Alanis Morissette opens up about PND with baby number three

​Alanis Morissette has shared a moving blog post in which she shared her struggles with post-natal depression and anxiety – something she suffered with her first two children Ever, eight, and Onyx, three – and is now going through again with two-month-old daughter Winter.


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Morissette said she was sharing her battle in the hope of reminding others going through the same thing that they are not alone.

In the blog post, titled "I love you, I am here with you", Morissette said she wasn't sure whether she would suffer the same symptoms with her third baby as with her first two, but now she knows she is. 

She listed the struggles she is going through right now: "Sleep deprivation, fogginess, physical pain, isolation, anxiety, cortisol."


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"I wasn't sure if I would have postpartum depression/anxiety this time around," she wrote. "Or, as I like to call it: postpartum activity. Or also: postpartum tar-drenched trenches.

"There are so many tentacles to this experience. I will break them down in time, I have answers and protocols and solutions … to be sure. I'll share more specifics once I have my wits back about me."

Talking to Self magazine earlier this year before Winter's birth, Morissette said she would be on high-alert this time around, and that she seek help immediately if required, rather than waiting. 


"This time I'm going to wait four minutes [to seek treatment]," she said in an interview.

"I have said to my friends, 'I want you to not necessarily go by the words I'm saying and as best as I can, I'll try to be honest, but I can't personally rely on the degree of honesty if I reference the last two experiences.'"

And Morissette has wasted no time in reaching out this time.

"I have been here before," she wrote in her blog. "I know there is another side. And the other side is greater than my PPD-riddled-temporarily-adjusted-brain could have ever imagined: as a mom. As an artist, as a wife, as a friend, as a collaborator, as a leader, as a boss, as an activist.


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"I saw how things got richer after I came through it the last two times. I have my eye on that prize again …even as I drag my ass through the molasses."

And although reaching out hasn't cured her of her symptoms, Morissette says it has definitely helped.

"There is so much more support this time," she wrote. "I knew better so I set it up to win as much as I could beforehand."

"Support, food, friends, sun, bio-identical hormones and SSRIs [anti-depressants] at the ready. Some parts of the care-prep has been a godsend, and well-planned. but for all of this preparation – PPD is still a sneaky monkey with a machete – working its way through my psyche and body and days and thoughts and blood work levels."

Morissette wrote about how important it is to care for new parents, and support them through the struggles they could be going through, before offering a message of support to others in her position.

"I won't remember typing this. And I am finally realising that that is entirely ok. So much more to write, soon. I love you. I am here. with you. We're not alone."

If you need help, chat to your GP or call PANDA's national helpline on 1300 726 306. Please call Lifeline (13 11 14) if you need urgent support.