Your birth choices

Once your pregnancy is confirmed you will be asked to make a choice as to what type of care you would like for your pregnancy and birth.

The following information is designed to assist you with making choices about the type of care you would like throughout your pregnancy, and how you would like to give birth to your baby.

You will have a number of decisions to make about the way that you intend to have your baby and these are usually made well before you go into labour.

You should consider your options carefully and discuss them with your partner or support person. By being actively involved with decisions about your care, you can both work towards ensuring that the best outcome is achieved for you and your baby. You may be able to take your partner or support person along to your first antenatal visit so you both have a feel for what is ahead. It is really up to you to ask questions and discuss your options with your health professional, as only you will know what your needs are.

Of course, while we can plan for things as we would like them to happen, at times complications may arise resulting in all of your plans being turned completely around.

What happens if I experience complications during the pregnancy? 
If you have visited the pregnancy section of the Essential Baby site, you will be aware that sometimes, complications can occur during pregnancy. 

Risks or complications may be identified by you or your caregiver early in the pregnancy, or can occur later in your pregnancy, or when you are giving birth to your baby.

If there is a problem during your pregnancy, your caregiver will be able to determine what action needs to be taken to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your baby. You may need to be referred to a specialist for additional monitoring during your pregnancy. Every situation is very different however, so if complications do arise, it is important that you discuss your situation carefully with your caregiver to determine the best choices for you.

Your birth choices 
You can make choices about the preferred location of your birth, who you want to manage your antenatal care, levels of pain management and your level of involvement in the birth.


If you want to have your baby in a hospital or birthing centre you will need to decide which hospital or birthing centre you would like to attend, as you will be expected to book in quite early in your pregnancy.

Take a look at our guide to choosing a hospital for help or ask others about the hospital you are thinking of attending in our hospital & care providers forum.

The main care options available to you throughout your pregnancy and birth include:

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