Pure genius: mum-to-be packs 'secret weapon' in hospital bag

Photo: Samantha Mravik-Miller / Facebook
Photo: Samantha Mravik-Miller / Facebook 

If you've ever had a c-section and tried to wake a sleeping husband in the middle of the night, you'll know it's often futile.

US mum Samantha Mravik-Millerhas come to the rescue, providing an easy, cheap and relatively quiet alternative to yelling in a hospital ward to wake slumbering husbands.

"Mum hack level 10,000," wrote Samantha. 

"Worried about the nights in the hospital with your newborn and dad sleeping? Well... then don't forget one of these in your hospital bag."

The thought of pinging a snoring husband with a Nerf has appealed to many and the post has been shared more than 17,000 times, with people tagging husbands and mums-to-be.

Of the 8,700 commenters, most are people lamenting that they "Should have done this," with others promptly adding a Nerf gun to their hospital bag list.

Another wrote, "I want this as a push present."

Being a three time c-section mum myself, I am kicking myself I didn't think of this when I had my babies. 


Samantha later revealed in a follow up video explaining the hack, that husband Chad Miller could sleep through "an atomic bomb" when they welcomed their first son, now five.

She had lost her voice due to being on oxygen for 12 hours, her call button was out of reach and Chad was impossible to rouse - she actually threw an empty water bottle at him and missed. 

Expecting her third child last December, she encountered a Nerf gun during a house tidy.

"I thought to myself if there's ever a point the baby's crying and I can't wake him up I'm going to have way better aim with a Nerf gun than I'm going to have with a flimsy water bottle."

"Being a boy mum, nerf guns are everywhere around here! The darts are the boy's equivalent to glitter," she told Fox News.

Samantha qualified that she didn't have to use the gun in the end. Even though Chad is "... the soundest sleeper in the world, he was super-good aside from snoring super-loud."

Photo: Samantha Mravik-Miller / Facebook

Photo: Samantha Mravik-Miller / Facebook