Postnatal Depression


Hardest times ... "Things were very clearly not right. But I was in denial for a long time."

Even dads get the blues

It's not only mums who endure postnatal depression - it's thought that just as many dads suffer from the debilitating illness. Worryingly, they're also less likely to get help.

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There's no right or wrong way to give birth

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to a fellow health worker that I'd co-written a book on postnatal depression. ''Really? I have an interest in postnatal depression,'' she said.

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"My job is diagnosing and treating mental illness, and yet I brushed aside some early warning signs" ... Dr Dawn Barker

'I almost missed it'

Her job is diagnosing and treating mental illness, but even Dawn Barker brushed aside warning signs of postnatal depression in a friend. She shares her story.

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If I'd known then what I know now ...

For one mum, the first few months with a new baby were okay - but then anxiety and depression set in. She shares her story and her 'cheat sheet' of advice for other mothers.

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