anyone any favours.

What not to say to a childless woman

Wendy Squires

Wendy Squires There are two words for the woman who announced it was a tragedy that I was chlidless.

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The new wave of older mums

older mum

Michaela Fox Halle Berry recently announced she is pregnant at the age of 46, but it’s not just high profile women who are delaying motherhood – since 2001, there's been an 80 per cent increase in mums over 40 in Australia. So what's behind the trend?

Surrogacy's painful path to parenthood

Surrogate.Northbridge.March 21st, 2013.Photo.Sahlan Hayes.Melbourne Age.Left to right. Philip Copland and Sam Everingham with their surrogate daughters, Ruby (purple) and Zoe.

Julia Medew Commercial surrogacy is illegal in Australia, leading hundreds of people each year to pay women overseas amid difficult decisions and sometimes tragic outcomes.


Why I took an Egg Timer Test


JOCELYN BREWER A single woman took a blood test to find out about her 'ovarian reserve'. This is what happened next ...

'It is possible': how one amazing family came to be


It seemed Lauren and Joe Kamnik would never have a family - until they started seeing things differently. Then life threw a few curve balls their way for good measure.

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Dispelling fertility misconceptions

Stephanie Gold

Rachael Oakes-Ash A leading professor has spoken about fertility in the hopes of combating common myths regarding to pregnancy and conception.

Cancer no reason to avoid baby talk

Sara D'Angelo stored some frozen embryos before treatment for Cervical cancer last year.
The Age/News, Picture Michael Clayton-Jones, Melbourne, Story Kate Hagan

Kate Hagan Research finds that fewer than half of young cancer patients discuss their fertility with experts before treatment, but there are options available to them.

Average age of mums still rising

older mum

The average age of Australian mothers is still rising, but not as rapidly as it was a few decades ago, new statistics reveal.


The big question about baby number two

walking th

KASEY EDWARDS It's a question that can leave even the most confident women shaken, so perhaps it's best we just stop using it as small talk, writes Kasey Edwards.

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The big question about baby number two

walking th

KASEY EDWARDS It's a question that can leave even the most confident women shaken, so perhaps it's best we just stop using it as small talk, writes Kasey Edwards.


No more menopause? Science beats fertility clock

pregnant generic

JULIA MEDEW Melbourne doctors have learnt how to preserve a woman's fertility indefinitely, possibly helping avoid menopause altogether.

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I’m not going to have kids

baby clouds background

ANDREW P STREET It's not just women who can think they've left it too late to start a family, as one man reveals.


Why do some men refuse fertility tests?


KASEY EDWARDS Either person in a couple can have issues that make conceiving difficult. So why do a lot of men drag their feet when it comes to getting their sperm tested?

Local researchers in fertility breakthrough


Bridie Smith Melbourne researchers discover a way to protect the fertility of women who undergo cancer treatment or suffer from early menopause.

Endometriosis: the facts

health factsheet

EB staff writers Endometriosis is a condition that can cause pain and fertility problems in its sufferers. Here are the symptoms, treatments and other issues related to this condition.

Pregnant at 46, Dinnigan says women mustn't wait too long

Fashion designer and expectant mother, Collette Dinnigan.

Elissa Blake Collette Dinnigan, who is expecting a baby boy at the age of 46, warns other women not to leave pregnancy too late.

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Dad's age linked to gene mutations

dad baby

Nicky Phillips Children born to older fathers start life with more genetic mutations than the offspring of younger fathers, scientists report.



Pre-pregnancy planning at the EB morning tea sponsored by Elevit with Iodine

Morning tea mum and bub

EB Team Fewer than 50 per cent of Australian pregnancies are planned, and less than 40 percent of women take folate before conception. That’s just a couple of the health concerns raised by Dr Debra Kennedy, director of Mothersafe, at the recent Essential Baby morning tea sponsored by Elevit with Iodine*.


The business of making babies


Kishwar Desai When author Kishwar Desai began researching her novel abiout commercial surrogacy in India, she wasn't prepared for what lay ahead. Poverty-stricken surrogates give over their lives, bodies and rights to the "commissioning parents", while doctors, lawyers and tourism agents grow rich on the resulting deals.


Skinny jeans a big problem for men

tight jeans

The skinny jeans trend for men is responsible for a range of health problems around the groin, including low sperm counts, twisted testicles and bladder problems, British researchers say.

