Scientists are exploring the use of wearable technology to diagnose medical conditions.

Your sweat could tell you when to make a baby - and more

You are ovulating. You are dehydrated. Your cholesterol is too high. Or too low. You are depressed, stressed or your muscles are cramping. Time to get off the golf course and get the heart checked. Or keep playing, you are fine.

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IVF remains beyond the reach of disadvantaged families.

Call for free IVF for most disadvantaged

The patient had been raped. Her fallopian tubes had to be taken because he'd given her gonorrhoea. And with them had gone her dream of becoming a mother.

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Adoption and Fostering


Sparky Campanella realised he wanted to be a dad later in life.

Single, 54 ... and a new dad

Sparky Campanella never heard the thrumming of a biological clock. But his sense that he was missing out on something important in life boomed.

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There is a lot of money to be made from surrogacy - but not by the surrogate.

Why surrogates should be paid

There is a lot of money to be made from surrogacy - but not for the person who is carrying the biggest physical and emotional burden.

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Jon and Justin with Shannon during the pregnancy.

A surrogacy love story

Shannon Garner is all about spreading kindness in the world. That's one of the reasons she's penned her book Labour of Love, to show how the often misunderstood topic of surrogacy can actually be good news for all parties involved.

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A thoroughly modern family: Jon Cole, Elise, Justin Worthy and Shannon Garner.

Modern family

Love child: A surrogate's story

A surrogate mum and the parents of the baby she gave birth to tell their story. It took trust and courage - and a very detailed plan.

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