Stages of Labour


Walking or being vertical can help with moving labour along.

Stages of labour

Find out what each stage of labour entails, from dilation of the cervix to meeting your baby, and then through to the afterbirth.

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"Natural birth can turn a traumatic experience into something mind blowing ... even orgasmic” ... Caroline Flint

Could orgasmic birth be for real?

We all had a good laugh when birth 'guru' Latham Thomas claimed that labour and childbirth can be a truly 'ecstatic' experience. But could she actually be right?

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Labour of love ... This photo was taken by the research team who recorded the MRI birth.

Watch: Baby born in MRI machine

It dosen't sound like a great place to give birth, but in 2010, researchers from a German hospital used a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine to record a woman in labour.

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Scared sad depressed pregnant woman

Women who fear childbirth labour for longer

Women who are afraid of childbirth spend longer in labour than those who aren’t – and also have a higher chance of needing an emergency caesarean, according to new research.

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Study: women are labouring for longer than their grandmothers did.

Women labouring longer than they did 50 years ago

A US study has found that women are spending longer in labour than they did 50 years ago, a trend that may be caused by increasing maternal age, weight and changing delivery room practices.

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"Improving access to quality medical services is important. We also need to increase access to family-planning methods."

While I laboured, 639 women died

In Australia, a woman dying during labour is a newsworthy event. In other parts of the world, it's just another part of the pregnancy process. So what can we do to help stop the deaths of these women?

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Assisted delivery

About 11% of births in Australia are assisted deliveries (also referred to as instrumental or operative vaginal deliveries) which require an obstetrician or midwife to use instruments and methods that help a baby to be born.

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