Shay Mitchell's boyfriend makes outrageous birth plan request

Photo: YouTube / Shay Mitchell
Photo: YouTube / Shay Mitchell 

Matte Babel has proven he's willing to tread on very thin ice when it comes to his pregnant wife, suggesting that HE prefers the idea of no epidural in childbirth. Seriously?! 

It's a situation familiar to many pregnant women whose partners have no idea what the experience of growing and birthing a child is actually like, with the father-to-be bravely stating that he's not a fan of epidurals because his mother and other women didn't 'choose' to have one.

The couple currently feature in a YouTube series documenting Mitchell's pregnancy. The Pretty Little Liars star - who experienced a miscarriage last year - announced the pregnancy in June.

Photo: YouTube / Shay Mitchell He's about to be told he's wearing a pregnancy suit. Photo: YouTube / Shay Mitchell

A discussion takes place after a 'Baby Basics' parenting class in the recently-uploaded third instalment of the series. Shay and Matte are heard discussing the birth plan for the baby girl they are expecting in early October. 

Earlier in the episode Matte places himself in a perilous situation by equating the pain of exercise with the pain of labour.

Mitchell says, "I feel like we need to be more on the same page. You say no epidural, I say epidural."

Babel replies, "Am I partial to no epidural, yes. Why? Because I'm a hypochondriac. I'm afraid of drugs. My mum didn't use an epidural ... I meet women all the time who didn't choose to use an epidural."

He is apparently also an expert on feeding babies.


"If you can't breastfeed, I completely understand..." Babel says, to which Mitchell replied, "Some women don't want to."

"I'm against that and I'm sure there's a lot of women who are against it too," Babel retorts. "I'm just thinking if you have the innate ability to breastfeed and the kid latches why would you not want the best for you baby?"

Mitchell actually has to explain, "...because formulas are good, too."

After some to and fro Babel says, "If you can't do it, of course, that's rough. I get it."

It looks like Babel is one father-to-be with a lot to learn.

Mitchell gets her revenge by taking Babel on a hike wearing a 13 kilogram pregnancy suit complete with a device that simulates being kicked from the inside.

Commenters on the video also give him a serve.

"Since Matte wants to tell you you don't need an epidural, you should hook him up to one of those machines so he can feel what a contraction feels like and then give you his opinion."

"Did this man really just say the pain of labor and delivery is comparable to the slight discomfort that comes with exercise?"

"Dude got a lot of opinions for someone who ain't carrying the baby."

Watch the full episode below on Shay's YouTube channel.