Heartwarming photos show the joy of adoption after foster care

Children living in foster care can feel like their future is less than clear. But that uncertainty disappears the day they are adopted by their "forever family". 

A series of heartwarming images shared by US foster care group Together We Rise show the joy of adoption.

The pictures, which feature on the organisation's Instagram page, show children of all ages holding signs recording the number of days they spent in foster care until they found their forever family.

"With so much negative news surrounding foster care we just want highlight the positive with amazing adoptions that are happening every day," TWR Executive Director Gianna Dahlia told The Huffington Post.

"There are many negative stereotypes surrounding kids in foster care, but they are just children who want loving families and there are families out there fighting for them," she added.

"We just want to inspire those families either going through the process or considering the adoption process that it can be done and it is worth it."

One image shows a family of five children who were all adopted together after almost two years in foster care. Another shows a little girl who has been in foster care for most of her short life. 

Yet another shows a boy in his late teens, with the caption "You're never too old to be adopted."  

TWR is a volunteer organisation which aims to better the lives of children in the US foster care system by funding resources such as school supplies, bicycles and educational programs.

It also educates volunteers and foster families about the adoption process.

See the images in the gallery above and on the Together We Rise Instagram account