Time women realise fertility myths before it's too late

biological clock

Kasey Edwards The Wonder Clock app aims to women when their biological clocks will expire. But as Kasey Edwards points out, women need to face the facts and ignore the fertility myths - as well as apps like this.

The IVF lottery of joy and sorrow

Fingers crossed

Wendy Squires Wendy Squires has a deeply felt opinion that children aren't a given in life - they're a gift. And sadly, it's simply not every woman's lot or luck in life to reproduce.

Second baby blues

sad woman child

Bronwyn McNulty Your first child may have been conceived easily enough, but the second mightn't be such a simple process. As Bronwyn McNulty discovered, secondary infertility can be a heartbreaking experience for couples, even when they've already got children.

Sperm donation dangers


Jacqueline Mroz An American couple was overjoyed when, after years of trying for a baby, they had success with donated sperm. But when their son was born with cystic fibrosis, they realised just how fallible sperm banks can be.

How your diet can improve your fertility

Stir fry

Paula Goodyer One study has found that one in three men and women are deficient in vitamin D, while one in eight can't properly absorb folate. Both are important in the baby-making process, so eating smarter can improve your chances of pregnancy.


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Britain's youngest parents: mother 12, father 13

A 12-year-old schoolgirl and her 13-year-old boyfriend are believed to have become Britain’s youngest parents, after the birth of their baby girl earlier this week.

When Prince George met Bilby George

Prince George has met an Aussie marsupial named after him in his first official engagement in Australia.

Asphyxia link another piece of the SIDS puzzle

An Australian study has uncovered information which could lead to a better understanding of why babies die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Pregnant woman dies after doctor removes ovary instead of appendix

When a UK woman went to hospital suffering appendicitis, doctors mistakenly removed her healthy ovary - with tragic consequences.

The milestones I can't wait to celebrate

Nothing can beat the feeling of witnessing that first smile, first step and first word - but here's a list of 'firsts' I'm really looking forward to now.

How you develop in your baby's first year

Just as babies undergo rapid growth as they learn and change in their first year, we’re learning and changing quickly as parents, too. Don’t underestimate the developmental stages you go through when you have a baby.

Can you make your baby smarter even before birth?

A product new to Australia claims to help babies be born "as intelligent as possible", but not all experts agree on the benefits of educating babies while still in the womb.

How a mother's love helped unearth the skills of an autistic savant

Autistic savant Ping Lian Yeak, a prodigious artist who has had his work shown all over the world, couldn't have done it without the support and love of his proud mum.

Rescue dog Zoey and BFF Jasper star in adorable pics

Photographer, self-professed "crazy dog lady" and mum Grace Chon takes photos of rescue dog Zoey and her 10-month-old son Jasper together. The results are just too cute. See more on Instagram @thegracechon.

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A tiny heart: a baby’s death gives life to another

Simon Alexander Garcia lived only one brief hour. But somewhere, a little girl’s heart is beating today because of him.

Ear piercing: what age is best?

What is it that shapes our opinions on what’s an 'appropriate' age for our children to get their ears pierced? Parents share their views on how young is too young when it comes to piercing.

Why is childbirth still such a pain?

The options given to women to help them cope in labour have barely changed in years.

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7 tips for a kid-free trip, not a guilt trip

Although I’m jumping out of my skin to take my child-free holiday, I’m dreading the goodbye. But I’m determined to make the most of it without tarnishing it with guilt or sadness about leaving the kids.

Itchibubs: clothes for babies and toddlers with eczema

Parents of children who suffer from eczema will know only too well the scratching that occurs around the clock. A new clothing range aims to help make everyone more comfortable.

Ear piercing: what age is best?

What is it that shapes our opinions on what’s an 'appropriate' age for our children to get their ears pierced? Parents share their views on how young is too young when it comes to piercing.

Caring for kids helps grandmothers stay mentally alert

Looking after grandchildren can help grandmothers ward off brain disease - but it's also possible to get too much of a good thing, researchers say.

Why I loved my third home water birth

After two water births at home, I was determined to give birth to my son the same way. I just hoped this birth would be quicker than my last two.

Revealed: 7 ways food marketers try to trick consumers

If you’re confused by food labels, you’re not alone. Next time you’re shopping for food, look out for these seven common labelling tricks.

'My mother-in-law found out our baby's gender behind our backs'

My husband and I mutually decided that we didn’t want to know our baby's sex before the birth, but his mother couldn't handle that.

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