Obstetrician choreographs labour dance

They've got the moves.
They've got the moves. Photo: Facebook: Fernando Guedes da Cunha

When I had my babies, my obstetrician was a very smart and kind but serious woman. She did everything she could to help deliver my children in the safest way possible. But I can't imagine her treatment would ever have stretched to dancing with me.

But that's what one obstetrician did with his patient to help natural labour along. Brazilian Dr Fernando Guedes Da Cunha shared a video recently of him dancing with his patient Camila Rocha to try to encourage her baby to make its exit naturally.

He wrote in the caption (translated from Spanish), "You come to work and your patient goes into labour! She asks for the music, we invent the choreography at the time so that the exercise helps the childbirth."

Dancing can help get the baby descend and get into the best position for birth. And it worked well for Camila, with her second baby, son João (John) Homero, being born not long after.

Camila thanked her doctor for making her birth experience so memorable.