Postnatal Depression


Jessica Rowe

Anxious mums urged to speak up

Beyondblue the national depression initiative has launched a new depression and anxiety awareness campaign aimed at pregnant women, new mothers, their partners and families.

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mum and baby

Depression test for new mums

Expectant mothers could soon be routinely tested for their risk of suffering postnatal depression (PND).

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Depressed Mum

Counselling the key after birth

Many women struggling with postnatal depression may expect only a hug or a couple of pills, but in new studies doctors say counselling can not only treat this risky condition but prevent it too.

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Ready to smile . . . Jessica Rowe is happy to help others by exposing the depths of her depression.

Jessica's honesty over baby blues

Television star Jessica Rowe has revealed the shocking depths of her postnatal depression, hoping her honesty will help women suffering as she did.

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Perinatal anxiety and depression

Around 20 percent of women suffer from perinatal anxiety and depression, which equates to 50,000 women each year. The illness does not discriminate, and if left untreated can have far reaching effects on a woman's health, wellbeing and her family.

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Perinatal depression and anxiety fact sheet

Giving birth can be an empowering and exciting experience. A new baby can bring so much joy. This phase of life is very special for most couples most of the time. It can also be an emotional roller coaster for most couples some of the time, but for some women and their partners it can be an overwhelming time of stress and struggle. Many of us have heard of post natal depression. The illness is now referred to as perinatal anxiety and depression.

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