Adoption and Fostering


Kim Woodside

Families mourn loss of adoption program

Families have been left heartbroken by the closure of Australia's Ethiopian adoption program in June, with one woman describing the loss as feeling like "a miscarriage after a five-year pregnancy".

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Racism and adopted children

Susan Murphy adopted a child from Asia, and since then she has seen, first-hand, the horrible racism her son has endured.

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One mum's 'biggest mistake' offers lesson for all

A mother sparked conversations around the world when she declared, in a national newspaper, that she wished she'd never had her two children. But her story can teach us a valuable lesson on parenthood.

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Forced adoption

Forced adoption apology: read the full speech

Prime Minister Julia Gillard decried the ''shameful mistakes of the past'' as she delivered a national apology today to tens of thousands of families torn apart by forced adoptions between the 1950s and 1970s.

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Adopting your child's culture

Adopting children from other countries comes with its own joys and challenges, and getting to know the culture of your child's native country is part of life for many adoptive families.

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