Moving birth video shows Barry Hall supporting Lauren Brant in labour

Photo: Lauren Brant / Instagram
Photo: Lauren Brant / Instagram 

It's a touching and deeply personal moment in their lives, and former Hi-5 star Lauren Brant has chosen to share the experience with her 48,000 Instagram followers.

In a video taken during labour with her second son Houston, Lauren, 30, is supported by fiancé Barry Hall, as they work together through 'extremely painful contractions' just before delivery.

The interconnectedness of the couple is evident, and was borne from a less-than-ideal first birth experience with eldest son Miller.

Lauren wrote, "The first time round, I didn't feel in control of my birthing experience, I didn't feel Barry and I understood every aspect of what was happening emotionally, physically or spiritually".

Resolved to 'feel more enlightened' second time around, Lauren and Barry enlisted the help of a private doula to educate them on techniques they could use throughout.

"We learnt about massage, pressure points, breathing and other techniques to aid in a calm & beautiful experience", Lauren explained.

"We listened to birthing related affirmations and meditations at night and I really tuned into my mind, body and baby leading up to the birth".


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Lauren said she felt 'in the zone' when contractions began, with Barry setting up the birthing suite with a salt lamp and soothing music. The couple then danced 'for hours' wrote Lauren.


"... we danced! We danced for hours. A dance of the most deeply connected and energised teamwork... we so naturally found the movements and touch which worked for us and our baby to enter the world at the right time, in the most calm way".

Hall was kneeling next to Lauren as she delivered Houston, aiding those last moments with cooling packs, caresses and encouragement.

Sobbing "...tears of love, joy and enlightenment", they celebrated their "...spiritual achievement with the most magical kiss".

The video has had more than 22,000 views since being posted, with many commenters saying they were incredibly moved by Lauren's video and description of the birth.

She wrote,  "I watch this video and cry with overwhelming love... to see how graciously connected, serene and silent we were... as I worked through extremely painful contractions just moments before I delivered Houston".

Houston Brant Hall was born on May 24.