Adoption and Fostering



Yeong and her sister, Holly and brother, Paul.

Growing up Asian in a white household

Some people argue that cross-cultural adoption isn't 'natural'. But Yeong Sassall, who was adopted from South Korea into a white Australian family, begs to differ.

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Deborra-Lee Furness, pictued with partner Hugh Jackman and son Oscar, has been a vocal advocate for changes to ...

Tony Abbott pledges adoption reform

Tony Abbott wants to make it "much much easier" for Australian couples to adopt children from overseas, saying tens of thousands of babies could be brought to Australia from orphanages.

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Foster child

Foster parents say challenges are worth it

At a recent fostering summit, it was revealed there's a critical need for 900 new foster carers in NSW alone. Kerri Sackville spoke with some of those who have already opened their homes to children in need.

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It's hoped proposed changes will boost the number of adoptions by reducing unnecessary regulation.

Why we need to adopt more

Adoption laws are letting down children in out-of-home care, with only 100 children adopted in Australia last year.

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'I'm angry I was adopted'

I regret my adoption and wish I'd had the chance to grow up with my mother and my big brother. But I can't regret knowing my adoptive parents.

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An American couple made headlines when they adopted a baby via Facebook. Are they the face of a new trend?

Can Facebook find you a baby?

More and more couples are turning to Facebook to find babies to adopt - but Australian couples aren't encouraged to do the same.

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Kim Woodside

Families mourn loss of adoption program

Families have been left heartbroken by the closure of Australia's Ethiopian adoption program in June, with one woman describing the loss as feeling like "a miscarriage after a five-year pregnancy".

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