Cosima Marriner

Cosima Marriner

Cosima Marriner is a Sun-Herald senior writer

Parents may be allowed to advertise for surrogates

Cosima Marriner Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton determined to improve laws around surrogacy.

What is the best age to have a baby?

Cosima Marriner We speak to mothers in their 20s, 30s and 40s to find out the answer.

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"I yearned for a daughter": Meet a family who travelled overseas for IVF gender selection


Cosima Marriner Jodi McMahon yearned for a daughter. The feeling intensified with each of her seven boy pregnancies, but it was never about princess dresses over footy socks.

Adopting your child's culture


Cosima Marriner Adopting children from other countries comes with its own joys and challenges, and getting to know the culture of your child's native country is part of life for many adoptive families.

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Adopting from overseas should be last resort, adviser says

future baby

Cosima Marriner Instead of making it easier for Australians to adopt overseas, more should be done to prevent international adoption, a federal government adviser says.

Flying solo: more single women choosing IVF

Natalie Hayden

Cosima Marriner Single women in their late 30s are increasingly giving up waiting for "Mr Right", instead turning to IVF to have a baby alone.

When parents select baby's sex

Stephanie Blows with her three daughters Lucinda,Annabelle and Samantha

Cosima Marriner Parents should be able to choose the sex of any babies after their first child to ''gender balance'' their family, says a leading Australian obstetrician.