Our beautiful, calm, natural waterbirth

Calm Water Birth
Calm Water Birth 

We could not have asked for a more perfect birth, exactly what we were hoping for and we did everything we included on our birth preferences.  Here's how it went...

I was feeling unusually not myself this day, I had my last midwife appointment a couple of days beforehand on my due date and she had discussed the possibility of having a stretch & sweep in a weeks time and also induction if he was 14 days over. This was making me feel unsettled and although I wanted my baby to come when he was ready, I was researching natural ways to help the process along....

That afternoon I was compelled to rush to the organic health food store near where I live and get some Clary Sage essential oil to soak in a bath that night..

My husband got home and I ran myself a nice deep bath with Lavender and Clary Sage.. it was blissful.

1.24am - I woke up to feeling the gush of my waters breaking, I turned over and stirred my husband telling him that they had and then proceeded to the toilet.. where they kept trickling for a little while.

We were quite calm about it, which was surprising as I thought I might not be.. so I had a shower to wash myself off and we decided that we should go back to bed and try to get some sleep, our first baby we thought it would take some time before things start happening.

I could feel period type pains slowly building and really could not sleep at all, I walked around the house a little bit but then at 2.30 my surges started getting stronger and I had to jump in the shower.. while my husband timed my contractions. They were 1 minute long and 1.5 minutes apart already!

I said maybe its a good idea if we call the hospital.. so he did, he spoke to the lady while I was in the shower and got an idea of my progress and told us to come in.

3.30am - We got to the hospital and were booked into the room with the bath as I wanted a Waterbirth and the lady asked me to lay down while she had a little monitor of baby's heartbeat and also my contractions.. I was so glad when she took those off, they were so tight around my belly.

She had called my lovely midwife who got there around 30 minutes after us, and then she asked me if I wanted her to do an internal examination to check what was happening inside.. I was hesitant because I really did not want to be disappointed but when she did one, I was already 7cms dilated - Wow, I could not believe it!

My midwife then called my student midwife and started to fill the bath.. as I moved around as I needed to ease the waves intensity.

Getting in the bath was lovely, it felt so warm and comforting to me and I knelt and lent on one side and continued my deep breathing, which I learned and practised from Calm Birth classes. If I ever got overwhelmed and started to stop my breathing, my husband was there to gently remind me.

7.00am - I begun to move into second stage now and my midwife asked if I could lay back instead of kneeling, as it would be better to birth baby like that (for logistics reasons I'm sure) So I did and it was fine, water was still warm around me and with every surge i pushed myself up with my hands and elbows under my back and breathed my baby down.. I felt with my finger inside and his head was only a couple of cms in.. amazing..

I had been pushing for nearly 2 hours before his head begun to crown, which was such an intense stingy feeling it took my breath away and this, my husband said was the only time I looked a little distressed and slightly not in control, he brought me back into my internal world so I could work through it..

9.03am - I gave a few almighty pushes, as by this point I was getting quite exhausted and did not want my baby to be stressed over the pressure on his little head.. and i felt his head 'pop' out.. satisfying to say the least then the rest of his little body slid out and there he was..

The midwife and my husband both delivered him into the water and then brought him up to rest on my chest.. he was a tiny bit bluish so we gave him a rub to help him breathe and he quickly turned a rosy shade of pink.

I was asked to hop out of the bath for the third stage, I had a very small anterior graze (which didn't need any stitching) and the midwife just wanted to make sure she could monitor the amount of blood I may have lost.. as it is harder to tell in water, so I laid on the bed and held our beautiful son, who fed straight away, and had a physiological delivery of the placenta, which we wanted too.

We spent the next hour or so gazing and having skin to skin contact with each other until he was weighed and checked.

3.2kgs, 51cms long, 33cms head circ. One minute apgar was 6, Five minute apgar was 9.

We could not have asked for a more perfect birth, exactly what we were hoping for and we did everything we included on our birth preferences. Everyone involved did an amazing job and I could not be happier and more thrilled with my baby boy Flynn.

For anyone having a baby, I would love to just share that Calm Birth is so wonderful, the skills you can learn are priceless and you can not only use them for the pregnancy, labour and birth but life long too.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my first birth experience

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We spent the next hour or so gazing and having skin to skin contact with each other until he was weighed and checked.